Bush's not so veiled threat to attack Iran if Iran doesn't verifiably suspend enriching uranium is an illegal act by Bush. Iran has an internationally recognized legal right to enrich uranium. That's a fact. No other nation or nations have a legal right to prevent Iran from enriching uranium.

Iran has not been shown to have done anything illegal toward any other nation. It may have done some illegal things, but the burden of proof is on the accuser. Bush must prove that Iran is doing all that he claims it has been doing. Only idiots would take Bush's word for anything.

He's a pathological liar. He's clearly shown that. He's not repenting at all. He's using propaganda in an attempt to catch up to where his father was before his father even ascended to the Presidency. He's trying at the end to become a multilateralist. It's a ruse.

Just because he can get the neocon Nicholas Sarkozy of France to agree and the conservative Angela Merkel of Germany to agree doesn't mean the whole world agrees with his criminal behavior. It doesn't suddenly mean that Iran is an outlaw state or nation.

Iran isn't an outlaw anymore than any other nation. Oh, it isn't divine. It isn't following the Great Commandments, the Golden Rule, and the New Commandment, but it isn't mundanely illegal. It isn't doing anything to merit being savagely attacked.

Even if it were doing some of the things Bush and the neocons claim, Bush has the U.S. in Iraq illegally. Iran would be more justified in aiding the resistance than Bush will ever be justified in invading.

Bush is a man of war. His heart is cold, hard, and small. He masks his egotistical imperial ambitions behind the label of democracy. Don't fall for his venom. It's deadly to body, mind, and soul.

Tom Usher

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