This can't be happening according to The Bush Doctrine. Talking doesn't work. It can't. However, it does! If the Americans hadn't been duped by wicked Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter would have delivered peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs. He would have done that by high-level talks. However, even Reagan talked with Gorbachev. How can it be that Reagan was smarter than the neocons today running George W. Bush?

Taiwan, China each agree to set up offices

By DEBBY WU, Associated Press Writer
Thu Jun 12, 10:35 PM ET

BEIJING - Taiwan and China formally agreed to expand charter flights and tourism Friday, a day after announcing plans to set up permanent offices in each other's territory for the first time in decades of hostility.

There were few details and no time frame was given for establishing the offices, which could perform consular functions such as issuing travel documents.

Yet coming on Thursday, the first day of formal talks between the sides in a decade, the agreement lends strong momentum toward efforts to build confidence and spur cooperation between the two sides, which divided amid civil war in 1949 and whose relationship has veered between strained to outright hostile.

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