Reagan's man in Chad, Chadian dictator Hissène Habré, was so monstrous that he had his men leave dead bodies in the cells of innocent prisoners until there were at least five dead. The circumstances were so horrendous, so hot in the cells from being packed with people until they died that those alive would sleep on the dead bodies just to get a little cooler since dead bodies aren't 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit but lose their heat since they no longer generate heat internally. He had his people, who were trained by the U.S. CIA (as is usual with all U.S. puppet dictators), tie people's arms and legs behind them until those people were parallelized. Source

Therefore, Ronald Reagan and Reagan's evil conservative backers share in Hissène Habré's evil torture, wrongful imprisonments, and murders of innocents.

This is the same Ronald Reagan, the wicked president the conservatives used to hold up so high, the wicked president after whom those conservatives shamelessly renamed Washington International Airport. That name needs to be removed from that airport. It's embarrassing.

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