Anyone who goes through proper channels and is rebuffed along the way and who continues right on up the ladder but is continually silenced has the duty finally to go public. It's Biblical. It's New Testament. It's per Jesus himself.

If the FAA vows to "take action against anyone who acts inappropriately toward whistleblowers," then where's the action? Of course, the FAA is a revolving door for industry executives and those who get their bread buttered by the industry. That's what this system brings forth.

It's not the proper way. People should be so ethically minded that FAA action against those who punish whistleblowers wouldn't be necessary because the whistleblowers would have nothing about which to go public.

FAA Whistleblowers: We're Being Punished
Two FAA Workers Say They've Lost Out On Promotions After Capitol Hill Testimony
ARLINGTON, VA, June 11, 2008

(CBS) Two Federal Aviation Authority whistleblowers said they're being punished for raising safety concerns, even as they won awards for their courage Wednesday.

"I'm shackled to my desk pushing paperwork," said FAA inspector Bobby Boutris. "I have not seen an airplane for six months."

When Boutris and fellow inspector Doug Peters sounded the alarm about improper safety inspections at Southwest Airlines, it led to hundreds of grounded planes, thousands of cancelled flights and an unprecedented crackdown on airline maintenance.
What's even more stunning, according to federal investigators, is the number of FAA employees who have followed his lead.
There have been 32 disclosures so far in 2008, compared to just 11 in all of 2007.

Complaints range from shoddy inspections to unreported air traffic control mistakes, and include more charges that the FAA punishes employees who speak up.
FAA officials maintain the agency is working to promote a "culture of safety," while vowing to "take action against anyone who acts inappropriately toward whistleblowers."

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