Torturing, imprisoning, and killing people are symptoms of diseased minds and souls. To do so for mammon just compounds the evil. We should be about the business of healing, not destroying.

Interrogation for Profit
Thursday 12 June 2008
by: The New York Times | Editorial

Congress is finally moving to ban one of the Bush administration's most blatant evasions of accountability in Iraq - the outsourcing of war detainees' interrogation to mercenary private contractors.

Operating free of the restraints of military rule and ethics, some of these corporate thugs turned up in the torture scandal at the Abu Ghraib prison and walked away with impunity. Others are now believed to be in the employ of the Central Intelligence Agency at secret prisons that remain outside the rule of law, exempted even from the weak 2006 rules on interrogating prisoners.
...Their use as interrogators are a symptom of the administration's ducking accountability under international law by concocting ersatz redefinitions of civilized behavior....

In the current military budget debate, both houses are proposing an outright ban on the use of contractors as prisoner interrogators. They also would order the Pentagon to finally rein in its use of tens of thousands of contract guards as laissez-faire warriors in Iraq and Afghanistan.
...Representative David Price, Democrat of North Carolina, laid bare the folly of using for-profit gunslingers to undertake the highly sensitive task of handling and questioning detainees.

Anyone interested in protecting America, Mr. Price pointed out, must see the wisdom of using interrogators "who are well trained, who fall within a clear chain of command and who have a sworn loyalty to the United States" - not to some corporate bottom line.

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