All of this is with zero real evidence from George W. Bush or anyone else that Iran is involved in making nuclear weapons or sponsoring terrorism.

Again, Iran has the same legal standing as the U.S. and Israel to make and own nuclear weapons. None of those nations ought to make or own any nuclear weapons, but Iran has done nothing that merits attacking Iran.

It's as if there are three neighbors. The two that are armed to the teeth say to the third, even though I have no evidence, I'm going to bomb your house with you in it as I tell the rest of the world that you're trying to get one of the types of weapons that we have in the thousands. It's asinine.

Also, one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter (resistance). Iran has the same standing to support freedom fighters in Iraq, Lebanon, and Gaza as the U.S. claims that right elsewhere in the world. The U.S. and Iran shouldn't be involved in supporting fighting anywhere, of course.

George W. Bush is being what he's been during his entire time as Supreme Court illegally appointed president, asinine.

George W. Bush, prove you aren't building a private nuclear weapon. Prove you haven't given money (cash) to a terrorist organization. Under your twisted logic, the world should sanction you for those things right now just because they want to expand their empire over yours. The only reason they don't do it is because they are in cahoots with you in empire building: Global Plutocracy.

You're the dark prince of this worldly world, George W. Bush. You're getting your reward in the here and now. You're a man of war with an ocean of innocent blood on your hands.

Ahmadinejad Says Bush Administration Can't Hurt Iran (Update2)
By Ladane Nasseri
"It's Bush's dream to harm Iran's nation," Ahmadinejad said today during a televised speech in the western Iranian city of Shahre Kord. "You thought you would be able to do something but your term came to an end and you will not be capable of harming even 1 centimeter of Iran's sacred land."

...The U.S. has accused Iran of seeking to build an atomic weapon, while Ahmadinejad's government says the work is designed to fuel power stations.
"You think that you can force the Iranian nation to back down from its legitimate rights through threats and pressures," Iran's state-run Islamic Republic News Agency cited Ahmadinejad as saying today in another speech, in the western town of Sefid Dasht. He added, "The Iranian nation will not retreat even 1 inch."

Bush, who has seven months remaining in office, won backing yesterday from the European Union for tighter sanctions against Iranian banks, another step aimed at hampering Iran's ability to build nuclear weapons. European Commission President Jose Barroso, meeting with Bush in Slovenia, agreed to take "additional measures" to ensure that Iranian banks cannot abuse the international banking system to support "proliferation and terrorism."
EU and U.S. leaders talked about freezing Iranian bank assets, though the measures must be agreed on by foreign ministers of the 27-nation bloc, according to EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, who was at the Slovenia meeting.
Israeli Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz, who said in an interview published by the Yediot Ahronot newspaper that Israel will have to attack if Iran continues with its nuclear-development program.

The comments by Mofaz, a possible contender for the post of prime minister, were denounced as "foolish" by Najjar.


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    • scott r

      you dont need any proof, they say that THEY WILL drop a NUCLEAR bomb on israil, so it does not matter and if they get it rong to bad, iran is asking America to come and fight them, and if they dont they will kill israil, and the west, so why does bush even need proof, we dont xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, every day that goes by they make more weapons.


    • Hello scott r,

      The Comment Rules for this website state that you are not allowed to incite violence. I x'd out your inciting words. I reserve the right simply to delete submitted comments that contain words designed to tempt people to fall to the evil of violence. If you wish to leave a reply or another comment on another post, be sure not to call for violence.

      You may discuss the religious, philosophical, ideological, and sociological aspects, and the like, concerning the situation and even go so far as to say that you see no alternative to violence; however, gratuitously hollering for violence won't stand on this site. If you want to do that, you'll have to do it someplace else.

      As for the rest of your comment, I don't need any proof because I'm not going to attack anyone regardless. However, only the most monstrous person would think it acceptable to go to war against others without any proof of wrong-doing. You better search your soul and get right with God.

      As for your claim that Iran has said it will drop a nuclear bomb on Israel, that's untrue. There may be some Iranians who have said it, but if so, they don't represent the Iranian government. The Supreme Leader of Iran has clearly stated that Iran does not want nuclear weapons and that Iran is not pursuing them. What evidence do you have to substantiate your allegation?

      Also, Iran is not asking America to come and fight. I don't know where you're getting your information, but your sources are incorrect. Iran has only said that it would defend itself against America and/or Israel. It has never threatened a first strike, and it has never said anything to indicate that it wants war. The only thing Iran hasn't done is back down.

      They have the same legal rights as any other nation under the U.N. Charter. The U.S. and Israel already have a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons. Iran knows full well that the U.S. or Israel could wipe out Iran with such weapons.

      Iran believes that the U.S. and Israel will not use such weapons and if they attack, it will be with conventional weapons. Hence, Iran believes that it would survive attacks and would be left able to retaliate.

      I'm not in agreement with them that the U.S. and Israel would not use nuclear weapons in a first strike and without evidence or the backing of the U.N. The U.S. and Israeli neocons have been talking stupidly about using tactical nuclear weapons.

      I hope you don't mean what you said about if the U.S. and Israel get it wrong about Iran and attack Iran even though Iran has not been doing the things the Bush administration and the Likudniks have been alleging but not substantiating. If you mean that, you are going to face your extremely low standard. It will come back on you.

      Iran is not desirous of destroying Israel and the West in the sense you mean. They don't agree with the Zionist Project, and neither do I. It was, and remains, wholly immoral. It was stealing. There is no other way to put it. The Palestinian Arabs weren't even compensated. If the world wanted to give the Jews a homeland, the least it could have done is purchase the land from those willing to sell (who actually owned it, lived on it, and worked it, etc.).

      The Iranians want to see the Zionist Project fail. They do not want to see the Jewish people all slaughtered. They want to see the Jewish people living peacefully but without being allowed to steal other people's homes and land, which the Zionists clearly did.

      It has been over 200 years to my understanding since Iran has engaged in a war of aggression. The rest of the time, they've been put in the position of defending themselves. The U.S. certainly can't make the same claim. The U.S. has attacked numerous nations without provocation.

      If you have differing and concrete information, then I'd be interested to hear about it. Otherwise, I'm not interested.

      Nevertheless, pray to the LORD to bless you with the light of peace and love that are both truth.

      Tom Usher

    • Nice.

      There is a large permanent Jewish population in Iran ( and a Christian population in Iraq and Palestine ). The biggest lie is tarring everyone with the same brush - while not admitting things have gone completely out of control in the U.S.A. As usual, outside 'enemies' make a distraction from domestic policy.

    • Hello John, opit,

      You are absolutely correct, my friend. What's more, those who hate people not being coercive toward each other just can't stand it that Jews are living in Iran by freewill choice. Iran, in fact, has the largest Jewish population in the whole area outside Israel. Sad to say it, but the neocons are managing to cause Christians and Jews in Iraq to be targeted. It's part of the orders given to the U.S. and U.K. special forces to conduct false-flag operations. They rev up the death squads trained in the manner of the death squads of Central America under the Reagan/Bush-41 evil CIA. Also, Christians have been leaving Palestine too. You don't hear the self-styled Christian-Zionists complaining about the awful treatment of Christians by the false-Zionists. Of course, those Zionists did all sorts of dirty tricks to increase the numbers of Jews moving to Palestine before and after 1948. They told them a pack of lies, they conducted false-flag operations against them, and once they arrived, many of them discovered they were looked upon as inferior to the Eastern-European Jews and German-Jews especially.

      What a mess it is and all created by people with extremely messy minds and small, cold, hard hearts.

      Let's pray that the truth comes pouring out as never before, meaning that more people get it in a higher percentage than ever. Let's pray that sooner than later, all the people living on the Earth get it completely.