I read Sue Ann Arrigo, M.D.'s piece on conspiracyplanet.com ten days ago (not my first visit there). It was a very long read. I want to know more about her credentials before echoing her assertions. The only thing that seems to be said about her is that her medical license checks out in California. That's not much for someone who says she was a two-star general, high-level CIA agent, and FBI agent all rolled into one. Why has she been in such obscurity relative to other people such as Ray McGovern (former CIA)? He's not a household name, but the alternative sites sure know about him in a big way. Is it because she has other leanings and just doesn't run in his circles at all?

She mentioned twice a book about the science of memory as if to self-validate what she was putting forth as if she had her own doubts. That's a tip-off that she has problems and that we ought to reserve judgment.

SueAnn Arrigo's Explosive Revelations
Exposing Pentagon and CIA Corruption
Order CounterPunch
June 11, 2008

Information for this article comes from long-time business, finance and political writer and analyst Bob Chapman who publishes the bi-weekly International Forecaster. It's power-packed with key information and a valued source for this writer. He obtained voluminous material directly from its source. People need to know it. Read on.

SueAnn Arrigo is the source. She was a high-level CIA insider. Her title was Special Operations Advisor to the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI). She also established the Remote Viewing Defense protocols for the Pentagon in her capacity as Remote Viewing Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

Well, I decided to look a little further today, because I like much of what Stephen Lendman writes. Here's one thing I found.

Friday, July 27, 2007
Return from Spookyville

On June 2 I posted a piece called A short trip to Spookyville , concerning the incredible allegations of Dr. Sue Arrigo M.D., allegedly an "ex- CIA physician with high level access".

Briefly, she maintained that HIV/Aids was deliberately unleashed on the world and that there is a vaccine which has been kept secret. She also described running secret missions for Dick Cheney and to have twice treated Osama bin Laden after 9/11. My post was picked up by several conspiracy sites.

It's not that I wasn't skeptical of her claims. In fact I wrote: "Just because someone has an M.D. after her name does not mean that she may not be suffering from mental illness. "

One thing that did intrigue me, however, was that her sister Maria Arrigo, Ph.D., described herself in a paper as "a social psychologist studying intelligence ethics and as daughter of an undercover intelligence officer."

As it turns out Sue Arrigo has another sister, Linda Gail Arrigo, Ph.D. in Sociology, who left a comment on my original post stating in part:

I am sorry to say that my sister Sue Ann Arrigo has periodic episodes of paranoid schizophrenia, and this has been over a period of ten years at least. It is amazing how her wild stories have proliferated all over the web.

I have since exchanged a few emails with Linda Arrigo. She writes:

I believe that my sister Sue Ann has been having periodic bouts of paranoid schizophrenia since about 15 years ago. She is convinced that our father was both a member of the CIA and the Mafia, and that he inducted her at a young age into intelligence activities, and that she has been under mind control since then, and subject to frequent kidnapping and threats by agents, wherever she is in the world. However, she has no material or historical evidence of this other than her later memories and physical symptoms, as she reported recently for supposedly being kidnapped in Ireland in early June 2007. I talked by telephone with my mother who was with her right afterwards and accompanied her to the doctor and the police, and my mother now believes Sue Ann is subject to hallucinations.

Our father, born 1914, served 20 years in the U.S. military, about 1941-61, in Europe, the Pentagon, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. His work was logistics, not intelligence. I lived with him in Taiwan 1963-68; my sisters had virtually no contact with him after 1962. He is senile now, in San Francisco, and I sorted through most of his papers during the last few summers. He is not a pleasant personality, but I am certain he had no such CIA contacts or capacity.

If any consistent check were made on Sue Ann's schooling and employment for the last 30 years, it would be obvious that her current allegations of service as a CIA medic are pure fantasy, even if well-informed by public knowledge of current issues in U.S. government behavior.

There are enough real victims of U.S. military and intelligence actions; it is not surprising, perhaps, that victims of schizophrenia like my sister should feed on these accounts.

Given the incredible allegations of Dr. Sue Arrigo, the complete lack of supporting evidence, and this statement by her sister, I see no reason to give any credence to her claims. I wish her well.

Here's an entire forum thread on democraticunderground.com about it: Reply #127: Her sister says Sue Ann

I haven't read any of the thread. It's too much for me to read right now. I think much of what I've written here will be said there by others.

Now, this is not definitive, but until someone shows that Sue Ann Arrigo is what she claims, I for one am reserving judgment.

I don't doubt that others have been abducted and brainwashed, etc. Most of that is well-documented, and governments have made open apologies and paid victims. Of course, governments can create schizophrenia. Abuse creates it. Abuse, torture, breaks the mind in that way.

That doesn't mean that schizophrenics don't have any real memories. It also doesn't mean that love can't heal schizophrenia.

I believe that Sue Ann Arrigo was abused, but was it the government and did she end up holding high non-elected offices in U.S. intelligence? I strongly doubt it in her case.

Of course, who can be certain as to whether or not she's a creation to make conspiracy theories against the government in general appear to come only from those suffering from delusions? Disinformation is the government propagandist's tool.

Look at what it may do to Stephen Lendman's body of work if conservative tricksters can point the finger at him saying that he was taken in by Sue Ann Arrigo. Why not suspect everything Stephen has written is what that would be designed to do.

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3 replies on “WHO IS SUE ANN ARRIGO, MD?”

  1. I suppose you expected her sisters to say YES, she is a high level CIA operative and so was our father. Their denial and labeling proves nothing. In fact they do corroborate that her father has military background. No one is publicly listed as a "covert CIA operative", but "logistics" would be a good cover.

  2. I lived with Sue Arrigo. I rented a room at her mother's house when I was going to college, and later when the economic downturn occurred. Sue moved into her mother's house during the latter period. She's told me she was a tunnel rat during the Vietnam War (extremely hard to believe based on her size alone, besides the fact that it wasn't a women's job during that era). She claimed she also helped negotiate the SALT1 and SALT2 nuclear arms treaties and the Helsinki Accords, and treated Osama bin Laden for kidney problems twice at the request of the CIA before 9/11, along with many other things.

    She once called the San Diego District Attorney's office and requested to speak to FBI Counter Intelligence. The reason? She found small bruises on her 90 year old mother and concluded that I had let the KGB into the house during the night and assisted them in torturing her mother. Where the police officers arrived they concluded after a brief conversation with Sue that she should be transported to the county mental health facility for observation.

    Sue is intelligent but irrational, she has stayed in her aluminium foil wrapped room for days to post articles on different conspiracy theory websites. She once changed the home Internet service without ordering phone service, leaving her elderly mother helplessly unable to call for help in case of a fire or medical emergency. Please don't encourage her by subscribing to her ideas or believing her claims, it diverts her from taking care of her now 94 year old mother.

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