Wall Street Journal/NBC poll showed Obama pulling into a lead of 47%-41% over McCain. How? Colin Powell, Peggy Noonan, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Susan Eisenhower, Chuck Hagel, Bruce Bartlett, David Friedman, Jeffrey Hart, and Brink Lindsey have either endorsed Obama or made statements suggesting they are leaning in his direction.

If they are for Obama over McCain, then so are many more Republicans. It's a Bush backlash. People with any heart, brains, and soul hate what Bush has done.

Barack Obama is certainly straddling the fence. How long can he keep it up? Will the mass-media give him a pass by avoiding pinning him down? The plutocracy has decided what they'll do. Obama was invited to the Bilderberg Group meeting in Virginia. He did attend, in secret, earlier this month. He no doubt gave very strong assurances, just as he did at the AIPAC meeting.

Read the following article:

From The Sunday Times
June 15, 2008
Dismayed Republicans emerge as Barack Obama supporters
Sarah Baxter


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    • paul trewin

      After investigating what is happening with the bilderberg group about establishing

      one world government is remarkably close to what the bible says will happen in the last days on earth before jesus returns. All christians should be aware that time is running out before God's judgement will come. Don't be fooled God loves you but he will judge you for not accepting his son.

      • Hi Paul,

        The bankers already control. They are the power behind the front. Obama knows the limitations of his power. The limits are set by those who control the money. Obama doesn't control the money. Congress doesn't control the money. The Supreme Court doesn't contol it. The government doesn't control it. The private bankers control it. What's more, there is a law in place that states that the government cannot interfer with the Federal Reserve private-banking cartel. The government cannot audit them. The government cannot tell them what to do.

        The One-World Government, the New World Order, is just a refinement of the front. It's just a seamless continuation of what has been the trend for thousands of years.

        Things are going to become horrendously more wicked while the front that is the so-called government will make out as if it is moral and doing right while it allows for more and more hedonism.

        Standards have been severely twisted going way beyond correcting previous oversights.

        I'm seeing a great deal more nonresponsiveness across the spectrum. That trend will continue worsening. Sickness is compounding. Morality is all but nonexistant.

        We live in a level of Hell. This is a prison for the criminally insane. The inmates are in charge.

        People ignore the truth that's given to them.

        God saves though.

        Truth and Nothing But,


    • Paul Ray

      I'm strickened with imense sadness when I see how few people really care what's happening to our world. I was driving in my car the other day and had the radio on and Green Day's Know Your Enemy had just been aired. I realized after listening to the lyrics, as you should do, that they are trying to wake people up. I went online to read the lyrics, and saw people's thoughless comments "oh, this is so not a good song, not like their others", things of that nature. If people would just open their ears, eyes, and pay attention.... they would see that there ARE people fighting to WAKE the majority. Listen to the song and think for yourself....

      • Paul Ray,

        If that song is to be taken as not satirical, then it is an awful message. Is it satirical? I don't take it that way. It is a call to violence. Even by posting a comment here in support of any such call, you are violating the comment rules here that clearly state that incitement to violence is not allowed. So, is it satirical? If it is, the lyrics have done a very poor job of making that clear. "Rally up the demons of your soul" is part of the overly repetitive, monotonous lyrics. That's sheer evil.

        No, Green Day is leading people astray into the dark with such words. If they don't turn and repent, they'll end up falling where they will hate being even more than they hate the current circumstances of this world. If you follow them, you too will be further lost.

        It's an awful song, and the music is way too loud and mechanical. I don't consider it a demonstration of worthy talent.

        Find peace,