I just upgraded to Opera 9.5. Wow is it fast now. It was never slow relative to Internet Explorer. Firefox seemed to load some things faster then Opera and not others. Now though, the pages seem to pop open. I can really tell on this site, because it's hosted on an extremely inexpensive server. So I'm poor. What can I say?

Anyway, I was at first put off by all the stars where all my favicons were on bookmarks and my personal toolbar, but they show up again as one revisits sites. Actually, it will remind me of some of the sites I haven't been to in a long, long time.

Another thing I just noticed was that the CPU (actually OS, that's operating system) load was much lower as Opera went out and fetched my feeds. I use Opera as my feed reader. It's very convenient that way. Normally, or before the upgrade, I'd notice a real bogging-down of the operating system while Opera was busy checking all the feeds.

Well, that's just an instant impression.

I've been an Opera user since I first heard of it way back when. It was the browser that brought us tabs and a number of other features. I'm just really familiar and comfortable with the features so much that I just can't see learning all the Firefox commands. There are many interesting plugins for Firefox though and I do test the site with it.

It's too bad that those who develop some of the toolbars for Firefox don't make them compatible with Opera too.

I sure hope this trend with Opera 9.5 continues as I keep using its different features and surf around.

Tom Usher

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2 Responses to OPERA 9.5: FAST!

  1. John Farnham says:

    I might have known ! I just got through looking over the new Opera layout : I like keeping my browsers current.

    Firefox 3 is to come Tuesday. I'll let that sit a while before putting it in.

  2. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    Howdy John, opit,

    I had put in two requests. One was to colorize the horizontal rules. They did that. The other was to make it possible to search on folders in bookmarks. They did that too. The folders that contain the search terms are automatically highlighted. In addition, you can also now right click on the folder icons so you can change the folder name. That's exactly what I wanted.

    I'm letting them know that when the status bar is turned on, it blocks showing the URL's in links when one hovers over links (if one has Opera set to do that, which I do).

    Also, the favicons don't update on the personal toolbar when the bookmark is set to show on the personal toolbar. I'm having to go into the properties of each personal toolbar bookmark and then click okay just to get the favicons to show up on my personal toolbar. Visiting the site via the personal toolbar doesn't cause the favicon to show up on the personal toolbar. It does cause it to show up in the regular bookmark list though.

    Hey John, let them know if you find any bugs or want a feature or improvement.


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