HIV/AIDS in Africa is mainly spread via promiscuity. Of course, those who don't wish to view the negatives of promiscuity upon all humanity point almost solely to the lack of condom distribution and promotion and use. Condom use can reduce transmission, but it does not remove all the negatives associated with promiscuity. The lack of self-restraint spreads into all walks of life via greed, violence, sexual depravity that are all forms of selfishness.

Rather than focusing also upon the problem of promiscuity, those who wish to continue in that behavior and to deny that people have the ability to overcome temptation will rather only emphasize condom use and AIDS treatment.

AIDS treatment is not free. In the industrialized nations, it is very expensive since patented medicines make up the bulk of the treatment. They have been cheaper in India for instance, because generics were developed and made available in contravention of patent-protection law. The patent holders have been working out deals with India as a compromise so the patent holders may continue enriching themselves at the direct expense of the sick.

Poorer nations have approached the problem differently one from the next. Some nations have put most of their energies into education followed by condom use and inexpensive medical treatments. South Africa, however, took a different approach that was struck down by South Africa's highest court.

Science is not the end-all-be-all; however, it is evil to deny mundane cause and effect. I know the spirit heals. I know it does so directly proportionate with faith and worthiness. I know that this is both an individual and collective phenomenon. However, even though I realize this, I would not tell anyone that HIV and AIDS are not directly linked. I would not tell anyone that people are coming down with AIDS by other than HIV infection. Doing so is evil.

If anyone wishes to discuss the generalized and particular evils that contribute to the spread of HIV, that is right and proper; however, to do so while at the same time misleading souls into believing that AIDS does not follow from HIV infection is either woefully ignorant or criminally responsible or both.

South African High Court Rules Against AIDS Denialitsts
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Victory for the rule of law and the scientific governance of medicines. South Africa has been devastated by the Twin Epidemics of Aids and Ignorance.

South Africa- Yesterday, June 13, the South African High Court handed down a landmark judgment in a court action against AIDS denialist Matthias Rath and the Government of South Africa. Global health advocates have hailed this decision as a landmark against the twin epidemics of AIDs and Ignorance that has swept South Africa. It is hoped this decision will be the end of the pseudoscience known as "AIDs Denialism"- that is, the idea that somehow HIV is not the cause of AIDs. This theory has been promoted by the South African President Thabo Mbeki, as an excuse to avoid providing anti-retroviral treatments to his citizens.

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