THE DOT.COM BUBBLE, THE REAL ESTATE BUBBLE, THE OIL BUBBLE, THE STAPLE CROPS BUBBLE: MONSANTOThe was the bubble. It happened, because people didn't do the proper planning and due diligence. There was the real estate bubble. It happened, because the greedy preyed upon everyone else they could. Due diligence was deliberately thrown out. Now there is the oil bubble. Oil is fairly finite. Once demand matches the ability to produce, that's the peak. From there, it's all downhill for oil. Fortunately, from there it will be all uphill for alternatives. Just don't turn to nuclear or using land to grow such fuel. Also now, there is a partial food staples bubble. There really is an increasing shortage due to growing crops for ethanol rather than food. There really are whether problems with growing. Iowa's corn crop has been hit hard by recent flooding. There are droughts about too, etc. Monsanto's Bt crops and GMO crops (Roundup Ready) have also caused major problems that are being ignored for the sake of the plutocrats who've foolishly invested in Monsanto.

June is Bustin' Oil All Over
by Michael Fox

According to Rep Peter DeFazio (D-Or), the entity that owns the most oil in the United States right now is not ExxonMobil or Chevron or Valero: it's Morgan Stanley. So what's Morgan Stanley doing with all that oil? Speculating on the petrofraud bonanza.

The problems with the short-sightedness of this utterly stupid investment pattern are many:

The faster they ratchet up the cost of oil, and, in turn, the gasoline that comes from it, the faster the public will change its patterns of consumption, the demand will go down, and the bottom will fall out of the market. That is the most logical supply-and-demand scenario, which ends in Morgan Stanley left holding billions of dollars of lost equity on the oil futures contracts.

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