When I saw the following title of someone's opinion, I just instantly thought, "How stupid": "Gays marry; world does not end." That's why I added, "Oil refineries keep producing; world does not end" to the title of this post.

Look, the world is in trouble due to selfishness and the harm of self-centeredness. Greed is a sin. Violence is a sin. They are affronts to righteousness, because they are selfish. Unselfishness is the only way into the eternal future getting better and better and only for those who choose it (unselfishness). That's the lesson Jesus taught and still teaches.

Now, homosexuality is selfish too. It is a harmful behavior. It is a harmful example. Those who engage in it after being told this and who attempt to convince others (children are automatically included) with statements such as "Gays marry; world does not end" that homosexuality is not something to avoid are being totally self-centered.

Oil refineries keep producing and the government selfishly keeps suppressing clean, non-toxic, renewable, non-plant matter alternatives. The result is the hyperbolic curve into global warming and extremely violent weather. The Earth is getting sick, and the violence is a way to shake the disease. If human beings continue down the present selfish, short-sighted course, the Earth will become inhospitable. It's that simple.

Let me tell you that all the violence of the various wars going on is contributory to the restlessness of the planet. I'm not talking Gaia here, although, I am talking awareness. I'm talking about spiritual life. The Earth is interconnected and interdependent.

Can you see the parallels with the harmfulness of homosexuality? If you can't, you're not trying hard enough.

All harmful, selfish behavior is sinful. The opposite of all of it is righteousness. Righteous behavior, if it is practiced, will lead to the New Heaven and New Earth as one.

Understand here that the terms "New Heaven" and "New Earth" have special meanings. The New Heaven is the reestablishment of real righteousness as the spiritual vision of human kind as human kind will become. The New Earth is the realm in which the transformed (some say regenerated) human beings will exist. That's the promise of Jesus Christ.

If you are a strict materialist, believe in matter as mundane science conceived of it before recent theoretical physicists began bumping up against metaphysics, you won't be able to grasp the meanings above.

One must understand that today metaphysics becomes tomorrow's common place provided humanity doesn't remain so selfish that it becomes extinct before the realization. The promise, the prophecy, is that the remnant will obtain this understanding about metaphysics and spirit/matter. Jesus was and is both, but in ultimate reality, he is fully spirit. Spirit is over matter, spirit manifests but exists regardless of whether it manifests within the range of current mass-human perceptions.

With this level of thinking, it shouldn't be difficult to fathom how homosexuality is being glossed over to the detriment of a huge block of humanity.

The rush as been put upon society by the homosexuals just as the false-Zionists rushed to grab land to create facts on the ground. The homosexuals are hoping that their inroads will not be rolled back by the truth of the harm done. Do you grasp the analogy? You should.

The homosexuals are asking to be treated as a protected group just as racial and ethnic minorities are. However, racial and ethnic minorities don't have a choice. They can't stop being racial or ethnic minorities within their given geographical boundaries. Homosexuals though always have a choice not to engage in homosexual behavior.

Perhaps you wish to argue the point from a freedom standpoint (individual liberty). That's what many cigarette smokers have done for decades. Many said that their right to pollute their own bodies with addictive, disease causing substances is their business and nobody else's. However, second-hand smoke is definitely harmful. There are costs to society as a whole. Many people who get extremely sick from tobacco use end up being treated on the dole. These are mundane arguments mind you.

I'm not saying that society should not care for those who have made bad choices. We are to be compassionate and humane. There are limits though, as Jesus pointed out. He did let the blind (spiritually unenlightened) walk into the ditch, follow each other in the dark into the ditch, because he couldn't force them not to. He couldn't be coercive toward them. Being coercive doesn't change people's hearts. It's a natural/spiritual sorting-out process. It's spiritual evolution. It's why he chooses those who hear his voice over those who do not (who refuse and reject his message of unselfishness). The unselfish will be rewarded by not having to exist on the same plane with the selfish (greedy, violent, and sexually depraved — harmful). They will be free of death of the soul.

As for freedom, all are free of Christian coercion. In that sense, those who reject Christ are free to go into the bondage of greater evil. Homosexuality is just such bondage. However, that's not real freedom. Real freedom is freedom from evil.

What the real Christian will do though is tell the truth about the harmfulness of homosexuality and then let it be. The homosexuals will make of themselves the proverbial goats regardless of all the other things they may claim to be doing that others will acknowledge as righteous. The inconsistency, the hypocrisy, is what kills the soul. The dead soul ends up far from the blessed kingdom of God: That New Heaven and New Earth, conflated in the Great Conflation.

Homosexuals are saying that this and that won't happen (the world won't end) if there is more and more homosexuality. They are wrong, dead wrong. Watch. You'll see things continue to disintegrate. Evil fractures souls. It devours them. It kills them, resigning them to spiritual Hell, literally.

I'm not saying that Hell is exactly as depicted by the Fundamentalists. Nightmares aren't always fire and brimstone. They are though still nightmares. Look at the Hell being brought forth on Earth. Look at the living nightmares to which people are being subjected including by those advocating for homosexuality. Just look at the U.S. Military and it's trending toward homosexual orgies in the barracks.

I have no doubt that there is plenty of that going on in the bases around the world. Those young men without their wives for months and months on end, year after year, have a great deal of sexual tension that builds up. With the supposed acceptability of homosexuality coming to the fore, more and more of them will be tempted to fall into the cesspool.

The full opinion is as follows:

Gays marry; world does not end
The institution of marriage has always worked as a prolonged cold shower on the libido for those participating in it, and I see no reason to think that it would be any different for gay people. Source

Well read the post linked below that includes material concerning the promiscuity inherent in many of those suffering from the disease of homosexuality. Their so-called marriages will just turn into polygamous affairs or break apart. It will cause the divorce courts to clog up that much more. That's just the tip of the iceberg though. It's nothing compared with what the other sexually diseased will begin to ask for. The pedophiles and those practicing bestiality and necrophilia, etc., will also want their "rights" too.

If you think that's ridiculous, you obviously don't remember when the thought of homosexual marriages was considered absolutely ridiculous by the vast, vast majority. Society is on the slippery slope leading to Hell on Earth for those who don't overcome and persevere.
"Homosexuals: What they ignore."

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