SEXUAL DEPRAVITY IS A CONTAGIOUS DISEASE: HELP ALL BUILD IMMUNITYWe've all heard about the pedophile priests in the Roman Catholic Church and how the hierarchy still protects bishops and cardinals who protected and shuffled around obvious pedophiles.

Over the last couple of years, I've been reading here and there that there are also many problems in some of the so-called conservative American denominations. The most "liberal" denominations aren't exactly hiding their more than flirting with sexual depravity. They're celebrating it openly. It appears though that sexual problems are running deeper and more wide spread within the Southern Baptist Convention too.

We all have to be prepared to forgive everyone who repents in earnest. On another level, we are to forgive even the ignorant ones who don't repent, just as Jesus forgave them from the cross. We are also to avoid pointing accusatory fingers especially where there is no fruit (results) as proof.

Sexual predators are spiritually ill. They have been warped and fractured into depraved deviation. They need help.

With those cautions, I share the link below with my visitors.

Look upon predators as creations of what we can overcome (evil temptations). Remember them as victims, because they were harmed by selfishness (failure to overcome). Many victims go on to become predators. It is a contagious disease.
Shining light on Baptist clergy sex abuse

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