Clarke: Charlie Black Basically Said To Terrorists, 'Yes You Can Manipulate Our Politics, Come And Do It'
By Amanda at 10:49 [June 24, 2008]
Think Progress

Yesterday [Monday, June 23, 2008], Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) distanced himself from chief strategist Charlie Black's comments that a terrorist attack would be a "big advantage" to the McCain campaign. "If he said that, and I do not know the context, I strenuously disagree," McCain told reporters.

There are many things that could be said here; however, let's cut through to the root of the matter. 9/11 was used as a false-flag operation. No one knows the whole story, not those who planned it, not anyone. That's by design. It's a crime where those involved only know on a need-to-know basis.

Many involved don't know they were, and are still, being used. Those at the top have worked it out with the handlers that there is always a degree of plausible deniability.

It's this way. The king says, "Who will rid me of so-and-so?" He doesn't want to know the gory details. He just wants to later here that so-and-so is gone. It goes deeper though. Those who get rid of so-and-so have an understanding that as the orders go out, those in the chain aren't told enough to trace it back to the king or even the top handlers.

Everybody knows where it's coming from or so he or she often just assumes. Everyone is to be on automatic pilot. Those who ask for proof of the authenticity of the secret orders (that the orders are truly coming from the top) are bypassed and/or removed.

In fact, the chain breaks all along itself. The person giving an order doesn't even always know the person to whom the order is being given. Once the order has gone out, all traces of the order might be erased depending upon "sensitivity." It's the exact same way money is laundered by the banks and clearing houses.

Those along this supposedly untraceable chain simply don't want to know the details. They just know that they get their money, etc., via going along no matter how evil the enterprise. If the devil is paying them, so be it, they think.

Many just choose to fool themselves (rationalize) that the system is really run in the end (at the very top) by those with righteous motives. The current worldly system is not run at the very top by those with righteous motives. The motives are wholly selfish. That's why Jesus's kingdom was, and still is not, of this world.

His kingdom will come to be of this world only when the people on the Earth choose to follow his exact prescription for what ails. That is doing away with selfishness as the root emotion. That's when the Great Conflation will take place. That's when the New Heaven and New Earth will be one and the same, just as Jesus is in God and God is in Jesus. They are one and the same, even as Jesus still tells you that he can do nothing alone without God. It is that one we are to join (have God in us and we in God: Unselfishness).

Now, it still goes deeper. The king isn't the one who even started the chain. He's just going along with the whole thing, because that's how he got where he did. He's just part of the system. He doesn't really command. If he gives an order that the system doesn't want to follow, it won't. If he gives an order to be less selfish, the system will go along only so much unless the root emotions are changed.

The current worldly system breaks when people develop consciences. Of course, the cynics say that anyone who develops a conscience can simply be replaced because there is an endless stream of selfish souls. However, that's not the truth.

The truth is that conscience can catch on so much so that the whole system of selfishness can break down and be displaced. That's what frightens the evil overlords most (those who work to be served rather than work to serve all). They are the antichrists.

As for the shallow politics of what Charlie Black said specifically, whom do you fear most to have as your enemy, Richard M. Nixon or John F. Kennedy? Nixon was forced to resign in disgrace. Kennedy had his brains blown out. Nixon prolonged and escalated the Vietnam War. Kennedy threw the steering wheel out the window in the game of chicken with the Russians over nuclear missiles in Cuba. Neither Obama nor McCain is Kennedy or Nixon exactly, but the system can follow either to a degree and bring either down at any time.

Each of them was blowing the cover. Nixon was simply telling people that the government says one thing and does another. He was amazed that people of conscience existed in the U.S. who didn't like that at all. Others were angry with Nixon for revealing the obvious to the hypnotized masses. Kennedy was threatening to tell the whole sorted story pretty much revealing what I'm revealing here now.

Who really calls the shots? Money versus righteousness is the real issue. The spirit of money is the spirit of the untraceable chain (secrets and barriers for evil). The spirit of righteousness is the demise (really knows the secrets and can see through and walk through the barriers) of that system of money and will win out in the end — already has won since the climax of history was the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We're in the dénouement now.

Perhaps you're still thinking that if we can't get the evidence against them, how are we ever going to stop them. If you're thinking that way, they still have you bamboozled. Look, Jesus said that you know a tree by its fruit. You know the root by the fruit. You know the spirit by its results. What is the current system bringing forth? Look at all the bad news. What is the current system? It's money. The system of money brings forth that which is bad. What evidence are we lacking? None, we have all the evidence we need to change the system from money to its opposite — moneyless. That would be where no money is needed for anything, ever. That's Heaven — the New Heaven.

You may think we can't ever have that. They still have you bamboozled. You aren't projecting out into the future. Look just how recently it was that only a handful of people ever spoke publicly about false-flag operations. Now the term is becoming household. It's becoming common knowledge. It's becoming commonly understood that governments have been doing this wicked trickery for centuries. They've been framing others to fracture souls so they, the evil ones, can seemingly come to the rescue and rule.

Don't fall for it. It's that simple. Carry everything out to its logical conclusion. Don't stop short.

You may think this can't work. The system will stop the knowledge from spreading and catching on. That's what they thought about Jesus. They thought that if they killed him, it would end. They were wrong. They didn't understand what was happening simply by the fact that Jesus opened his mouth. They don't understand what is happening now simply by my writing this with various people from all over the world visiting and reading and with all the various computers sucking it down some of them putting it on storage devices that will last and last. Even the ones working for the evil ones can't escape or kill the transmissible message. They are being tempted by goodness now. It works both ways, but it ends with goodness prevailing.


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