James Dobson of Focus on the Family became upset when Barack Obama raised certain issues concerning Christianity. Obama rhetorically asked, "Which passages of Scripture should guide our public policy? Should we go with Leviticus?" Dobson took issue with citing Leviticus since Dobson holds that Jesus nullified many of the Levitical practices. However, contrary to Dobson's observation, Obama's point on this is valid. There are many people professing to be Christians who do hold with Levitical law. There are many who are really Old Testament believers to the exclusion of Jesus's teachings that did not nullify Levitical law but rather fulfilled it. He removed the hypocrisy and took the spirit of the law to its next and ultimate step of infinite, divine logic that is righteousness. That is something James Dobson does not support; otherwise, he would not be for war and many of the other theological errors he makes clearly and plainly.

Obama put another question that Dobson ignored or the news coverage has ignored if Dobson addressed it directly. I'll have to read Dobson's full radio transcript to be sure. That question is "...should we just stick to the Sermon on the Mount, a passage that is so radical that it's doubtful that our own Defense Department would survive its application."

Now, the question is right with the exception that there is no doubt whatsoever. If we stick to the Sermon on the Mount, the Pentagon has to go. As Christians, we are to stick with the Sermon on the Mount; therefore, the Pentagon does have to go. I've been writing that on this site for a long time. I wrote about it before this site existed. I said it decades ago.

The problem is that Obama and Dobson both claim to be Christians whereas neither is. A Christian knows that the Pentagon is pure evil and must and will go. A real Christian loves that truth. He or she will spread that truth as far and wide as possible and will never back down from it and will never be ashamed of saying and writing it but rather proclaim it enthusiastically as an integral part of the Good News.

Priesthood of All Believers

Dobson said of Obama, "...and then says go read the Bible, as if he's some kind of biblical authority." Well, look who's calling the kettle black. Dobson is the pot right next to the kettle. It's an old saying from the days when the cookware was iron and used over the wood fire. Both the pot and the kettle would turn black from use. Dobson is putting down Obama for Obama's asserting the principle of the Priesthood of All Believers.

Is Dobson an authority on the teachings of Jesus Christ? He is not! He isn't even close. He doesn't get it; or if he does, he hides it (the truth). Jesus was, and remains, a total pacifist. Anyone speaking with any authority about the spirit of Jesus Christ knows this and says it. Dobson doesn't say it. Does he know that Jesus is a pacifist but avoids it? I say he does. I say Obama obviously knows it too but chooses to use failing subtlety such as "it's doubtful" about the Pentagon. He knows full well that the Pentagon and Jesus have zero part in each other, but he's afraid to say it because there isn't enough time between now and the election to wake up the people. Besides, the powers that be who have anointed Obama don't want the people to know.

The two of them are arguing also over their respective visions of the meaning of democracy. Obama is pushing relaxing standards within each ideology for the sake of watered-down unity (no real unity at all). Dobson is either unaware or doesn't care that Jesus has nothing to do with secular elections and secular laws. Dobson wants to push for Christian principles in the secular state. It's hypocrisy writ large, James.

These men don't understand Christianity at all. They are both completely lost relative to the first generation of Christians who knew, heard, and lived with Jesus Christ himself.

James Dobson calls himself a conservative-Republican Christian. However, There is No Such Thing as a Conservative-Republican Christian: Jesus is a small-c communist

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