In addition to reading the full post linked to below, you may also want to click on the photo ("Did you know?") and read the comments section there. It's loaded with interesting historical information.

One of the interesting things discussed is how the land of non-Jew Palestinians was registered by people (non-Jews) who did not own it. They had never paid the common law owners (farmers, etc.). The Zionists purchased the land from the non-owners. The Zionists did this through the Jewish National Fund. All lands thusly acquired where no longer allowed to be owned, repurchased, etc., by Arabs and other non-Jews who actually still hold legal common-law title to the land.

The article linked to below is well worth the read.

I've been looking at some other posts in this site: "Jews sans frontieres." So far, I like it. The contributors are thinkers. It's an excellent candidate for a Blogroll addition, with qualifications of course.

They aren't seeing real Christianity yet. Perhaps they will come to it. Afterall, one of the central tenets of Jesus is the removal of all hypocrisy. The authors at Jews sans frontieres write in the identification of hypocrisy, to expose it.

Let's go all the way with that. Let's get at the root cause: Selfishness.

Jews sans frontieres

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Saturday, June 28, 2008
Not nice but not a nakba?
by Levi9909 [Mark Elf]

There was a response on Comment is free yesterday to Lyn Julius's nasty little piece "on" the departure of Jews from Arab states following the establishment of the State of Israel. It's by Rachel Shabi who the blurb says

is a Guardian contributor. She currently lives in Tel Aviv and has written a book on Israel's Oriental Jews, to be published early next year. She was born in Israel to Iraqi parents, and grew up in the UK.

Anyway, here's what she says:

Justice for Jews from Arab Countries (JJAC) thinks that Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinian refugees should somehow be offset against each other – the rights of one side counterbalancing the rights of the other. It's a neat argument: Jews were forced to abandon material assets and leave Arab countries; Palestinians similarly fled or were expelled from their homes. Ergo, the region witnessed an exchange of populations and if Palestinian refugees are to be compensated by Israel, so too must the Jewish "refugees" from the Middle East, by the Arab nations that expelled them.

Nice try, but there are many reasons why this formula is all wrong. ....

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