This post is detailed, as the comment thread from which it continues is detailed. It is important. I want to draw your attention to it. The thread begins in this post (actually a static page in WordPress parlance) and starts with this comment. You may read this post first or start at the beginning of the linked paged. Either way, you'll get the idea.

What follows is my reply to Larry Fletcher's last comment as of the date and time of this post.

You say I'm not being honest because of the different amount of time it takes me in getting around to approving different comment submissions. What do you think I do all day, just sit here monitoring comment submissions? I run this site by myself. I do sleep, shower, read, write, cook, go out, and work at other things to pay the evil capitalist bills, etc. To call someone dishonest based upon nothing is to be bearing false witness against that person and is a grave sin: A direct transgression against God and Jesus who specifically said that the prohibition against bearing false witness is one of the commandments of God for eternal life. You risk your soul by accusing me of being dishonest about how comments are handled on this site. Apologize for this crime you've committed against God.

You're wasting my time and the time of my visitors and readers. You don't answer direct questions. You don't read carefully. You throw around accusations without substantiating them. You don't fully identify yourself. You use illogic. You don't know God or Christ. You pay no attention to the definitions of terms. You are a dangerous and reckless person, no doubt a supporter of George W. Bush who among his other reckless and despicable acts, took the United States to war on a pack of lies.

Since Jesus said that the least of the commandments is as the greatest (because consistency is required to adhere to the greatest), you ought not to call the things Jesus calls for "trivial." His agenda is exactly political and spiritual at the same time, and if you don't like it, don't bother knocking at the gates of Heaven.

All you've done with this reply is spew the same nonsense of your previous comments. You've totally ignored the verses that directly quote Jesus Christ that nullify everything you've said. Stop wasting my time. You are fitting yourself into the category of those who are termed "trolls" on the Internet.

You rail about my God, my vision, my revelation that I share with Jesus. What is your god but your own imagination? Your god says it doesn't matter what humanity does to the environment God provided. What kind of evil god is your god? Your god is not my God.  I want nothing to do with your god. Your god is a war god. Is he Mars? Your god is mammon. My God is not Mars or mammon.

"When he said, "turn the other cheek", he was talking about how you treat other individuals, not about war." Look, Larry, if you don't know that armies are made up of individuals what do you know? So, according to your god, if an army of individuals attacks you, you are not to turn the other cheek. The only time you are to turn the other cheek is when only a single individual hits you. However, the moment two or more hit you, you are free to hit back rather then turn the other cheek to both or all. That's moronic. Where is your logic? It is not what Jesus taught.

"...when millions of people are being raped, killed, tortured, and starved by a small group of evil men, the most loving act one can perform is to stand up against those doing the oppressing and free those who are being oppressed." You're closer to Mohammed than to Jesus. All harm is offense. Where did Jesus say to do this stuff you're saying? Quote him, and cite the book, chapter, and verse number. Otherwise, why don't you remain silent?

People were raping and killing children in Jesus's day. He knew it full well. All of those victims were his relatives, his family, separated only by degree. Did he build an army to go out to kill all those who raped and killed? He did not. Could he have? He could not have and still been consistent with his eternal vision, which goes way beyond the temporary flesh that you seek to preserve at the expense of setting the right, harmless example.

You're waiting for the wrong messiah. You're waiting for the same false messiah for whom the Pharisees and Zealots are still waiting.

Where do you draw the line on your blood lust? When is it permissible to use violence? Who set this standard of yours? If your army kills one innocent person, one child, or one of the members of your army rapes one person, have you no responsibility? That one innocent one killed could be in her house with her father watching. Therefore, now her father is justified in destroying your whole nation by your own standard. However, since it's your nation that is being retaliated against, now that father is no longer justified but is rather labeled a terrorist. Your standards are nothing but double standards.

The "dreamworld" you put down is exactly the real Heaven. It isn't utopia, because utopia means "no where." There are no wars in the real Heaven. There is no violence. There is no vengeance. There is no money. There is no capitalism. There isn't anyone like you there. Everyone there has agreed with Jesus that everyone is required to turn the other cheek always. Why do you think the earliest Christians went to face the lions with their own children right there with them rather than doing to Caesar what Caesar was doing to them? Do unto others as you ought to want them to do unto you. Your line or standard for violence is wholly arbitrary.

I don't like what you've written in your comments. I find it harmful and dangerous. It puts innocent children at risk all over the planet. By your standard, I now have the right and duty to kill you. I sure don't agree with your low standard though. It will never bring forth Heaven. That's why Jesus didn't use it. If you were right, Jesus would not have been a pacifist. He would have led a bloody army to war against all that he saw as sin.

Jesus said what it is to be free, and you've completely ignored it so you can go on imagining that you can be greedy, violent, and depraved. Jesus was and is a pacifist. He is anti-war. War is an offense. Those who engage in it are offensive to God. You are Old Testament at best. You are a sinner but ready to throw stones. You don't comprehend that. You contradict Jesus's own words about it.

You can't throw a stone, you can't use any violence or coercion, if you have any sin in you. What is more, throwing the stone, using violence or coercion, are in and of themselves sin. That's the point, but it's over your head. You can't eat the real food and you sit there blocking the way of others with your false teachings just as the dog in the manger.

As for extremism, Jesus was an extremist. He said to be perfect. That's extreme. He said to make the servants the rulers. That's radical. He said to make the whole tree good (bringing forth good fruit only, good results only). That's radical and extreme, and it sure doesn't include the evil results of those worldly overlords you hold up and follow. It sure doesn't include the U.S. military that doesn't even hide the fact that its mission isn't to eradicate sin but rather to expand the Empire for the sakes of the overlords — the world bankers and their hired self-styled intellectual lackeys.

You've voted for evil overlords. You haven't repented of that. Those overlords are exactly the ones Jesus was talking about when he said that those who will lead Christianity won't be as the Gentile overlords.

Your theology is fractured. You say that you don't have to apply Jesus's teaching in your everyday life. You say that you can vote for war-mongers, greedy capitalists, the Plutocracy, violent Empire, mammon, coercive taxes, usury, torture, lies, bad government in general, and still be a Christian. You cannot, and Jesus says so. Your leaders do not do the things Jesus calls for. They work against them. They work to enrich themselves at the negative expense of everything else, both people and planet (environment).

If your politics is evil so are your religion and your god. You cannot divorce them, and your politics is sheer evil. There is no such thing as a conservative-Republican Christian. Jesus is a small-c communist who lived out of one purse with his disciples and told all of his followers to do as he did and does. You spit on that though; therefore, you spit on the word and Jesus is the word. You spit on Jesus. You hate him. I love him. He's the greatest. His giving and sharing vision is beautiful and perfect. You hate it though, because you're not consistently unselfish.

And all that believed were together, and had all things common; And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all men, as every man had need. — Acts 2:44-45.

And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul: neither said any of them that ought of the things which he possessed was his own; but they had all things common. — Acts 4:32.

Rightful Heirs:

The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors. But ye shall not be so: but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve. — Luke 22:25-26.

Those verses run diametrically opposed to your politics, and you know it. That makes you no better than the Pharisees.

"Politics has nothing - I repeat.... NOTHING - to do with God," you say. You will have to face your maker with that evil statement. You will have to account for leading people astray with your wicked definition of politics. You define politics in a way that you falsely imagine allows you to violate the commandments of Jesus with impunity. It doesn't work. You aren't allowed to grant yourself immunity for being held to account for all your iniquity whether or not you label it with your distorted concept of politics. Every vote you cast in the wicked worldly system counts when you are sized up as to whether you will be allowed to enter with the fold or be rejected and have to remain outside with the proverbial goats.

You say God has nothing to do with politics (governing). Jesus taught us to pray for God's government (Kingdom) to come to Earth as it is in Heaven. Obviously, you are not governed in your heart by the Kingdom of God. It's the bright, shinning city on the hill: The polis. It's about guiding principles. You seek to follow the traditions of men rather than the government (the ordering of things) of God. It's the center of the population: The people. You can't divorce these things one from another for your wicked convenience.

Your way will be completely displaced. Your way is losing ground in people's hearts all the time. Your way is a dead end.

You are a small, cold, hardhearted person, Larry Fletcher. You don't understand that Jesus came to turn the world right side up. You cling to the up side down world of Satan who is your god — the god of money, war, and sexual depravity.

You've lost here completely, Larry Fletcher. You've only dug your hole deeper. You may be a serpent, but you sure aren't silver tongued.

Everyone who reads this thread will see how you avoided the verses to which I linked after you falsely stated that there is nothing of Jesus's teaching on this site. They can see that you failed to completely identify yourself too. You hit out from the dark. You've attempted to remain vague, but what you have said reveals your root in Satan, your hypocritical, harmful, selfish god who will devour you and kill your soul in Hell because you haven't rejected his teaching and taken up Jesus's.

There is no such thing as a conservative-Republican Christian. There is no such thing as a liberal-Democrat Christian either. You completely ignored what I had to say about the false political spectrum upon which you live. You completely ignore what this site has to say about true liberalism. You completely ignore that Isaiah specifically talked about liberalism. Look at the header of the website. It's right there. It's an active link too. Read and learn.

Don't say that Isaiah has nothing to do with Jesus in this regard. Jesus specifically discussed the issue of who is a real benefactor versus the false ones who are the Gentile overlords to whom you suck up. Wake up, Larry. Stop being a dupe and minion of the evil plutocrats. You're brainwashed. You're hypnotized by their marketing, public relations, and psychological operations. You aren't free of evil.

I'm done with you until you repent. I have no interest in hearing just a rehash of your failed attempted points you've already put forth to the ruination of your own name.

You are not welcome to add further comments unless you answer all of the specifics. Your generalities that just claim I'm wrong without offering up any supporting scripture will not be entertained on this site.

Tom Usher

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