OBAMA AND THE DEATH PENALTY: WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE?DNA has been being used a great deal lately to exonerate many on death row. Just think about the thousands who have been put to death by the state as a penalty for crimes they did not commit. That's not the only issue though. As the headline of this post asks, where do you draw the line on capital punishment?

Barack Obama has recently said that killing a convicted child rapist would not be unconstitutional.

Obama's Draconian New Death Penalty Stance
By Liliana Segura, AlterNet. Posted June 27, 2008.
In a reactionary political calculation, Barack Obama comes out in support of the death penalty for child rape.

What's constitutionality to do with morality in this case? Obama says he's a Christian. Jesus taught people not to punish each other but rather to do good toward people, which always means without coercing them. Of course, Obama also recently said that democracy means laying aside one's religious beliefs for the sake of democratic compromise. He's selling garbage.

No Christian is going to lay aside his conviction for the sake of false and fleeting unity with the iniquitous. The flesh life just isn't worth the loss of the soul.

Child rape is a grievous crime against God. It's a terrible affliction. Those who have been warned against it, but do it anyway (don't for the sake of the potential child victim, overcome the disease and abuse they themselves have suffered) will face a fate worse than having a millstone tied around their necks and being cast in the sea alive. That's without any human intervention. It also guarantees that no innocent person will be put to death for a child rape he or she didn't commit. Human beings are not to punish. They invariably get it wrong and just spread hardness of heart making matters worse. It only increases other crimes that come out from hardheartedness.

In addition, if state executions are sanctioned for murder and child rape, what's to prevent the slide down into executing hungry people for stealing a loaf of bread for their children? If there is no capital punishment at all, moving the threshold for state-sanctioned killing is then moot.

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