I AM NOT ALONE! OTHERS KNOW REAL CHRISTIANS ARE PACIFISTS, HARMLESS, UNSELFISHThe post linked to below is refreshing. It is good to see that there are others out there who are blogging that real Christians are pacifists.

I Dugg timethief's post, left a comment there, joined timethief's community on MyBlogLog, and left a comment on the post.

Moral support and networking are important to the cause of Christ. The voices of evil cannot drown out the Lord's Prayer that asks for God's Kingdom to come to Earth. It will come more and more even as others try to make the Earth more full of darkness. Then all the harmfulness and selfishness will end.

Wake up America! God is not on your side

Published by timethief at 9:00 pm [June 29, 2008]

When it comes down to it when people of good conscience make the personal decision to either support or reject war it is based on what they consider to be justifiable.

Position 1 — Blank Cheque - Blind Obedience
...[great content you should read]
Position 2 - Holy War
Position 3 — A Just War
A Brief History

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