Well, Robert Mugabe nationalized farmland that had been controlled by Whites. He said it was land reform.

The West slapped on economic sanctions. Zimbabwe hasn't been able to cope under those sanctions.

Mugabe has mismanaged things.

The West wants him out. He's clinging to power.

The West wants to reverse egalitarian tendencies in Zimbabwe. There are racist overtones and undertones to much of the speech directed at Mugabe.

However, Mugabe is still showing ineptitude in governing the nation.

There is a third way that is never discussed in the mass media, mainstream media, corporate media in the West.

Mugabe should negotiate with the opposition to arrive at a point where Whites who have solid agricultural management abilities can help not only restore Zimbabwe's bounty but also to exceed all previous records. It can be done without Blacks losing ownership, even collective, national ownership. It just takes doing the will of God. It just takes a giving and sharing spirit. There are Whites in the world who would gladly help if Mugabe would work for the benefit of all and tone down his own race-centricity.

Zimbabwe: Election Not Free and Fair, Say African Observers
Posted to the web 30 June 2008

African election observers have attacked the credibility of Zimbabwe's presidential run-off on Friday. [June 27, 2008]

In reports issued Sunday, the Election Observer Mission of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) declared that polling "did not represent the will of the people of Zimbabwe," and the Pan-African Parliament's mission said the election was not free and fair.

The SADC mission said the process leading up to Friday's vote failed to conform to SADC's principles and guidelines for running elections.
The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) mission reported "hate speech, incitement of violence and war rhetoric," as well as "high levels of intimidation, violence, displacement of people, abductions and loss of life." ...

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