This post is detailed, as the comment thread from which it continues is detailed. It is important. I want to draw your attention to it. The thread begins in this post (actually a static page in WordPress parlance) and starts with this comment. You may read this post first or start at the beginning of the linked paged. Either way, you'll get the idea.

People have a difficult time with connotations as those terms often end up being associated with some sort of political incorrectness. Synonyms often show that this is but arbitrariness of the times:

  • speaking without forethought; shooting off your mouth
  • worthless; stupid
  • unthinking; dumb
  • heedless; idiots
  • imprudent; unwise; fools

To say that one is shooting off one's mouth and being stupid, dumb, idiotic, and foolish is to say that that one is speaking without forethought, saying worthless things, and being unthinking, heedless, imprudent, and unwise. Only unnecessary twisting makes the difference. However, I do understand sensibilities.

What follows is my reply to Larry Fletcher's last comment as of the date and time of this post.

Well, Larry,

So, you're a Christian? Well you go to your god, Mars or Allah, and I'll go to my God who is the Father of Jesus Christ who was and remains a total pacifist.

All I see from your reply is evasion. You didn't answer my questions. You just had a temper tantrum due to your obvious frustration at being exposed for who and what you are, which is absolutely no Christian.

You, Larry, are a twister and not even very good at it. You tried repeatedly to put words into my mouth but failed miserably. You tried to tie me to things with which I have nothing to do.

So, where is your interpretation of scripture concerning the sword of Peter he used to cut off the servant's ear? You couldn't answer. Also, where is your defense for your positions in light of the verses to which I linked for you to consider. Those verses are from Jesus. You hate what those verses say, because they don't fit you at all and you know it.

I showed you that he said to buy swords but sent them all out without your kind of sword. You didn't have the common decency to return here to say thank you for showing you that and that you hadn't ever thought of it that way before. So, you said that Peter was caring a sword because Jesus and he knew they would need to use violence to protect themselves. Why then did he send all of his disciples out without swords even after he had said to buy swords? You shrink from this, because you are afraid you've been shown to have been wrong about Christ and Christianity all along. You don't like the implication. If Tom is right about that, could it be that he is right about all the rest of what he has been writing about real Christianity? Well, I am right. That's because it comes from God.

Put the question to any of the so-called scholars you admire. They will all either agree with me (unlikely) or hem and haw giving you worthless non-responses.

My "knowledge of scripture is poor," you say. You haven't defended one thing you've said in this entire thread with any reference to any scripture. You can't and have it stand up. If you point to something Jesus said to defend your attacks here, you know that when what Jesus said is put within its full context, it will show you to be in error.

You've repeatedly said "leftwing." You've also said God has nothing to do with politics. You've said that a person's politics has nothing to do with whether or not he will be saved. Why then do you attack people you claim are on what you call the left and not the right? You do it, because you're a hypocrite, against whom Jesus warned us. You also completely ignored what I said about your false spectrum.

"There's not a single theologian of any stripe who would not laugh you out of the room," you wrote. What do I care about that? Where's their fruit? What do they know? They know nothing that matters concerning salvation. You think I'm here writing this so I can get pats on the back from apostates?

You are completely mistaken about theologians anyway. You don't know them all, obviously. The only people to whom you are referring are the type I set out to refute from the start on this blog. There are many people who generally or commonly are classified as theologians who think your brand of theology is every bit as wrong as you are false-heartedly claiming that mine is.

"People who find" my "brand of politics rational are what's called 'Bobble Heads'" by whom? Are you talking about Fascists?

Enlighten us as to the people who find my brand of politics rational. You can't.

I am the first person in the world since Jesus who is saying exactly what I'm saying. There is no human in history since Jesus who interprets Jesus to me or interprets scripture as I do. You though are a product of Constantine the usurper and his Empire's church.

The devil's dupes call me a bobble head. Satan doesn't say it though. He knows better than to do it. It's a badge of honor. It reinforces to people that I'm right. Do you think it signifies in Heaven with God that lying war-mongers and kleptomaniacs and perverts call me a bobble head? What it signifies is the evil hearts of those calling me that who always reject God, as do you.

"...even an educated communist would laugh you out of the room with the nonsense you push." Who is your "educated communist"? One of your problems, Larry, is that you think that by ignoring the definition of terms that your opposition has set down as the ground he is defending that you somehow win the argument. It doesn't work that way. You have to defeat my position (the one I hold, not somebody else's position — I'm not a Marxist, Larry. How many times do you have to be told something before it sinks in?). If you think you've defeated something that I don't even defend, you haven't touched my position. That's been the case throughout this whole thread.

As for capitalism, you didn't read the linked material. Everything you've said about capitalism doing this or that for people and for me flies in the face of Jesus's words. You, it turns out, credit money (mammon) for all your provisioning. Do you know what Jesus said about you, Larry? You serve mammon and not God. You've given capitalism all the credit here. You can't take it back. You can only repent.

Before there was capitalism, Larry, people of righteous spirits gave to each other without charge and shared what they had. They did not live in poverty as you define it. Jesus lived in poverty as you define it, but he is richer than you will ever know. You just don't know what the true riches are.

"Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price." — Isaiah 55:1

That's Heaven, not your system.

Capitalism that has brought the stuff you've cited has done so off the backs of slaves. You're unwise for defending it. It's based upon selfishness. Jesus preached to do the unselfish. You though can't bring yourself to overcome and admit it. It will haunt you. It's already started. You will never forget this.

Also, you are under the false impression that capitalism has given me everything I have and also that everything you've cited is even ultimately good. You don't know how I've been provisioned. You don't know whether it has come out from the giving and sharing economy or the greedy, self-centered, evil economic system you laud. Capitalism is raping the planet for the short-term, negative gain of parasitic souls.

You're all for mountain-top removal to get at the seams of coal, Larry. You're for filling in the valley's and cutting off and polluting the streams and rivers. You're for that to get at that black stuff that was buried deep for a reason. You're for endlessly burning it to choke the fleshly life out of people. You don't give a damn if it increases the greenhouse effect and melts every glacier on the planet. What's it to you, you'll be dead with Mars/Satan.

In 1988, a NASA scientist warned about global warming. That was the hottest year on record up to then. Since 1988, there have been fourteen hotter years. Are you one of those minions of Exxon who is saying that it's caused solely by Sun spots? Oh, you didn't answer about cigarette smoking and cancer. Do you still go around saying there's no connection between smoking and lung cancer? You also don't think Exxon is paying off phonies to get into the press (mainstream, corporatized, propaganda entities) owned and controlled by your masters the plutocrat bankers to say there's no evidence for global warming. You are brainwashed. You've been put into a constant hypnotic trance by public relations firms.

Have you ever read about the father of Public Relations, Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays? Check it out. He laughed at the gullible masses. You are one of his dupes. I am not. I'm not under their spell.

Under capitalism, there are bills to be paid. Why? You're a minion for the plutocrats. They have you. You belong to them. There aren't any bills in Heaven, Larry.

Do you pray the Lord's Prayer? You claim to be a Christian and a former seminarian. How many times have you said the prayer and not meant every word of it? I'll tell you. It's been every single time. You don't pray for Heaven to come to the Earth, because you don't want capitalism to disappear. Well I do, and it will, whether you like it or not. That's prophesying against them, Larry. Mark my words.

When you use the term "living standard," you aren't talking about life free of what Jesus calls the unrighteous mammon. You aren't talking about the quality of life Jesus offered and still offers. You just lead people astray. Jesus fed the five thousand, Larry. Did he do it via capitalism? If you think so, you're extremely unthinking by relative human standards.

Capitalism has brought cars. Well, it also killed the electric car for nothing but sheer greed. Now, even most of those to whom you've been sucking up are having to admit that they were wrong all along. Even Rupert Murdoch is taking his corporations green. Who's laughing at whom? I'm not laughing about it, but all the heedless who brought in the Reagan revolution, such as James G. Watt, who didn't give a damn about the environment, are being shown up as the total imprudent people that they were. You though still cling to their coattails. Well, hold on and end up where they are: Dead of the Holy Spirit.

"What has your communism done, other than to impoverish people by the millions, and cause untold millions to be killed," you asked. My communism, if you would ever pull your head out of the ground and stop trying to defeat what I'm not even defending, has nothing to do with impoverishing anyone or killing anyone. Check out the Hutterites, Larry. They are a Peace Church. They live a communistic life. Their whole church owns their communities. They were so successful in Canada, that the capitalists temporarily passed laws to prevent them from expanding (buying land) — So much for your failure theory.

The Chinese and Russians never had Christian communism, Larry. You're barking up the wrong tree. I'm over here. What I espouse has nothing to do with coercive state-capitalism (The Soviet Union). You're closer to the dictators of the Soviet Union and China than am I, just the way your god is more like Mohammed's Allah than like Jesus's and my God.

You echo the same worn-out, false claims that others have echoed here before. Your non-facts have been stated and debunked here before. You haven't a clue about communism. You don't know the first thing about where it is being practiced right now and how the people are doing under it. I'm not talking about Marxism-Leninism here, Larry. Pull your head out of the ground. That's large-C Communism, as in an atheist, violent, political party.

"Jesus lived out of one purse. That's communist."

You're ridiculous. That has nothing to do with being a communist any more than car pooling makes you a communist.

Your analogy has nothing to do with collective ownership. Car pooling does not mean collective ownership/collective possession. The public highway system in the U.S., is it a socialized highway system or a capitalist highway system? Capitalists often contracted to do the work for a capitalist profit, but the ownership is collective. That's why it's called public rather than private.

Of course, people like you would rather further enrich the plutocrats at the negative expense of everyone else by falling to the stupidity of privatization of all the roads, not that I hold with coercion. I don't.

What happens when you aren't well connected enough within the kleptocracy running the planet so you can't use the roads?

We've fired you for not conforming to mammon worship and for publicly repeating the words of that extremist, radical, subversive, Jesus. How dare he feed people without paying his taxes. How dare he not work for us to pay his taxes to us. Where are his interests payments? He's trying to ruin everything we've built upon to deceive the people into believing that we are the benefactors and our system of money is where they should place their faith (just like you do). We'll have to take him in the dead of night and run him through a kangaroo court, torture him, and then murder him by proxy to shut him up and make an example of him. Let it be a warning to all you would-be sharers out there. Wherever we find anyone trying to share, we'll make war on him.

That's your weak, antichrist, cowardly system.

It was how they paid their way on their travels. It wasn't a political statement, nor was it something he ever instructed everyone else to do. This is just one more example of your delusional and quite frankly, ignorant twisting of scripture in your attempt to justify your warped politics.

He said to be perfect, and he said how. He said it to everybody. It is written to everyone. Read it before you keep speaking without forethought. I told you that already, but you don't have the courage to change to righteousness. Show some courage to stand up to the wicked powers that be rather than licking their boots. Take up your cross.

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Matthew 5:48. Do you know anything? If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor. Matthew 19:21.

What kind of garbage do you have to say about this? It doesn't fit your churlish (miserly, avaricious) ways, so you'll rationalize it away to your utter peril.

I also told you that the root of politics is the city, the community, the Commons. Everything has to do with politics. You can't name something that has nothing to do with politics. How we are governed is politics. God's Kingdom coming to Earth (an idea you hate) is God's political system coming to Earth. Why don't you stop being so stiff-necked about it. You think there is no government in Heaven. Heaven is governed, Larry. It's governed by the spirit of unselfishness. That's righteousness. That's God. If you reject this, you reject God. He doesn't live within you unless you have this in your heart.

His Apostles did it: Shared all. All the disciples he sent out to spread the word did it. They took no scrip. Everything that belonged to those who heard and received the peace also was always shared with his disciples.

Your kind persecuted and murdered as many of them as you could.

You don't even read Acts 2:45 or 4:32. You ignore them and try to rationalize away the truth of what the real Church is. You know nothing about Jesus's God

"Feeding the hungry is not an issue of this world you say. How wrong can one be? Being a Good Samaritan is for the here and now, Larry."

Well, your answer has absolutely nothing to do with the question I asked of you. But since you brought it up - do you know what has fed more hungry people than anything in history? Capitalism. Do you know what has caused the starvation of more people in the world than anything else in history? Communism.

If capitalism had never prevented the peaceful Christian Commons, the violent false-Communists such as Lenin never would have come up to fight the capitalists and bad monarchs. Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot and others never would have reigned. So who's responsible for preventing the peaceful Christian Commons? Capitalists such as you rail against it. Therefore, everyone who would be fed who isn't now and isn't going to be on account of your capitalism standing in the way are the starved to death and those starving now and who will yet starve to death on account of capitalism, not the Commons.

My answer is exactly the answer to the question you asked. You asked, "Are you aware that Jesus did not come here to bother with the issues of this world, but the next?" I showed exactly that he was concerned with this world. That is not to the exclusion of the next. You couldn't see that I answered you. That shows why you can't cite any scripture in consistency in support of your dead spirit.

You also completely miss the point of the parable of the Good Samaritan. Where was the profit to the Good Samaritan in doing what he did, Larry? Do you ever stop to think before you talk? Did he make a profit in mammon? Did he act the way he did all the time, or was it just a one-time shot?

You can't be a Good Samaritan and run a hospital for profit. That's the way it is. Your system takes sick people out of hospitals and dumps them on the streets in their hospital gowns. Yet, you say that that's politics and God has nothing to do with it. Tell it to God.

Ask God and Jesus if you're right. They will tell you that you are dead wrong. They will tell you that I've written the truth here and that you've been working on Satan's behalf.

You're just another in a long line of capitalists who have come here repeating the exact same errors. You all feed from the same trough, so when any one of you echoes the party line and is refuted, you are all exposed.

Where are people rioting over food prices and what system is responsible for that? Jesus's way that he was with his followers is not responsible for it. You can't even blame Marx for it.

The reason those people are hungry today when they weren't just a few months ago is for exactly the reasons I said they would end up as they are ending up right now. Your evil capitalist Monsanto is causing a great deal of it. Your evil capitalistic use of land to grow biofuels is causing a great deal of it. Your evil capitalist/speculative system that caused the planned boom and then bust (housing bubble) so the insiders could further enrich themselves at the negative expense of everyone, including dupes like you, is causing a great deal of it.

Capitalism is starving people right now by the millions.

You say you have a family. You think you love them. You think you're watching out for them. You don't care about the environment your grandchildren will inherit though. That's hypocrisy. You say that the system that brought the computer in front of me is capitalism and you think that makes the point that capitalism is good. Computers give off toxics. I publicize that for the sake of people. They also use electricity that the capitalist don't want to be clean and renewable. I use nearly 100% wind power for all my energy. What do you do? Who's being better for the future life of your children? I am. How many miles have you driven your car this year? How many gallons of gas have you put into your tank? I haven't added even one gallon of gas. Do you walk to the store? I do.

I could do even better if there weren't people like you refusing to change the system.

"The living standard is the result of negative exploitation that has resulted in criminal environmental pollution and destruction. It is not additive. It is rather devouring. You're blind to that though."

Tom, I'm sorry, but that is about the silliest, most addle headed nonsense I believe I've ever heard come from a leftwing fruitcake. You're off the ranch there, fella. Most of the people who could read that nonsense and agree with it drool on their shoes.

That's your argument? You're going to convince people I'm wrong with that? You live in a vacuum.

You say ask the people in Russia and China how they liked living under Stalin and Mao. That has nothing to do with my position, but it works the other way around. Ask the common people in all the colonial nations suffering under brutal capitalism how they like it, Larry. They hate it. They hate Monsanto and ChevronTexaco and ExxonMobil and Dow Chemical. Ask the Indians in Alaska how they like it that ExxonMobil can pay off the punitive damages with just four day's profit. Ask them how it feels to be waiting since 1989 to see dime one. Ask the people in Nigeria whose land is being severely polluted by the oil industry that props up greedy, selfish rulers who live in luxury while the people suffer and watch what's under their ancestral lands making White capitalists in other nations even richer while they see nothing but the ruination of their land. You don't want to bother with the facts though. You just think using the term fruitcake lets you off the hook for all the evils you defend.

And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. — Revelation 11:18

That's talking about destroying the likes of you, Larry. It's your kind who are destroying the Earth. Now go laugh it off. Laugh your way right into Satan's waiting arms in Hell.

"I'll deal with people who really want to delve into how and why the conservative Republicans and liberal Democrats are astray, but you aren't going to endlessly preach commerce in my house."

Thank you, Tom. What you're actually telling me is that you aren't accustomed to having to defend your silly views, and it makes you uncomfortable. So, you're going to take your marbles and go home instead of defend your delusional nonsense. Obviously, the only challenge you've ever faced has been from those with limited knowledge to argue against your silliness, and you've always managed to shout them down quickly with stunts like you pulled with your "tell me your last name - now tell me your home address" nonsense - a ruse that made you look like a fool, I might add.

First of all, you're saying that you disagree with Jesus cleaning the temple of commerce. It was a den of thieves. That doesn't matter to you though. It's fine with you if capitalists steal the inheritance of everyone else born into this plane of existance.

Also, you don't have more knowledge than the other people who've commented before you in defense of capitalism. You're puffed up about yourself and are putting down your allies who have been here before you. In addition, I've debated people about these issues in other places than on this blog. I've debated the laissez-faire capitalist Ludwig von Mises Institute. I've commented in writing in the open where I have had zero control over responses. People (some more witting than others) have written lies about this blog and my comments. Those lies are still out there. So what? It will make things go worse for the liars. It is a shame that others are being misled by those liars, but that's why this blog is here. I put it here consistent with God's work so that many may have an opportunity to see the light. I don't control who does and doesn't accept the truth though. So be it.

I say this solely for the benefit of readers here so that they aren't misled by your mischaracterizations. Of course, you aren't really a libertarian. You're a neocon. You support George W. Bush, don't you? Libertarians didn't and don't.

Also, I've allowed people to put huge comments on this site. In fact, I've never seen such long comments by visitors on any other site. There are no doubt such sites, but they are indeed rare. Furthermore, I haven't shouted anyone down. I'm not shouting at you. I let you put anything you've wanted to here. Then I've answered you. You need to work at not mischaracterizing.

I've only shut one person off. He turned into a spammer. He was taking up a pattern of repeating the same lost statement that Jesus was and is Satan because of a numerological system he (the commentator) claims to have discovered.

Also, you haven't said anything on the blog that hasn't already been said on this blog. You've simply echoed the political Republican Party line. It's all been said in comments on this blog before. It's all been refuted.

Unfortunately for you, you don't even have the conscience of those who wanted to stone the adulteress they brought to Jesus. With your current attitude, you would have dismissed Jesus's point and gone ahead and thrown the first stone to kill her.

I'm not the least bit uncomfortable defending Jesus. I love it. Can't you tell that?

Would you have said to Jesus that he was wrong to clean the temple? You won't answer that. You never answer anything. All you do is twist and avoid. I clearly explained the parameters here. I told you that if you just avoid answering questions, I would not provide you with a place to just endlessly preach the evil of commerce in my house, my Father's house, the temple. You are the one who has avoided answering any direct questions. That's your style. You are indirect in all of your replies. You level allegations that have nothing to do with Jesus's positions, but you avoid answering anything. You're an ineffective advocate. The Heavenly Host is not deciding in your favor. They can't. You're wrong.

I've refuted everything you've said. There is nothing you can say that will ever show you are right. You're the one who has ducked the questions and hasn't cited one bit of scripture to defend your position. You can't. Any child can see it. The only thing I left you with was the challenge for you to interpret just one verse — the sword of Peter. You couldn't do it. I told you I know the answer. I would have given it to you if you had shown even the slightest effort.

You're not asking, seeking, or knocking though. You never have been. You better start.

This blog is only as little as the word. If you think the word is little, then for you it's a little thing this blog. That's you're problem, not mine. There are visitors and readers from all over the globe coming here. They read. They think. It has an impact even in ways they don't imagine. You can't diminish it. In fact, all you've done is help to expose the evil of the neocons and the truth that there is no such thing as a conservative-Republican Christian.

I don't need a butter knife to handle you. You've already been dispatched with every word that has proceeded from the mouth of the Lord. Besides, you're fantasizing about violence and weapons. I don't do that. That's your thing, not mine.

Larry, you've lost. You lost before you started. You know it. In fact, you're one of the weaker persons who have come here trying to argue against Jesus. The homosexuals did much better in conversing.

I trust in God that much of what I've written on this blog about the harmfulness of homosexuality will aid people in making the right choice and changing if they've fallen or in not falling if they haven't yet.

They at least did some thinking, could follow a train of thought, and changed their approach when they read my words that showed I was not in the box they had thought when they first arrived. They started out arguing against your rightwing fundamentalism. They soon actually realized that that's not my position. You though, have kept on looking much slower than they by your continued argument against godless Marxism.

Doesn't that make you squirm to realize how transparent you show up here? It ought to make you write to say, I'm sorry. Are you able to apologize for even your most blatant errors, or are you one of those never-apologize people? Neocons don't apologize. They just keep spinning in their dung.

You need to turn, repent, and atone. Get right with God.

Just read through this whole thread again without stopping. Give yourself credit wherever you really made a point, not just where you threw out some name calling or claimed something without any support. That doesn't score in God's eyes. He isn't fooled or swayed by such tactics. In fact, they earn you nothing but negatives.

Also, you can't talk about capitalism without looking at the negatives. To do so is dishonest.

Everyone reading this will also know that you came here wrapped in the American flag while you claimed to be a Christian saying that leftwing this or that and all politics has nothing to do with God. Why then do you defend your neocon political beliefs here? You are a neocon. You think you have libertarian leanings, but you are really a worldly imperialist at heart.

You're no Christian. You aren't about becoming perfect as my Lord said to become perfect. You haven't even ever considered it before now. Now though, it's bothering you. You're troubled by all that has transpired between us on this blog.

The invasion of Iraq was sheer evil. The plans to attack Iran are also sheer evil. Woe to those who invaded Iraq and attack Iran. You have no cover. God knows what you're feeling and thinking. It's evil. He doesn't like it.

I'm not the one who will punish you. I'm the one warning you that you might see the light and turn before it becomes too late for you.

As for asking you for your identity, for someone who claims to have been a biblical scholar, you don't seem to be able to understand how much worse it is for you that you don't stand up openly. The fact that you hide shows that you really know better. You know you shouldn't be trolling around doing the bidding of Satan as you have been.

I have my position out there in public with my full identity clearly and plainly attached. You don't.

I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing. John 18:20

Behold, a king shall reign in righteousness, and princes shall rule in judgment. And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land. And the eyes of them that see shall not be dim, and the ears of them that hear shall hearken. The heart also of the rash shall understand knowledge, and the tongue of the stammerers shall be ready to speak plainly. The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful. For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail. The instruments also of the churl are evil: he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying words, even when the needy speaketh right. But the liberal deviseth liberal things; and by liberal things shall he stand.  (Isaiah 32:1-8 KJVR)

"Liberal," Larry, it says "Liberal." It doesn't say conservative in place of liberal. It says churl in place of conservative though.

Take that to your scholars to interpret to you. Let them admit it and tell you that you have been and still are on the wrong path, the wide path, that leads to Hell. Let them be honest for once. You are not on the strait and narrow. The system you uphold is a device that destroys the poor with lying words even when the needy speak the truth about it. The capitalists are not the source of bounty.

Your system will not stand.

Well, may God bless you with the truth. May he open your eyes and ears and finally soften your heart so you will have remorse concerning all the selfish deeds you've done since you came into this world.

There is no way that I would give you that information Tom, because based on the fanatical fantasy land you've created here and the schizophrenic responses you've given to the things I've said, I have every reason to be concerned that you might be one of those guys who one day gets up from his navel gazing and come to my home and try to harm my family.

Are you aware that many atheists point at Jesus and claim he is a schizophrenic? Do you even know the meaning of the term? Here you are for war and greed and who knows what other forms of selfishness and depravity saying of me who is doing his best to hold up the light of peace, anti-greed, and Christian purity, that I've given schizophrenic responses.

Larry, your kind is losing — has already lost. You are not going to be able to control the definition of Christianity to suit your love of war. Christians hate war and do not engage in it ever. Antichrists go to war. There's nothing you can do or say to change that ever.

You are the war-monger here. I am the pacifist. I happen to know that you wrote that last bit disingenuously. It's a terrible bit of trying to get people to equate God and Jesus with what your type does, not mine. It is your people who are out machine gunning people. Watch what happens when the PTSD comes back to haunt all of you sinister neocons.

You're speaking out from the shadows, Larry, as far as my visitors are concerned. But you know that I already know who you are. It isn't Tom Usher you're afraid will come to your house. You're afraid that some day all the war-mongers who took the nations to war after the 9/11 false-flag operation of the neocons will come to get you for supporting evil.

You aren't ready to take up your cross for Jesus. You seek to save your worldly flesh life so you've lost your eternal soul to Hell. Read it: For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. Matthew 16:25. You don't get it though, do you. Stop calling yourself a Christian until you are one. Stop pretending you're against mixing discussions of Christianity with your secular political party. The only problem you had was that I'm not a Republican. Point us to one so-called Christian Republican website where you had a comment telling them that they are wrong to be mixing their secular political positions with Christianity. You can't do it, because there is no such comment anywhere.

Repent. Stop being a fake.

Tom Usher

Tom Usher

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Employment: 2008 - present, website developer and writer. 2015 - present, insurance broker. Education: Arizona State University, Bachelor of Science in Political Science. City University of Seattle, graduate studies in Public Administration. Volunteerism: 2007 - present, president of the Real Liberal Christian Church and Christian Commons Project.


  1. Avatar Larry Fletcher says:

    I haven't lost, Tom. In fact, you did exactly what I thought you would - you launched a tirade against me, exposing not only your ignorance of scripture, but your unchristian like attitude. You aren't interested in God, and you aren't interested in Christianity. You're interested in your own personal political ideology. You're a fraud.

    And I will be back when I have the time to destruct your ridiculous, ignorant rant, using God's word to do it. You might want to go out and buy yourself a Bible - it's obvious to me you've never owned one.

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