When I said that Jesus and his closest followers (our example of the inner core of the real Church) lived from one purse and that that is communism, I had a commentator who said that it was no more communism than is car pooling.

Well, that's taking the life of Jesus as compartmentalized. Jesus and his real followers didn't just live out of one purse as in a traveling fund and then left off sharing there. Jesus taught his followers that they were to be one. They were to share, and did and do still share, everything as God shares everything with Jesus.

Everything that belonged to each of them belonged to Jesus too 100%. Those who had fishing boats shared the ownership of those boats with Jesus Christ. The fish they caught all belonged to Jesus and to each other 100%. It was all community property. Each one of them gave his best and all to the cause, and each one of them took out from the pool what he really needed and never to excess.

The car-pooling analogy is terrible. People who car pool don't all necessarily own the car together or their houses together or the means of production together. They don't all necessarily have just one bank account that all of them share. The car-pooling analogy is a deception. It comes out from hardheartedness.

The capitalists hate the message of Jesus Christ. That's why they've worked so hard to emphasize all the things in the New Testament that don't speak directly to the actual way in which Jesus lived and his real Church lived and lives.

It is why they have come up with twisted, indirect, interpretations all in an utterly transparent attempt to justify their greed and violence. They rationalize.

The short attention-span that is conditioned into people by rapid-fire marketing works at keeping souls from deep consideration. It thrives on thought termination. Read the following. Absorb it. Make it yours too. Dwell on it even though the capitalists (those who selfishly, sinfully, ignorantly monopolize the means of production) try to maintain their spell over you via corporate, mainstream media.

Jesus said to be perfect. He said to be perfect, you must give all to the cause of the poor, not some, but all, not more perfect, but perfect. Now, you cannot be in favor of a system that is based upon selfishness and that seeks profit at the negative expense of others and still be a follower of Jesus Christ.

You may be stuck under that system, but you don't have to agree with it or morally support it. In fact, if you believe in Jesus, you have a duty to teach the truth that is against the current system and do your best peacefully to displace that system.

Furthermore, there is no other way to approach the perfection that is God than by the means Jesus described. There is no other religion, there is no other spirit, that will arrive in the final analysis at Godliness. That is why Jesus said that no one comes to the father except by the son. Ecumenism and syncretism that claim there are other paths to Heaven and God are in error. All of them fall short. I say this so that souls will not be distracted from coming to understand the full context of the message of Jesus. If one allows for other paths, one opens the door to the cascade that allows, among other errors, the error called Christian capitalism of which there is no such thing.

The highest Heaven is communist. It is not Marxist. It is not violent. It is not the dictatorship of violent, revolutionary industrial workers. It is not atheistic. There is no money there. It isn't needed. There are no taxes. There is no private property, but no one takes from anyone against his or her will. There is no war there. There is no sexual harm there. Jesus did make clear his position that Sodom was sinful. When you pray the Lord's Prayer, you pray for that Heaven to come to the Earth. You cannot be for it's opposite at the same time. You cannot be for mammon, violence, taxes, and any of the current, fallen, hardhearted, false-hearted, state while also being a Christian. That's why Jesus said that you cannot worship mammon and God at the same time.

If you put your faith in the dollar, you don't have it in God. This doesn't mean that Jesus is saying that you are to deny that people will give you things if you give them money under the current worldly system. It rather means that you are to understand, comprehend, that the current system is not only not necessary but is detrimental in the end. Supporting it, lauding it, claiming it has brought forth wonderful things, is to retard the real highest Heaven from conflating with the Earth (The Great Conflation).

There are those going about saying that communism (the real kind that preceded Marx's twisting) is voluntary for Christians. It is not. It is voluntary under Christianity, but it's not voluntary for Christians. Christians don't coerce people. Christianity though does have rules: Rules Jesus set down. Those who voluntarily follow those rules are Christian. Those who don't, aren't. It's that simple.

You aren't a Christian if you don't want Heaven on Earth. You aren't a Christian if you feel, think, speak, or act in ways that don't do your best to bring forth the perfection to which Jesus points.

If you don't like this, you aren't a Christian. If you rail against it while attempting to claim you are a Christian, you go into Heaven after those who admit that they are not Christian because they don't adhere to or subscribe to Christianity as I have just describe it above.

In order to bring forth the displacement of the current evil system, we need the Christian Commons Project™.

Please blog on this subject. Leave your comment. Use the social-networking tools on this post and website to help spread the real word. If you are in a position to donate anything, please help. I need to migrate from a virtual to a dedicated server. It is too slow otherwise, especially for Internet Explorer users. The capitalists charge more for dedicated services. Spreading the word though will change the world from the selfish system that rewards itself against the message of Jesus. May God bless everyone in the universe with the truth of the real message of Jesus.



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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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    • Tom, I have long thought that Jesus was a seriously left-wing revolutionary who locked horns with the Jewish (Hillelite) heirarchy and the Roman occupiers.

      However, being an agnostic on my better days, and an atheist on my bad days, I do not think Jesus was the messiah. I do not think he was "the son of God".

      I think Jesus was a rabbi, a follower of the teachings of Shammai, a teacher, "a son of God", as they used to say of such men in those days. I am impressed by his teachings (or what little survives thereof).

      Needless to say that make up my own mind about how I interpret the Jesus material handed down to us.

      So, doctrinally, we may be quite a ways apart, Tom, but we seem to agree on Jesus's left-leaning teachings.

    • Hello Gerry,

      My reply is a bit long, so I created a post to contain it and to draw more attention to the topic: "SOME AGNOSTICS AND ATHEISTS GO IN (TO HEAVEN) BEFORE SELF-STYLED CONSERVATIVE-REPUBLICAN CHRISTIANS." Please feel free to answer here in this thread.

      God bless,

      Tom Usher