Jesse Helms is dead. It's been prominently featured in the mainstream, corporate news. He was a U.S. senator for North Carolina for three decades. He died on the 4th of July this year (2008) at the age of 86.

Jesse was a professing Southern Baptist who, even though he was an ultra-conservative White supremacist, attended a "moderate" congregation, Hayes Barton Baptist Church in Raleigh, North Carolina. David Broder once referred to him in writing as "the last prominent unabashed white racist politician in this country."

Billy Graham has now eulogized Helms as "a man of consistent conviction to conservative ideals and courage to faithfully serve God and country based on principle, not popularity or politics." Of course, we know that one cannot serve both God and mammon and the U.S. has been a decidedly capitalistic nation: Mammon worshipping; placing its faith in money and not in God and righteousness — the current, rotten fruit of the nation exposes the selfish, even greedy, covetous root.

Look at the reason for going to war against Iraq. It was because Cheney and Bush coveted Iraq's oil and sought to keep other, would-be empires from gaining a foothold there. Israel has made itself part of that Anglo-American Empire. It is also why Bush/Cheney has bribed Ethiopia into fighting as America's proxy in Somalia. It is also why the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, not to find Osama bin Laden. It is furthermore why the U.S. and Israel are saber-rattling against Iran, not because Israel is afraid that Iran might whip out Israel someday, although if Israel keeps up its stupid policies, it may find itself facing a united Islamic front that could crush much of what is now Israel. There will always be a remnant however that turns to righteousness in time.

Helms was a rabid anti-Communist and anti-communist. I use here both the upper case and lower case to differentiate between the one-party, militant dictatorship of the proletariat of Marxism-Leninism versus the giving and sharing economy advocated and practiced by our Lord, Jesus Christ. Helms saw the U.S. as a bastion of laissez-faire (let-do) capitalism unrestrained by even leanings toward the conscience of a Christian.

Richard Land, head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, called Helms "a patriot ... a very strong pro-life, very strong pro-family, and very strong anti-communist advocate." However, to quote the blogger, timethief, "Nationalism becomes religion and patriotism turns into idolatry."

The super patriots, such as Land and Helms, are flag worshippers. They blindly pledge their allegiance to that idol. It is idolatry. The American flag is not representative of God. No true Christian will pledge allegiance to it. Real Christians are though completely supportive of the full-context spirit of the words "one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." Unfortunately, the current form of government under the U.S. Constitution does not bring forth the fruits worthy of such concepts in their fullest meanings, the meanings Jesus has given us.

We are to be one, one as Jesus exemplified and instructed with his New Commandment. We are to be under God, with God dwelling within each of our hearts so that we practice Good Samaritanism fulltime together as that one nation. The oneness of God is always indivisible. One cannot break Jesus away from his bond with righteousness that is eternal and alive. We are for true liberty that is freedom from temptation and evil. That's the real Heaven. Of course, one cannot have all the other things without it all being also just.

This is all consistent with the Great Commandment and the Second Great Commandment that is integrally a part of the first. One cannot love God with one's all and not love one's neighbors as one ought to love oneself (being one with God). It is all consistent with that Golden Rule and with Jesus's New Commandment that informs us of the type and degree of love that is necessary to have in one's heart toward one's fellow, kindred spirits in order to qualify as adhering to all the divine law. This is why Jesus fulfilled the law and did not destroy any of it. It simply and beautifully showed that the real law, the divine law, is consistent. There is no hypocrisy in it, unlike the mundane law of Jesse Helms, Billy Graham, Richard Land, and their ilk.

In addition, one is not pro-life if one is pro-war and pro-capital punishment also. To truly be pro-life, one must be consistently anti-death, as are Jesus and the one-and-only real God.

One is not pro-family unless one is for the spiritual family as Jesus showed it to be. Jesus put his spiritual kin above all flesh at all times. He said it perfectly when he said, For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother. Mark 3:35

Furthermore, being an anti-communist advocate, when one is referring to voluntary community property is an antichrist position. Jesus is a communist, clearly and plainly a small-c communist, not a Marxist. Jesus set the example of living from one purse with his followers. Everything that was theirs was his also. Everything that was and is his, he shared with God and with them. None of them would deny Jesus anything that he or she had. Jesus told them all to be toward one another as he was toward all of them.

Helms was a racist. He was a bloodline and not a spiritline person. Jesus is clearly spiritline, as showed by the quote above concerning the real family and real-family values. Helms fought against giving people equal footing regardless of race or ethnicity. Jesus though accepted everyone as his family who did the will of God. If a Black woman does the will of God, she is my sister, my real sister. If my fleshly White sisters do not do the will of God, they are not my real sisters.

Helms, as did the infamous racist, Ronald Reagan, supported the despicable Apartheid South Africa. He was an enemy of Martin Luther King, Jr. as well. He also supported Ronald Reagan's war on the common people in Central America. He supported all the banana-republic dictators propped up by the rabid capitalist U.S. government. Those dictators were awful. There were antichrists through-and-through. So was Helms, and so was Reagan.

He was also a big supporter of the lies of the Tobacco Institute that knew tobacco caused cancer and heart disease while it published false "scientific" reports doubting it. That's the impetus behind the Cato Institute, in case you weren't already aware of that. That's so-called libertarian capitalism. Some call it anarcho-capitalism. There isn't anything free or liberating or anarchistic about it though.

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