According to an article written for the Associated Press ("AP IMPACT: US wavered over S. Korean executions," by Charles J. Hanley and Jae-Soon Chang, July 6, 2008), while the South Korean right-wing was about to be overrun by the North Korean left-wing (I use those terms right-wing and left-wing advisedly since the entire ideological spectrum is a false dichotomy), the U.S. reportedly authorized the summary execution of at least 100,000 civilians (a very conservative estimate according to the article) and without due process of law. The rightists didn't want the prisoners being freed by the North only to possibly join the North's troops in their battles against the South and the U.S.

The U.S. military was apparently fully aware of the firing squads that machine gunned most of the murder victims and OK'd the executions. Before you dismiss this, you should be aware that General MacArthur advocated the use of some eighteen full-sized atomic weapons to defeat mainland China. His idea was rejected by Truman who later fired MacArthur. MacArthur was not opposed to wanton death and destruction.

There are mass graves in Korea, and researchers are busily documenting the atrocities via information taken from declassified U.S. documents from the era.

War is Hell. Atrocities have been done by both the so-called left and right. Both so-called wings downplay or cover over the atrocities done on its side while often exaggerating those done by the other side.

Recently, I had a commentator, Larry Fletcher, who emphatically stated that the Communists had killed, starved, etc., more people than has any other ideology including capitalism. If one buys the right-wing versions of the Stalinist purges and Mao's Great Leap Forward, etc., then one would have to agree. However, we don't really know the exact figures. Also, how many more South Korean like wholesale executions have occurred under capitalism that have been largely covered up? How many people have starved to death as a direct result of capitalist actions?

In addition, let's take proper care to differentiate between Communism with a capital C and communism with a lowercase c. The former is the one-party, militant-revolutionary dictatorship of the proletariat (industrial workers) whereas the later in its pure form is pure Christianity: Perfection as in the New Heaven.

Right now we see that some 100 million people have slipped below the international poverty line just this year (which is a couple of dollars per day) as a direct result of the capitalist push for biofuels. Meanwhile, people such as Larry go about saying that capitalism has fed more people than any other system in history. Well, I tried to explain to him that God does the actual provisioning, but even though he claimed to be a Christian, he never did admit to anything I said to him as being right. The system of unrighteous mammon is not the bringer of bounty for the masses but rather artificial scarcity, as we've seen concerning biofuels.

According to The Guardian, ("Secret report: biofuel caused food crisis: Internal World Bank study delivers blow to plant energy drive," by Aditya Chakrabortty, Friday July 4, 2008), The World Bank has a report (The Guardian says The Guardian has a copy) that the Bank has been keeping under wraps so as not to embarrass George W. Bush and the Republicans before the presidential elections that shows that 75% of the recent price rises for staple foods such as corn are directly attributable to biofuels. Fully one-third of U.S. corn production right now is going into fuel tanks. Not only that but fossil fuels are being burned to farm the land to raise the biofuels. It's both stupid and obscene while children starve to death by the thousands each day. Bush has been claiming that rising demand in China and India for food has caused most of the price rises. Well, that has contributed to it, as has capitalistic commodities speculation and hoarding. Regardless, as I wrote the very first time I even heard about how much farmland is going to corn for biofuel, it's a terrible idea. Not too long after that, Fidel Castro pointed it out too. It seemed to become a wild fire amongst people who care more about people than about the size of their own bank accounts. Now it is becoming common knowledge: A good thing since that's the only way enough people will turn away from food crops and good farming land for biofuels.

What is compounding the problems though is that food prices increases have been ignored in inflation stats (core stats) but is now about to be added to those stats. You might think that is good, since then the statistics will more accurately reflect the inflationary pressures for lower-wage workers and the poor in general. It would be good accept that capitalists are going to use the data as an evil excuse to raise interest rates to drive down wage pressures and to encourage the federal government to cut entitlements rather than roll back the tax cuts for the superrich.

They want to privatize Social Security and Medicare. They want to make more personal, private profits at the direct and negative expense of already suffering workers. Look at how they ravaged corporate pension plans. Look at what has happened to the common workers with all the so-called choices they now have that they don't have time to utilize. The workers were much better off before.

Also, they just want more and more people out of work so there will be more people willing to work longer for less. They want to pay the lowest possible wages so they can keep the most for themselves at the top. Look at the wealth gap between the rich and the working poor. It's gotten smaller this last year, but it's still extremely high by historical standards since the 1950's when the U.S. was at its peak in economic power in the world.

We've heard a great deal about Pol Pot and the Killing Fields of Cambodia, but how many millions of Vietnamese died under the carpet bombing and deforestation by the U.S.? How many Indonesians died when Ford and Kissinger gave the go ahead for the slaughter there? How many Filipinos died when the U.S. took over there after stripping the Spanish of the vestiges of its Empire? How many Central Americans died at the hands of banana-republic dictators installed by the U.S. for the sake of the United Fruit Company? How many slaves died in transit and on plantations in the U.S.? How many Indians died as the Whiteman pushed west under the system of capitalism? Now look at how many have died in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Somalia. Look at how many more may die if Iran is attacked by the capitalist's spirit of greed, covetousness, ego, and pride.

Of course, the U.S. isn't the only capitalist state. The U.K. had a capitalist Empire after all. The European colonial powers are capitalist too. Let's not forget that Hitler was a rabid anti-Communist. He was a state capitalist and fascist rolled into one.

So, we have hidden war crimes that aren't revealed only nearly sixty years later. We have all the other historical atrocities that are ignored and not taught in the classrooms until perhaps graduate school if even then. We have the examples of raw selfishness and greed that is raping the poor around the planet and at home and the planet itself.

So, how many tens of millions has capitalism murdered? How many more tens of millions will it murder before it dies in the hearts of all the people?

Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in Heaven.


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