U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey told the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, July 09, 2008, "Any CIA agent who acted in good-faith reliance on an opinion from the Department of Justice cannot and should not be prosecuted because if they are, any opinion from the Department of Justice to anyone on the frontline is totally and completely useless. ... I think what lawyers have to do is focus on what's legal and not be concerned with what is politically acceptable later on. And if we go after them and prosecute them that's exactly what they will be concerned about." Source

It was a terrible, terrible mistake for Charles Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and Arlen Specter to support Mukasey. It was a backroom deal for Israel. It's obvious. The two Democrats sold out. They should have left Bush to appoint an unapproved, acting Attorney General. They should have moved to impeach and remove Bush and his whole cabinet and administration.

What do the evil ones with Bush and Cheney have on all the Democrats? Well, for one, almost all of the Democrats in the Senate and House are beholden to corporations at the direct, negative expense of the common people. There's hardly a real Populist among them. The whole house needs cleaning just as Jesus chased the money-changers from the temple.

This guy, Mukasey, is from Hell, bringing Hell to Earth. He's Satan's minion. What he said is pure evil. What those CIA agents and private contractors and their authorizers did was illegal at the time and they all knew it at the time. The whole White House Cabinet knew it when they gave the go ahead to torture people. They were just hoping that they could game the system if it ever came out. That's what they hired this demon-possessed lawyer/judge, Michael Mukasey, to do.

I absolutely loathe the things he's spewing. I denounce it in the strongest terms possible. By God Almighty, it shall not stand.

If the American people don't run these neocons out from every position of power and authority in the entire country, woe will befall this nation as never before.

There is no excuse. There is no feigning ignorance. Mukasey and all of his cohorts are evil.

Torture (including waterboarding) is evil and illegal and was illegal regardless of whatever spinning any lawyers did for the neocons in the White House.

John Yoo's mind is monstrous. I don't care who thinks otherwise. Anyone who doesn't and didn't know that John Yoo's so-called legal arguments were just trickery and not even very clever at that, is completely evil hearted right along with him. You don't do to others what you ought not to want them to do to you. Those who did or do support, condone, or tolerate torture and who don't denounce it in the strongest terms and who don't withdraw all support of those who stand otherwise will have made their own bed and will be forced to lie in it in the bottom of the bottomless pit with all the other devils. How can it be otherwise and there be any justice in the Universe?

There are consequences for evil. No matter how much I may not want people to suffer or be in pain, when they do evil things, there is cause and effect that comes full circle. It's a lesson that must be learned so that souls will become enlightened and voluntarily return to righteousness for everyone's sake.


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    • "Any CIA agent who acted in good-faith reliance on an opinion from the Department of Justice cannot and should not be prosecuted because if they are, any opinion from the Department of Justice to anyone on the frontline is totally and completely useless. … I think what lawyers have to do is focus on what’s legal and not be concerned with what is politically acceptable later on. And if we go after them and prosecute them that's exactly what they will be concerned about."

      So, what they're telling us is that they can do whatever they want and we have no rights what-so-ever?

      Where's the USA going to?

      • Hi (law firm or PR firm working for a law firm?),

        Yes, "...what they're telling us is that they can do whatever they want and we have no rights what-so-ever." This is not new though. The U.S. was like this before. It just wasn't so public.

        The decision to "push the envelope" (meaning to make it more public) was a conscious decision. It is a combination of wearing down the people and throwing down the gauntlet. They (the plutocrats) think they can handle/manage the people's reactions (souls).

        Mukasey is a shyster. Look, when a lawyer of good conscience wants to give the President advice, that lawyer will think out as far as possible about how the acts in question will be interpreted within the likewise interpreted law with an eye to keeping the President from doing evil and not just above the law.

        What the John Yoo types did (and Mukasey is exactly a John Yoo type) is concern themselves with how they were going to get away with it — going to elevate (I call it lower) the executive branch to the status of an absolute monarchy where the President is the one and only mundane sovereign (totalitarian dictator) and the people and their representatives be damned.

        Here's the deal, no CIA agent acted in good-faith reliance upon the torture memos. They acted in bad faith on memos likewise written in bad faith.

        Mukasey's expression "politically acceptable later on" is garbage on its face. It wasn't politically or legally acceptable at the time Yoo and others were writing the memos. That's why they were kept secret from the American people who would have screamed bloody murder. Mukasey knows that. He's just avoiding the heart of the matter.

        What the people say is the law is the law in the end. The people through their elected representatives had said waterboarding is illegal everywhere on the planet. They had said that decades and decades ago. John Yoo knew that when he drafted the memo. The CIA agents knew that when they insisted on the failed covering.

        "...politically acceptable later on. And if we go after them and prosecute them that's exactly what they will be concerned about." They better be concerned about it. That's what keeps people in the mundane from doing evil. What will happen if I authorize torture against clearly stated existing laws? What will happen if I use the excuse that I was only following orders when those orders are clearly and plainly illegal under existing and well-established laws? Of course they need to think that way. That's the whole point. Anyone who doesn't struggle and wrestle with his conscience has no business being the Attorney General or a Presidential advisor or an intelligence agent or a human being.

        Now, that's all mundane of course. In the spiritual sense, what we allow down here is reflected in the Heaven we thereby create. What we allow as being in Heaven (what we want Heaven to be like) is what we end up getting here. It's "As Above, So Below" and vise versa. It's Jesus's teaching, despite the corruption of it by Satanists, such as Aleister Crowley. It has been attributed to Hermes Trismegistus. It is a long spiritual road for people to reconcile Jesus with all the pagan religions. I hold with a qualified version of Prisca Theologia (that the Wikipedia articles states is "the doctrine that a single, true, theology exists, which threads through all religions, and which was given by god to man in antiquity and passed through a series of prophets, which included Zoroaster and Plato"). I hold that Jesus clarified and enhanced all the law and the prophets — summating the highest aspirations of righteousness in them all by removing all hypocrisy if we will just follow his lead.

        Mukasey has failed. He's a failure. His ideology is dung. It stinks to high heaven.

        Don't think they've gotten away with it. They haven't.

        The only thing left to them is repentance and atonement. If they don't do it, The Twilight Zone will pale to what they'll go through as a direct consequence. We get what we do. We reap what we sow. We end up on the receiving end of our standards. Repentance is the only escape.

        Bless All With The Truth,

        Tom Usher