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Hello Ike, Joy, and All,

Joy writes, "I know this government was founded on Christian principles." That's untrue. The government of the United States was not founded on Christian principles. It was not founded on the New Commandment. It was not founded on the Golden Rule, as Jesus defined it and applied it. It was not founded upon pacifism or giving and sharing all. It was not founded on non-coercion. It was founded on violent revolution. It was founded on private property. It was founded primarily by Deists, who were far from being Christians.

Joy is though absolutely correct that we are called "to a form of voluntary socialism in their [our] lives." Jesus is a communist. That is the state under which we are to live. That's what the Christian Commons Project is about.

Joy says, "For a hands-off government to produce a good country, people have to be willing to engage in a level of voluntary socialism in order to provide for the poor." Well, the teaching of Jesus goes much further all the way to Heaven on Earth. We are to be as Jesus asks, which is to be as the least (even be the least, the last), the servant of each other and of the unified whole that is the Church. In the vision Jesus gives us, there is no one with greater wealth in money or material possession. That's because everyone shares. Everyone is one, just as God and Jesus are one and as Jesus says we are to be also with them. There is no private, sole ownership in the sense the capitalists view those concepts. In real Christianity, people have what they need, and no one wants more than that. There is no excess.

Ike, you write, "Many boast that Jesus was a communist. And in a way, He was. But He also did not have a human nature."

Where did you get that false teaching? Jesus is 100% human. He has a human nature. He's my brother. If he isn't human, then neither am I. I assure you, I'm human.

Jesus is the Son of man. Don't you believe that? I do. Do you exclude yourself from being a child of God? I don't exclude myself. Are you concerned about overstepping? Well, I'm not looking to usurp Jesus. I don't surpass the Master. He will though share all with those who will share all. That's the nature of the oneness that is written of in the Gospel of John.

Why do you use the term "boast"? If you are directing that to the coercive Marxists, then I understand and take your point. For Christians though, there is no glorifying oneself apart from God. One is glorified only as Jesus was glorified by being one with God. You also qualify your statement by saying "in a way, He was." This qualification admits to there being some other truth. He wasn't a communist in a way. He was a communist, period. His communism is the only real. Marx fell short, very far short. Marxism is falsehood. Jesus's communism is the real. His place is perfection. He doesn't lead to something less. If one doesn't reach it, one isn't with him.

Ike, you also say, "...nor did He once command government to give to the poor." Not so. He commanded all to do so. Caesar, however, was deaf to the Holy Spirit. He didn't hear Jesus's voice as speaking the only truth. He made of himself other than of the fold. He chose wrong. The commandments that come out from Jesus's heart though remain the highest law: The divine law. No entity is exempt, not even Satan. Satan is just rebellious against the truth of what is best and possible. The Kingdom of God, Heaven, is governed by this knowledge.

You, as one who professes Christianity, must pray the Lord's Prayer. You must have prayed for the Kingdom to come to the here and now. Do you pray one thing but believe it can't happen? Do you ask for that government, that state of affairs, but say that it is against your nature and that you are therefore incapable? How then have you been changed at the root? How is your tree going to be all good to bring forth only good fruit and not any rotten?

Of course "He commanded the individual to give to the poor and to be voluntarily socialist with our funds and abilities."

Why do you support a government or state that doesn't support doing what Jesus commands? I don't. I support only that government that is consistent with the direction Jesus sets. Otherwise, it's hypocrisy.

What you are doing is confusing secular Socialism with the very real human nature of the human beings Jesus calls to be communists. There is not a "round peg of human nature" that Jesus is calling to be put in a "square hole."

If human beings aren't capable of turning, repenting, atoning, overcoming, and following the path of Jesus, then Jesus was wasting his time. If it is all beyond human nature, then no one goes into Heaven or ever has.

What you call human nature is not immutable. It is a choice to be chosen. You are setting up emotional, mental, and physical stumbling blocks for souls.

Let me know what you think. Please add your comments to my posts.

God bless.

Tom Usher

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