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Someone calling himself Larry Fletcher came here and left a comment that this site makes him sad. He went on to write how God and Jesus are not political. I put questions to him that he ducked. I asked him if he also denounced those he thinks are right-wingers for claiming to be Christians while promoting what he considers right-wing politics. He ducked that question.

What about Jerry Falwell, Paul Weyrich, and the group called the Moral Majority. Weyrich said that they were "spreading the gospel in a political context." Does Larry Fletcher denounce Falwell, Weyrich, and the Moral Majority, or does Larry Fletcher reserve his prohibition only for those he labels leftists? Is Larry Fletcher a hypocrite?

Paul Weyrich founded the Heritage Foundation. He did that with beer money from Joseph Coors who also backed James Watt, the anti-environmentalist, Secretary of the Interior under Ronald Reagan. Paul Weyrich went to churches looking to turn them into tools to change the secular system. Jesus never said to do that, not even remotely. Is Larry Fletcher with Weyrich? Weyrich called the Monica Lewinsky affair a sign of cultural degradation. However, he speaks as if war making isn't also a sign of cultural degradation. Where is his consistency? Where is Larry Fletcher's? I don't see it in evidence. All I see is utter hypocrisy.

Is Larry Fletcher a Dominionist? Is he a Reconstructionist? Does Larry Fletcher believe that the United States war machine is God's tool or Satan's?

Is Larry Fletcher a disciple of R. J. Rushdoony? Does he support the Old Testament law of Moses, or does he support the New Testament law of Jesus? He can't do both. It's one or the other but not both.

Since he believes in war, he doesn't hold that it is wrong for one sinner to kill another for perceived sins. Rushdoony thought it acceptable to kill homosexuals. The Old Testament, Mosaic vision of God was that God commanded that homosexuals be put to death. The Reconstructionists are for the death penalty for abortion, adultery, and unrepentant homosexuals. Is Larry Fletcher also for that? Jesus does not kill homosexuals or the adulterous, although he makes clear that Sodom would have repented had he, Jesus, shown the signs in Sodom he showed the Jews. Jesus does not coerce. He warns of the dire consequences of selfish, short-sighted, harmful behavior. It is not Jesus who meets out the evil consequences of evil. Satan does the punishing and devouring and killing of flesh and souls in Hell and from Hell.

How long is it going to take people to grasp it?

I'm not for voting in Christianity via the secular system constructed by the founders of the United States. That's coercing others into conforming to standards. That's antichrist. Larry Fletcher is apparently for it, since he has had ample opportunity here to address this issue, which I did raise earlier. He didn't come here to be silent except to be silent where even his silence gives him away, contrary to his imagination. Jesus didn't answer every one of their questions they put to him, because the answers were already plain and they were just playing mind games that obviously didn't work other than to expose them for the fakes they were. Larry Fletcher isn't being silent about things I've raised in the way or for the reason Jesus didn't always answer.

I am for Theocracy, but not coerced. If it is coerced, it isn't Theocracy. Before one can have Theocracy, one has properly to define God (Theos). I'm all for God governing everything. God already is the rightful governor. People are simply rebelling against righteousness that is unselfishness. God is the spirit of unselfishness as taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ.

Is Larry Fletcher against the Christian Commons Project™? Why does this site make him sad other than that it calls for people to be not only non-harmful but rather always beneficial? Actually, one cannot be non-harmful without being beneficial. Fence sitters are harmful.

What about Pat Robertson and his Christian Coalition, does Larry Fletcher stand by Robertson and his coalition?

Where does Larry Fletcher come down on TBN and the prosperity preachers? Does he support Paul Crouch when Crouch says to the Chinese, "Jesus was a communist" so that he, Paul Crouch, might gain entry into the Chinese market? Does Larry Fletcher think Paul Crouch is saying the same thing I'm saying when I say Jesus is a communist? Larry Fletcher has tried to paint me with the same brush as he use to paint Karl Marx. Does Larry Fletcher paint Crouch with that same brush?

How about James Dobson and his Focus on the Family show and Family Research Council organization, does Larry Fletcher support Dobson's politics? Has Larry Fletcher gone to Dobson's site and added a comment that the things written there make Larry Fletcher sad? James Dobson is definitely mixing what Larry has labeled politics with what Larry calls Christianity?

If Jesus is pro-war, as Larry Fletcher made clear he believes, and Jesus would be upset with me for not joining in killing people to rescue others, why didn't Jesus go to war to do just that? There were people all about being mistreated by others. Why didn't Jesus take up the sword and shed the blood of the predators? Mohammed did or so we are led to believe. Is Larry Fletcher calling Jesus a hypocrite? For if Jesus were to say to me now that I am wrong but he, Jesus, was right not to do what he is upset with me for also not doing, then he, Jesus, would be nothing but a hypocrite, just as those he calls hypocrites. I know Jesus is not a hypocrite even though Larry Fletcher tries to make Jesus out to be one. I know Jesus would not say to me that he is upset with me for not joining in making war on others. Jesus does not tell me to join in Larry Fletcher's war making or to support it but rather to speak out clearly and plainly against it, which I have done and still do.

Larry Fletcher referred to my left-wing politics; however, Larry Fletcher hasn't defined left-wing here. When I asked him about homosexuality and abortion, he was silent. What is Larry Fletcher's definition of the Christian right or the religious right? Larry Fletcher says God and Jesus aren't about politics, but Larry doesn't tell that to those he says are on the right. Larry Fletcher should show us all where he has ever criticized the people he believes are on the right for mixing politics with religion. If he can't show us, he should go away and not waste our time with vague and vacuous statements and double standards.

I'm not saying Larry Fletcher stands with all the people I've cited in this post who call themselves conservative Republicans. With whom does he stand as opposed to others? That's a question, not a statement. All he's said is that war is right, and I'm wrong for being a leftist (he hasn't defined it).

I've stated clearly where I stand. Why didn't Larry Fletcher? I'm clearly identified. Why isn't Larry Fletcher? Why has Larry Fletcher hidden his identity from the people? All the people cited in this post are at least identifiable. Why wasn't Larry Fletcher willing to be identified to the general public?

Is Larry Fletcher for or against the separation of the Church and the secular state? I hold that they are separate and can never be the same no matter whether every office in the secular state is held by those claiming to be Christians or not.

The only state where Christians aren't separated out by virtue of their beliefs is the state of Christianity. The state of Christianity is not secular. It is not coercive. It is voluntary for all adults. Even children of real Christians cannot be forced to believe. They can only be exposed to Christianity. If they don't then believe, they are free to leave their parents' house upon reaching the age of emancipation. In fact, they are required to leave a Christians house at that point if they aren't of the Church. Of course, parents aren't going to throw them on the street and cause them to starve. Christian parents are burdened with the duty to perform the Golden Rule even toward unruly children. Those children though may have no authority within the Church or the house of any Christian. Does Larry Fletcher disagree? If he does or doesn't, why does he or doesn't he?

Where does Larry Fletcher come down on the Pharisees and Sadducees conspiring to murder Jesus? Does Larry Fletcher believe the Gospels about that or not? Is Larry Fletcher one of the people who claim that the Romans and not the Jews instigated the crucifixion of Jesus? I know it was the Pharisees who conspired to murder Jesus. The Romans didn't start it. I know that there are Jews and false Christians going about denying that the Pharisees conspired against Jesus. They try to revise the truth. They are the same people who ignore the evils being down in the West Bank and Gaza by the Zionist Project that bases its whole program on the Old Testament that Jesus exposed for all its hypocrisy. Without the Old Testament claim to the land, they would have had nothing upon which to appeal for that particular land already peacefully occupied by the Palestinians. They coveted the land and took it by blood shed.

Is Larry Fletcher with Jesus or with the Pharisees? We know where John Hagee is. He's with the Pharisees, obviously. All so-called Christian Zionists are with the Pharisees rather then with Jesus on this.

What is Larry Fletcher's denomination, if any? What church does he attend, if any?

What does Larry Fletcher have to say about all of his fellow self-styled conservatives who freely admit Jesus was a communist only they qualify it by saying Jesus was not coercive? They hold that communism doesn't work when the state is used to force it upon people. Well, of course it doesn't work when people attempt to force people into it. You can't force people to be moral. They have to come to that freely themselves.

Satan's punishment helps in that for the wise ones who are able to connect the dots. It spoils the sadistic pleasure though. It ruins the cycle of abuse. It ends the spread of the disease of violence and greed and depravity and all selfishness.

Satan is thrown into the Lake of Fire so the world is saved and purged of all the selfishness in every heart. Every soul alive is then in a state of pure grace and salvation.

What about Benny Hinn, Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, Creflo Dollar, D. James Kennedy, David Barton, Donald Wildmon, Franklin Graham, Gary Bauer, George W. Bush, Howard Ahmanson, Jack Chick, Jay Sekulow, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Michael Gerson, Oral Roberts, Ralph Reed, Richard Land, Rod Parsley, Roy Moore, T.D. Jakes, Tammy Bakker, Ted Haggard, Tim LaHaye, Tony Perkins, Tom DeLay (and his evil, evil gerrymandering in Texas and also evil ties with the lobbying scandals), and on and on? Are the ones living in the flesh Christians or fakes? Were the ones who are now dead of the flesh Christians or fakes?

Does Larry Fletcher support the secretive tactics the "Christian" right used to take over the Republican Party? They didn't take over in the open. They used tricks. They weren't above board. They concealed their agenda until after they had taken over most of the base positions and controlled the inside-the-party votes to steer the party's platform, etc. That's not how Christians do things. Christians don't hide who they are or what they want or are doing.

What about King James himself {James I (1566-1625) King of England (1603-1625) and of Scotland as James VI (1567-1625)}, who was the openly homosexual king who commissioned the King James version of The Bible, was he a fake Christian. I tell everyone he was. He was what one would call a traditionalist. He was for the divine right of kings. He was a worldly monarch who hated Jesus to the core. James was adamantly against all the things for which Jesus stood and died. James did not believe in Christ. He did not believe in Jesus's resurrection. He simply used the Anglican Church to put down all efforts by the people to restore the Commons, which people such as James coveted and stole away from them by the power of money and the sword of mammon.

King James wrote to George Villiers, "I naturally so love your person, and adore all your other parts, which are more than ever one man had." James also wrote that "I desire only to live in the world for your sake." Villiers wrote to James, "I cannot now think of giving thanks for friend, wife, or child; my thoughts are only bent on having my dear Dad and Master's legs soon in my arms." Villiers wrote of himself to James that "when he once gets hold of your bedpost again, [it will be] never to quit it." James also said that Jesus had John and he James had George. James more than insinuated that Jesus was a homosexual, which he was certainly not, else he would not have said Sodom would have repented had he Jesus showed them the signs, as I stated above.

Larry Fletcher won't answer all these questions, because the answer will further expose him for who and what he is: An antichrist.

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