The idea behind a League of Democracies (see: "POLITICS-US: A League of Their Own," by Ali Gharib. Inter Press Service. June 10, 2008) is ostensibly to form a group of U.S. allies that aid the U.S. government in militarily intervening around the world.

What it really is, is to form a group of U.S. puppets that will fall into line when the U.S. government says it's time to intervene militarily around the world. It's to bypass the U.N. and in fact to cause the U.N. to fall for lack of U.S. funding and backing.

The neocons have come up with the idea. These are the same people who came up with invading and occupying Iraq (for the oil, for Anglo-American-Israeli Empire), to deny other nations access. These are the same people who brought the surge (mainly the militant-extremist, warmongering Kagan family).

The League would allow for only those nations that meet the neocon criteria for membership. What constitutes a democracy? Does Israel? Israel is a democracy as ancient Athens was a democracy. It is of, by, and for Jews as only those in power in Israel define "Jews." The ancient Athenians were for democracy of, by, and for the free, Athenian males. Is Gaza a democracy? They voted in elections that were freer and fairer than those in the U.S. However, they chose Hamas, which the neocons don't like, even though Israel was led by known and admitted terrorists when it came into being and thereafter.

It's all a double standard. The Kagan family is loaded with hypocrites. They are false Zionists first and foremost. They are Jewish nationalists who seek Jewish dominance over the Middle East. They are empire builders of the wrong sort of empire.

It is false Zionism, because real Zionism is peace. Jesus Christ was and is a real Zionist. His Zion is the real Zion. The Zion of Herzl is a fake.

The neocons seek to block Russia, China, and up and coming India and others from vetoing U.S. desires in the U.N. However, the U.S. has blocked the desires of the rest of the global community concerning Israel. Very few nations have ever sided with the U.S. and Israel concerning U.N. resolutions about the Palestinians. The rest of the world wants more fundamental fairness on behalf of the Palestinians.

The neocons don't care about the Palestinians. They see the Palestinians as eternal enemies, Biblical enemies, the descendants of "the Hittites, and the Girgashites, and the Amorites, and the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, and the Hivites, and the Jebusites," some of which nations the Hebrews wrote in their Old Testament that they exterminated. Well, I refer then to only those nations that were not entirely exterminated by the Jews. Certainly the Canaanites were not entirely exterminated. Also, there were intermarriages in those days between nations.

What will McCain and the other neocons do about all the U.S. autocratic puppets? Those aren't democracies. Will they insist that those regimes change or suffer invasion and occupation? Will they force Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and others to democratize and to what standard?

Is the U.S. a representative democracy or an oligarchy or plutocracy in semi-disguise?

Why is coercive democracy seen as better than other forms of government? Well, the neocons blame that on Kant who observed that democracies are less likely to attack each other. The neocons claim that it is better to fight what they've called the long war to end up with the "perpetual peace" Kant envisioned. Coercion however is not the means to peace. Coercion itself is anti-peace.

There is no coercion in peace; however, to sustain the neocons vision of peace there must be coercive democracy. The neocons brand of democracy, if it can be called democracy at all, is to be rammed down everyone else's throat. I don't want it. It falls woefully short of the state called for by Jesus Christ.

Theirs is not the best devised form of government. I don't want less than the best government.

They want to make the world safe for capitalism, corporatism, and plutocracy. That world can never be safe. That world is inherently evil, sinful, self-centered, unenlightened, etc.

This League of Democracies idea is bad. It should be rejected. It's a ploy by antichrists (anti-salvationists). It comes out from the dark side.

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