Phil Gramm with John McCain

Watch when the people (Phil Gramm types) who are calling other people whiners start jumping out of windows.

There are a hand full of insiders who are remaining calm, because they set the whole thing up (set up the whole Ponzi scheme, as I've been writing since long before the first blip in the subprime disaster), got out selling short, and will, they think, buy low when they see the bottom. They are ruining other people, rich included. The same thing happened in 1929. There were insiders who knew. They got word. They were warned.

This is the same crowd who put their money in offshore shell corporations so they may avoid paying income taxes. They are being exposed by whistleblowers in the banks and clearinghouses such as in Lichtenstein.

Certain of the super-rich want to cut entitlements and raise taxes on the poor and middle class to bailout speculation on Wall Street, in the banks, at Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, etc. What should the poor and middle class vast majority say? They should say no. If the poor and middle class want to be stupid enough to remain capitalistic, the least they should do is soak the rich. They should roll back all the tax cuts for the wealthy and then some. There should be no special treatment of passive income. They should undo all the free-trade agreements and insist that the nation trade only where labor and environmental and other standards are as high or higher than in the U.S. They can also nationalize the currency (didn't you know the currency is privatized right now) and the central bank.

The Federal Reserve is private. It's secretive as to the banking families that own it lock, stock, and barrel. It's never been audited.

Doing all of that is evil, but it's the lesser of evils. If you're going to vote in the corrupt, unrighteous system, why vote for what is worse for you? Allowing some of the rich to get richer and richer while everyone else finds the going harder and harder isn't better for anyone, not even those who are getting richer and richer.

The poor and middle class can clean house in Washington D.C. and their state houses and county seats and city councils and mayor's offices, etc. Everyone who voted for war, torture, and ripping off the poor can be swept out of office.

Of course, it would be vastly superior for the poor, middle class, and rich to come together to acquire land to grow free food for everyone and to do all the other things Jesus talks about in his Gospel. Give to the Christian Commons Project™ now. There is no better idea anywhere on Earth. Unlike the lesser of evils above, there's no evil in the idea of the Christian Commons Project.

We don't need taxes. We don't need money. We just need love. Love is serving as the least, just as Jesus said. When we all do that, all are served. It's the perfect path. No one has ever come up with anything better. They can't. There isn't anything better.

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