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The kids today often write "OMG," short for "Oh my God!" Some mean it disrespectfully. Others mean it in earnest. In earnest, it's a plea to God. I would say that here in a state of surprise, but the following was all predictable. The pattern of selfishness set itself up and exposed itself as it has no choice but to do.

The following is a short must-read.

Here's something for everyone to consider about commentators who come to sites to level attacks from the dark side. The commentator who has called himself "Larry Fletcher" actually said he would not post again. Then he posted again. When he posted again, it was to say (claim) "I will be back when I have the time to destruct your ridiculous, ignorant rant, using God's word to do it."

Then here's what he actually did instead of substantiating with the words of Jesus Christ anything he had said in earlier comments. He came back and posed as "Pete" or had someone else do this. As Pete, he said that he "Pete" had read the whole thread and that "Mr. Fletcher" had nailed me [yes, they also nailed Jesus]. He also said that he sees that I've block Fletcher from responding. You may think where's this "Pete's" comment. Well, here's the deal. I set cookies on people's computers for their convenience. It allows them not to have to re-enter their information when posting again. Pete's cookie set the same dead link that I've been telling Larry Fletcher to stop posting or I wouldn't approve anymore of his comments. (I also told Larry to use both his first and last names so that all of his comments would be identifiable as coming from the same commentator.)

There's more. Larry Fletcher obviously doesn't know that I also have in the database every IP address he's used for every comment. It's always been in the same narrow range. He has what is known as a virtual IP with his Internet Service Provider. His ISP is small. Well, guess what. Pete just so happened to have been using the same IP address Larry used when he [Pete/Larry?] left Pete's comment.

Then this utterly dishonest person returned the next day (today) to say that this Pete person had emailed him saying that I hadn't posted his (Pete's) comment. Where did Pete get Larry's email address? It doesn't show up on this site for the public to see. What a game this is that Larry is playing in his head.

If Larry and Pete were genuine, Larry would either have supplied Gospel to support his positions about so-called conservative Republican Party politics being compatible with Christianity, which it is not as any child can see when offered the whole Gospel, or he would have openly, honestly, and directly admitted here on this site that his eyes and ears have opened along with his heart and mind and that his actions would now follow in consistency.

So Larry cannot "destruct ...[my; what he terms] ridiculous, ignorant rant, using God's word to do it," of course; so he comes up with this scheme imagining that it will leave him feeling somehow satisfied and me somehow dejected. I feel pity.

He claims in his head that I wouldn't post his comment anyway, meaning that if he were to destruct my revelation using God's word to do it, I wouldn't post it. Well, Larry's heard Aesop's fable, "The Fox and the Grapes." He should re-read it. The moral of the story is summed up in the expression "sour grapes." The fox couldn't reach the grapes, so he said to himself that they were probably sour anyway. The fox (Larry) couldn't destruct my revelation using the word of God (how could he?), so he's decided to tell himself that I wouldn't have posted it anyway. Wow!

If he can do it (cite the verses and Jesus's words to "destruct" what I've said), let him get a WordPress account or some other free blog and write his refutation. He can name this site and create links to it to do it. Let him do so in a way that everyone will know who he is, identify him apart from all the other people named Larry Fletcher. Otherwise, he's no Christian. He's just Satan's willing minion.

Well, wasn't it all to be expected considering the people and actions this Larry person defends via his political ideology? Of course it was to be expected. Look at George W. Bush and his endless stream of lies that took nations to war and murdered hundreds of thousands and negatively disrupted millions and even billions of lives, even the whole of human history.

So what has been Larry's method? He goes around accusing people of doing exactly the evil he is doing (conjures up in his head). That's the pattern of the neocons. If they can imagine the evil, then others must be doing so too. Where they (the others) aren't imagining such evil, they (the neocons) will nevertheless accuse them of it. Remember all the things Saddam Hussein was positively doing that the whole world then came to find out he wasn't doing. Then remember the sour-grapes rationalization afterwards by the neocons: Well, he would have done them if we hadn't bombed and invaded (murdering many innocents) and occupied Iraq and seized control of Iraq's oil industry. However, he wasn't doing the things alleged and couldn't. He had been stopped already without the evil U.S. ethnically bigoted (racist) neocons having to murder more children (Arabs).

Aesop wrote his fables (truths) for the sake of teaching people, especially children. Bush and his neocons, including Larry, haven't been enlightened yet to the level of four-year-olds sitting and listening to someone with a compassionate heart reading Aesop's lesson about the Fox and the Grapes. Remember, Jesus said to them about Herod Antipas (one of the murderers of John the Baptist and Jesus and God knows how many others; same neocon spirit), Go ye, and tell that fox, Behold, I cast out devils, and I do cures to day and to morrow, and the third day I shall be perfected. Luke 13:32 He called Herod Antipas a "fox" for a reason.

Well, this is just terrible. Pray for this person's soul. He is so in the dark. Such deception ought to send him into the deepest soul searching as to why he has turned out this way.

Of course, there are those who would publish this person's email address and IP address so unsuspecting souls would not be attacked in this way by Larry Fletcher. It isn't right or necessary for me to do that. Larry ends up being banned from sites and serves to expose the utter dishonesty in the hearts of the neocons and their minions and dupes.

Larry, do you really think God is unaware of every move you've made, every dirty trick you've pulled, every lie you've told, every time you've worked on behalf of Satan rather then God? You're always caught. You never get away with anything. Do you really think you aren't going to have to pay right down to the last farthing? The wages of sin, Larry, are repaid to Satan who will extract them from you no matter what you do unless you repent all the way.

Larry, shame, shame, shame, and a severely guilty conscience are your medicine right now. And Larry, don't take it out on anyone else. If you do, it will only go worse for you.

May God have mercy on your soul. You haven't really known what you've been doing. You've been out of self-control. You'll have to break the selfishness within, Larry. It's killing your soul. It will also kill your flesh. It's all about to catch up with you. It's going to make you sick. Overcome.

Now, in the thread with Larry Fletcher, I said that I know who he is. I do. No one else but God, Tom, and this Larry, though can be absolutely sure of which Larry Fletcher this one is, that is unless they dig perhaps where they would be trespassing.

Well, obviously I'm done with Larry Fletcher unless he repents. If he never does, he was never lost from the light. He was always of the dark.

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