I joined the Christian Socialism/Communism group on Facebook yesterday. Two of the first three messages I received were from members who don't believe in the group. The first such message was from a homosexual atheist. The next was from a capitalist. The message from the capitalist follows:

hey tom

I'm in the Christian Socialist group... I'll be straight forward with you. I am not a socialist, but I am a Christian.

I find the two mutually exclusive.

this isn't to say that Christians can [he meant can't] live together in a commune, sharing everything they produce. But this isn't what socialism, communism, or modern "liberalism" is about. They propose forcing other people to share, which amounts to theft.

Its great, and our duty as Christians to encourage people to love God, and others, and in that to give generously. but to resort to socialism, is to commit heresy and turn the Gospel on its head.

I don't mean this to be a tirade, I am hoping for a debate using scripture as our foundation.

My reply is geared toward a disciple of Ludwig von Mises, because the person who sent me the message is clearly such, as his Facebook profile intentionally shows:

Hello ...,

I'm not promoting socialism, communism, or liberalism as you've set them up as your premises. What's to debate? I promote things as I've discussed them on the RLCC website. If you want to debate a Marxist, I suggest you go find one. That shouldn't be very difficult. You won't find one in me. I'm an anti-Marxist.

As for coerciveness, are you consistent with this position? If you are consistent, then you are against using force to establish and maintain any form of government, including capitalism (which is a thieving system of government stealing the Christian Commons that is the rightful inheritance of Jesus Christ and his). Otherwise, you're being hypocritical.

Anyone may leave the temple. Coming into the temple and claiming belief and then doing the opposite within the temple is cause for being swept out without being injured by the cleaner. This is how Jesus handled it. He didn't make bloody war on the Sanhedrin. He foreshadowed though how God handles his vineyard (the whole world and universe) though. It truly is survival of the fittest, and the unrighteous (self-centered where the self is not God) are left to their god, Satan, who takes them down with him into the fire (pain and suffering as consequences for selfishness and inflicted by Satan on the innocent and guilty until the separation) until they are purged (not coerced, just learn), if ever.

I know capitalism (as I have defined it on my site) and Christianity are mutually exclusive. Do you have some words from Jesus that when they are placed within the whole context of Jesus's message say otherwise (say that I have stated Jesus's position incorrectly)? If so, I'd like to see them and hear your reading of them (interpretation).

I'm not interested in hearing about the error of Marxists. I've already explained that myself. All militancy (selfish coercion) is evil.

Let's stick with the subject about capitalism versus what Jesus actually taught and did that was not capitalistic, as von Mises and the others used and use the term (capitalism). Jesus taught about a different wealth: Real wealth, not the apostate von Mises's medium of exchange.

I'd also like to have any such debate in public (where the people can openly read it), unless you have some overriding reasons not to that you can explain to me and will convince me to spend the time privately discussing it with you.

Ludwig von Mises and the rest of the so-called libertarian capitalists, anarcho-capitalists, and other such non-Christians {or did you think the founders of those movements professed Christianity; you're a disciple of antichrists (secular humanists); you can't be a disciple of both Ludwig von Mises and Jesus Christ} have never been interested in giving and sharing all within the whole body that is the Church.

On the contrary, they have spent huge quantities of their dollars and decades of their lives trying to subvert Christianity, since they know full well that the real teachings of Jesus Christ spell their downfall. They seek only to postpone that. It is illusory. They are fooling themselves.

Within the real body of Christ, there is no sole ownership. God is one. If you don't understand the terms, you should enquire about them before attempting debate.

You should also search your soul about calling yourself a Christian while you're a disciple of someone who didn't follow Jesus Christ. Christians don't follow non-Christians to God. Non-Christians don't lead to God. Have you never thought about this, or are you knowingly a closet antichrist dressing up in sheep's clothing to lead people into the dark where von Mises is now. He's not with Jesus – never was.

Tom Usher

Jesus is a communist [opens a new tab/window so you won't lose this place].


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