Something like a cage has to be built for them. I know that sounds terrible. It is really cruel. But there is no choice. There is a wild animal there that has to be locked up in one way or another.

That's someone talking about all the Palestinians. That's someone trying to convince the American people. That's someone talking about three-year-old little kids. He's saying there is no choice. You know what? To Hell with that!

The Palestinians are not wild animals. They never have been. I'm a Christian. I don't massage my words about Mohammed for the sake of political correctness that isn't correct but a flat out lie. Mohammed was one who led raiding caravans and took the spoils and slaves. I don't hold with that kind of behavior. In my book, it's criminal. Well, I also hold that horning into where others are living and then horning them out is no better, and that's exactly what the lying, thieving Zionist Project was and remains all about.

Let me tell you that the Palestinian people, even though they are mostly Muslims, would accept me because they know full well that I don't consider them animals fit for a big cage so I can steal the land out from under them or for any other reason. I believe in treating the Muslims as I would want to, ought to want to be treated by them. I love their children. They are I (me) when I was young. They need protection from fascists. Sure, there would be some who'd have a difficult time facing the logic about the clear difference between the teachings of Jesus Christ and Mohammed, but they'd talk about it rather than just kill me unless the stupid likes of the false-Zionist cause nothing but wrath throughout all the hearts of all the Palestinians.

Well, they haven't succeeded in doing that yet in spite of the fact that they've been trying for decade after decade after decade. If anything, they've proven that the Palestinians in general are vastly more civilized than were the terrorist founders of the Zionist Project in Israel. How those people have retained the composure they've shown is remarkable.

Who called for the Palestinians to be caged up as wild animals like that? What else has he said?

The whole Zionist project is apocalyptic. It exists within hostile surroundings and in a certain sense its existence is unreasonable. It wasn't reasonable for it to succeed in 1881 and it wasn't reasonable for it to succeed in 1948 and it's not reasonable that it will succeed now. Nevertheless, it has come this far. In a certain way it is miraculous. I live the events of 1948, and 1948 projects itself on what could happen here. Yes, I think of Armageddon. It's possible. Within the next 20 years there could be an atomic war here.

That's right. It was and is unreasonable. It was and is flat out wrong that any people horned into Palestine after WWII and were supported by any other people. It can never be made right. There is only one right path for the Jews in Israel and that's national repentance and atonement. It's the only right path for the entire human race. We need universal repentance and atonement.

All the greed, covetousness, violence, weapons making and sales, depravity, death, destruction needs to end or those having those desires and carrying out the evils need to be cut off and burned up in exactly the manner and for exactly the reasons Jesus Christ said.

The choice is becoming as stark as it can be made. That means we are closer to the time of reckoning. People can move back from that by doing the right things. People can escape by doing the right things, which means for the right reasons. You can't do the entirely right thing for any amount of wrong reason.

Once the choice is so clear that no one has an excuse, once the choice is put out there and everyone has a clear and plain opportunity to make the right decision, if humanity keeps choosing wrong, it will be divided and the evil ones will be cut off and burned up by forces beyond the control and power of mere mortal human beings.

Who was who said those things in trying to get the Americans to support evil? It was the Israeli historian, propagandists, false-Zionist, Benny Morris. (See: "Benny Morris Justifies Israel's Coming Attack on Iran," David Bromwich. The Huffington Post. July 18, 2008.)

He's trying to scare the Americans into going along with Israel in attacking Iran. As I said above, to Hell with that!

Those who live by the sword in this will die by the sword. If Benny Morris thinks he's going to get real Christians to back his false-Zionist Project, he's totally wrong. Real Christians know that there will be separation. It will be the warmongers from the total peacemakers. Real Christians will have no part in Israel's wicked war making.

War is evil, always. There are no excuses. It is better to die in the flesh than it is to take life to prolong this fleshly life. Those who save their fleshly lives will lose the real life. Those who die in this flesh for the sake of everything (truth, righteousness, unselfishness) for which Jesus Christ stood, spoke, and demonstrated will be saved for the real life. They do the right thing because it is right, even when it means being persecuted for it, as was Jesus Christ whom the likes of Benny Morris murdered and made excuses and told lies about it before, during, and ever since.

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