Corridor from Titan control room to missile silo

The deep state is built upon not just amorality but deliberate immorality. Sadists, perverts, and thieves run the show for a season.


  • Politicians don't have to worry about lying to get elected anymore.
  • The parties just want to win and will do anything and put up with anything to do it.
  • The plutocrats pick those they will allow to be placed on the covers of the magazines, newspapers, and on the TV "news" long before the people do any choosing.


  • Banks are failing with more to come. The dollar is crashing. Inflation is much worse than reported. Once the dust settles, the U.S. economy will be seen as having been cut in half.
  • The libertarian capitalists keep piping away to return to something that never existed. They call mammon freedom. It is not. It is slavery to its system. There's no liberty in it. It has no part in Jesus, and Jesus has no part in it. Money must be translated into what will really bring forth.

Civil Rights

  • Surveillance continues increasing.
  • The U.S. legislature retroactively legalizes illegal spying by the Bush administration and the major telecoms with the exception of QWEST, the only corporation that did the right thing but was severely punished for it. Violations of the U.S. Constitutional protections of privacy are being waived away by retroactive immunity for the perpetrators. There is no law (not secular/mundane) this way.
  • The liberals are up in arms about the federal government suddenly having the legal cover to spy on all domestic communications. Please, they've been doing that all along to a degree. Once Bush got into office, they opened up the flood gates though. 9/11 was used to convince the telecoms.
  • The U.S. no-fly and watch list is still full of names of people who have no business being harassed by the U.S. government. That's what it is. It is government harassment. The Bush administration knows full well that the particular people are not a threat. The Bush administration is simply persecuting them for their political opposition to the Bush administration's illegal war and other illegalities and immoralities.
  • Police are becoming militarized and more sadistic with their so-called non-lethal lethal weapons.
  • People are dying from being tased.
  • The U.S. is planning to drug everyone involuntarily. They are going to introduce drugs into water, air, and food.
  • The U.S. military already had plenty of "crowd control" so-called non-lethal weapons. They burn people and hurt their hearing. They microwave their brains. They even make people hear voices. That's just the tip of the evil iceberg. They make people sick with many symptoms.
  • They are creating spy robots the size and shape of insects so that people won't ever know whether or not they are being overheard and watched, recorded into permanent databases to be analyzed and reanalyzed as analysis continues to become more advanced, if one can call it that. They are working on reading minds from a distance.
  • Meanwhile, the people still suffer from Katrina.


  • The U.S. military is also developing cyborg and robot troops.
  • The space-weapons race is just beginning. They're going to put particle-beam weapons in space. They're going to control the weather from space.
  • More and more civilians are being killed by the military.
  • The U.S. keeps bombing wedding parties in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the latest, July 6 killing 47 civilians. Many innocents have been and still are being murdered by the U.S. bombings.
  • More U.S. troops are now dying in Afghanistan than in Iraq. The surge in Iraq has failed, of course. Wait until the payments run out. Wait until the Shiites start fighting again if the U.S. doesn't get out. The Iraqi's are not going to resign themselves to U.S. corporate domination of their oil industry.
  • Afghanistan has never been conquered to stay conquered.
  • U.S. military personnel continue to be given slaps on the wrist or let go scot-free even though they murdered innocents in cold and hot blooded affairs.
  • Dozens of people have been murdered while in U.S. military custody. Little to nothing happens. Meanwhile, the same so-called authorities throw the book at petty criminals or shoot them down on the streets.


  • Chemicals that have not been proven safe keep being poured into the environment. New ones keep being introduced. Pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers are killing the planet.
  • Artificial food keeps increasing. It isn't even food. It's synthetic. Cloned foods and nanofoods aren't far behind. They will make people sick. They are not right. The evil, selfish, greedy ones don't want them labeled for what they are.
  • Radiation is increasing from all sorts of wire and wireless sources.
  • The weather is becoming more extreme. Global warming is a reality. Things will get worse, because people aren't turning to unselfishness. The world will convulse.
  • The G8 nations claim they need 40 years to half carbon emissions. What a huge lie that is. They could cut them 100% in 10 if they put their minds to it. I wrote this the day before Al Gore announced exactly the same thing. Why is he the only one at the top of the Democrats who understands the environmental emergency?


  • The U.S. is supporting dictators around the globe while condemning other dictators. The only difference in the dictators concerns which ones brownnose the U.S.
  • The U.S. wants Sudan's leader, Omar al-Bashir, prosecuted for genocide in Darfur while the U.S. puppet dictator of Ethiopia ravages Somalia, which is run by a bunch of U.K. lackeys. The U.S. supports Teodoro Obiang in Equatorial Guinea and other tyrants.
  • Israel still builds settlements in land that the U.N. has said isn't theirs upon which to build. The U.S. government murmurs a little for show. Covetousness is a sin.
  • The liberals argue over whether it's the Zionists or the oil industry that's causing the problems in the Middle East. Please, it's both. They have something in common. It's call money.
  • China continues persecuting people, including Christians who are members of congregations not formally approved by the Chinese Communist Party. Yet, they have been integrated into global market capitalist socialism. They are given most favored nation trading status because they are a huge market.
  • The U.S. is tweaking Russia by threatening to put antimissile defenses on Russia's old USSR border with Europe. It's the U.S. way of revving up the Cold War for the sake of the U.S. weapons industry. Russia though makes weapons as well or better than the U.S. They are gaining financially too while the U.S. is headed down. Of course, the U.S. is going to try to use more war to get itself out of the mess it has made on purpose.
  • The U.K. outsells the U.S. in international weapons deals right now.
  • The empire tortures people. They assassinate people. They imprison them in secret prisons. This is all common knowledge now, but you would never have known unless we had said it.

Further Prophecy

  • There is much more to come, because we are saying it. The truth will not be covered over. All have sinned. All must apologize (repent) and atone or else. That's not coercive. That's warning about a threat that is there that I will not be the one carrying out. I don't want it to happen any more than Jesus wanted the Romans to level Jerusalem and kill hundreds of thousands. The truth though is the glory. There is metaphysical power in the word that becomes incarnate.
  • People don't pay attention to harmfulness that is sin. They aren't against the harm of war, the harm of greed, and the harm of inappropriate sex all at the same time. Turn.

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