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Is Europe awash in flames from internal terrorist attacks? No, it is not. Is the U.S. awash in flames from internal terrorist attacks? No, it is not. Why is this the case? Haven't there been sleeper cells of terrorist groups in the U.S. and E.U. just waiting for the order to attack? Aren't there over a million people on the terrorists watch list of the Bush administration? Has the Bush administration clamped down so thoroughly that all the would-be terrorists have been thwarted? The truth is that there never would have been a 9/11 had it not been for Bush-administration types.

Actually, all of the attacks in the world are a direct result of the powers spurring on others — all of them. They are all false-flag operations on a certain level. This is a stretch for the vast majority of people to comprehend. They don't view evil as centralized. It is in the business of fracturing things. How can it be centralized in the end? Even Jesus addressed this directly.

And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand? Matthew 12:26.

Here's the point. First, Jesus isn't Satan, because as Jesus points out, he, Jesus is for a house that will never fall, yet, here he is telling them to think about the illogic of their accusation against him. How can he be building a kingdom that will last forever via means that are self-destructive? He can't. Well, so why are the U.S., an oligarchy, and the globe, a plutocracy, using satanic means? The answer is that they know their empire is temporary. They are themselves fractured up so that they cannot bring themselves to abide by the irrefutable logic Jesus lays out. They turned on him as the swine before whom Jesus cast his pearls and rent his flesh.

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. Matthew 7:6.

So, why then am I speaking truth where the dogs and swine can hear it? They did not touch Jesus's eternal soul. In fact, by braving them, by having faith in God's truth, Jesus yet lives. He gave his flesh so others would hear the truth and turn to God and not to rending truth tellers.

Why ultimately fear the dogs and swine when it is their god, Satan, who can kill your soul in Hell? The flesh is weak, but the spirit of righteousness is eternal and the most powerful force in existence and ever shall be.

How though is evil to be viewed as centralized? Can you see all that is fractured as being of one source? Can you grasp the loci of evil? God is one. God is good. God is eternal. God prevails. Evil is bad, temporary, and loses. It is also one and fractured. It is not parts of the whole, where wholeness and wholesomeness are meant. Evil takes itself down. When minds grasp this and live accordingly, they become enlightened. They see the real — evil being the false or unreal. Jesus grasps this. He teaches this.

The locus of evil on this plane of existence is the plutocracy. The breaking up of the world, of souls, is centered there. When humanity moves beyond the mentality that temporarily has allowed the plutocracy within hearts, the breaking up will cease. The healing will occur.

The devious rich pay people to stir up trouble. The devious rich are the chief troublemakers in the world. They are the epitome of the rebels against righteousness. They have worked mightily to twist minds into believe the exact opposite of the truth. They have caused most of the people within the wealthiest nations to be mesmerized into believing the falsehood that those who go against the plutocracy are the lead traitors to the people. The plutocrats could not be further from the truth.

It is the plutocrats who are the traitors to the people (God as one). It is the plutocracy that is seditious. It is the plutocrats who cause the insurrections. Those devious rich are the satanic spirit incarnate. They are opposed to wholesomeness. They want their fleeting evil rewards now and are pretending to themselves that they won't have to pay later. They hold out to others that there are no consequences beyond the grave. They are annihilated at death. They cease to exist. They feel nothing. Their consciousness ends. They are forever blacked out — knocked unconscious. That is what they imagine the death awaiting them to be.

When people don't buy that, the plutocrats buy the faith and subvert it, as Constantine I did. Constantine I held out the reward of the spoils of evil (bloody war). He bribed, tempted the masses with this. When they fell to Constantine's evil temptation, Constantine subverted the faith, the name of the faith, Christianity.

Jesus teaches against such atheists, co-opters, subverters, and usurpers.

9/11 was a false-flag operation. 7/7 in London was a false-flag operation. The Madrid train bombing was a false-flag operation. The train bombings in India were also, but that hasn't come out yet.

Pearl Harbor (WWII) was akin to a false-flag operation in that the Japanese were spurred to do it (it didn't take much since the Japanese were militant) and the U.S. allowed it to happen where it could have prevented it with a single order by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The sinking of the Lusitania (WWI) was similar. The bombing of the Shiite Mosque in Iraq was a false-flag operation. These operations are all designed to stir up trouble. They confuse people who don't understand what the evil ones at the top of the plutocracy (the most evil people in the world) are up to. People fall for the tricks. They retaliate against the wrong people. Of course rising above all retaliation is the enlightened thing to do. The spirit of retaliation is just more of the same spirit that brings the plutocracy in the first place.

In the end, the spirit of plutocrats is behind all the evil in existence. No matter how fractured things appear to be, evil is always connected to itself and to all evil in this way.

Radical evil is root or core evil. It is the evil spirit that exists apart from the flesh. It becomes manifest via people and all that people bring forth in the whole of the environment. When people reject evil, the evil spirit stops manifesting via those people. The results are reflected in the whole of the environment. The more people reject the evil spirit, the better everything becomes. If the environment is going bad, look to the spirit that people have taken into themselves individually and as groups.

If you want things to be right, then do righteous things only.

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