I hold that the lineage that has the current Pope in place goes through Constantine I. I hold that he ruined the pacifism of the faith. He co-opted the faith for ulterior motives. It was on account of Constantine's actions that the Pope's built much of the Roman Catholic tradition. Most importantly if communism (as Jesus expressed it) is the right path, why has the Roman Catholic Church not promoted that cause from the top? Why has it never brought forth? I maintain that if the Holy Spirit had been or were now much in evidence in those at the top, we'd see the fruit in history and current events bearing that out. I don't see it.

My neighbors here would say, "Things could be worse." The Roman Empire could have been worse. Everything it did wasn't evil is another way to put it. I don't hear Jesus in that though. I don't hear the calling to rise in truth in it.

I wasn't moved to go into (join) the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox churches to attempt to sway them. I would liken doing that to trying to pour new wine into old skin. They'd have to remake themselves so much that they wouldn't be Roman Catholics or Orthodox any longer. So, I'm on the outside calling them out to come together.

I raise all of this on the website in one form or another with the view that people might decide to go ahead and work to bring forth together regardless of whether or not the top clergy in the large denominations help with it or not.

There are Roman Catholics and Orthodox Church members and members of other congregations whom I appreciate. I recently posted an article entitled, "ARCHBISHOP OSCAR ROMERO: A TRUE HERO." As far as I'm concerned, he should have been the Pope. Let me tell you, I don't need to wait for the Roman Catholics. The guy was and is a saint for what he did. In the name of Jesus Christ, he braved the right-wing death squads of infamous Ronald Reagan.

You have to understand, he didn't realize the secular system is impossible. God though doesn't allow Satan endlessly to punish the ignorant in earnest. Also, you must view Oscar within the fact that the whole Roman Catholic Church is inside the system. So, one must view Oscar in relative terms. God does, even while God can see everything in absolute terms as well. That's what makes God, God. We're on our way to joining God in this, as we become worthy by turning, repenting, atoning, overcoming, and bringing forth only the good fruit.

Tom Usher

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