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Do you think the same people who whined about Venezuela taking over a TV corporation are the same people who want to block the West's access to Iranian TV (US House Resolution 1308), Al-Alam and Press TV?

If you have to think very long, you're brainwashed. Of course they are the same people, not in every case, but for the most part they are the same.

Just check out a prime reason why the neocon liars in the U.S. House want to block Press TV. Over the last few days there have been hundreds of fake reports that Iran is dropping its work with the IAEA. I didn't run with it. Yesterday, Press TV reported that all those Western reports were faked by the U.S. neocon propagandists posing as legitimate journalists.

How long will it take the American people to start removing every last neocon (Democrat and Republican) from every position of authority they now hold?

So now, according to Barack Obama, East Jerusalem will not be the capital of a Palestinian state. Frankly, I don't see nation-states in the New Earth and New Heaven. Nevertheless, Obama is moving further away from my position.

Hey, young people, when is it going to become completely uncool to stomp on the accelerator? Not only is goosing it (revving up the engine) adding to global warming and your future troubles, it's helping to ruin your hearing and increase the stress levels throughout your body and those of others. It adds to the haze. It adds to the stink. It increases breathing problems. It's just plain stupid and selfish. When will it be uncool? When will it be a turn off? You better change your fad. You better update your fashion sense. Get with it. Spread the word. Pass it on. Loud, gas guzzlers are so out. Quiet, alternative transportation is the new black, not that we need any additional darkness. Get enlightened.

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