Mike Wallace.

I saw Mike Wallace's interview with Ahmadinejad on CNN. I wasn't aware at the time that Wallace had edited out and done a voiceover on critical parts of the interview that aired on 60 Minutes.

MR. WALLACE: You are very good at filibustering. You still have not answered the question. You still have not answered the question. Israel must be wiped off the map. Why?

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: Well, don't be hasty, sir. I'm going to get to that.

MR. WALLACE: I'm not hasty.

PRESIDENT AHMADINEJAD: I think that the Israeli government is a fabricated government.

It was apparently at this point that Mike Wallace edited out the rest of President Ahmadinejad's comments that put the statement in context. When placed in context, it takes away the ammunition of the zealous, fake Zionists who try to paint Ahmadinejad as some sort of Hitler-like figure when in very fact those calling themselves Zionists are being extremely Nazi-like toward the Palestinians.

I have no doubt that some of them (many of them) if they thought they could get away with it, would do exactly to the Palestinians what the Nazis did in the concentration camps. Just read my post from yesterday, "FACE THE FACTS ABOUT YOURSELF ISRAEL. LISTEN TO PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS, AND HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME: NAKBA."

Here is President Ahmadinejad's full statement that Wallace cut up so the vast majority of Americans wouldn't hear his context.

I think that the Israeli government is a fabricated government, and I have talked about the solution. The solution is democracy. We have said allow Palestinian people to participate in a free and fair referendum to express their views. What we are saying only serves the cause of durable peace. We want durable peace in that part of the world. A durable peace will only come about with once the views of the people are met.

So we said that allow the people of Palestine to participate in a referendum to choose their desired government, and of course, for the war to come to an end as well. Why are they refusing to allow this to go ahead? Even the Palestinian administration and government which has been elected by the people is being attacked on a daily basis, and its high-ranking officials are assassinated and arrested. Yesterday, the speaker of the Palestinian parliament was arrested, elected by the people, mind you. So how long can this go on?

We believe that this problem has to be dealt with fundamentally. I believe that the American government is blindly supporting this government of occupation. It should lift its support, allow the people to participate in free and fair elections. Whatever happens let it be. We will accept and go along. The result will be as you said earlier, sir.

Now, that's a huge bit to leave on the cutting-room floor. It was edited out, because it makes Ahmadinejad appear to be very reasonable. Of course, Wallace knows that the combined population of Israel and the Palestinian territories is majority Arab. That's why Mike Wallace is antidemocratic.

Wallace didn't offer up any suggested parameters for any such referendum. He just cut out the whole idea. He knows that any such vote would result in a one-state solution where Jews are no longer first class citizens and Arabs second class.

Why didn't Wallace ask for guarantees about the rights of Jews in the resulting state?

Right now as I write this, Israeli soldiers are mopping up after operations attacking dozens of civilians in the West Bank (orphanages, schools, bakeries, common-variety shops, businesses, governmental offices) all without a shred of evidence of any wrongdoing on the part of the victims. They are simply trying to terrorize them into emigrating so the Israel Jews can more easily take over more land that they covet in their evil, ethnically bigoted hearts that deserve zero support from America other than to keep them from starving to death and such. They deserve no more support than do the Palestinians.

Now remember, this is the same Mike Wallace who said that Mexicans and Blacks are stupid and that's why they are taken, swindled. He said they can't read their contracts over tacos and watermelons. So, what does he think of Persians (Iranians)? Well, he thinks they're inferior to Ashkenazi Jews, who are fond of imagining themselves the brightest people on the planet as a national family their size. Bright at what, taking other people's land? That's not bright. That's stupid. That's what defeats the motto "Never Again." If they continue on doing what they are doing, the wrath will come at them again, just as it has so many times before. Turn before you burn!

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