Title: "Potala."

Darfur, Burma, Tibet, those are a few of the so-called politically correct causes in the mainstream West. Somalia is not. Kosovo is not. There are others.

The term or expression "politically correct" and "political correctness" being the same are ill-defined, false-hearted concepts. It means different things to different people depending upon the time, place, and other aspects that set the context.

There is of course something that is truly politically correct: God's state. I won't go on about that specifically here, although everything I'll be writing will be connected with it and designed to bring it forth.

What I want to point to right now is the issue of the Chinese Communist Party and Tibet. The Chinese Communist Party is not Communist or socialist right now. It is a hybrid capitalist-socialist dictatorship. I say that here simply so souls won't be misled into imagining that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) even imagines itself to be Communist with a capital C (meaning a one-party dictatorship of the industrial workers of China modeled after Marxism-Leninism).

Some very brief background: Tibet was ruled by dynastic Buddhism. The Maoists of China invaded and took over in 1950. The Buddhist leadership fled the country in 1959 after a failed CIA-orchestrated (planned, trained, financed) uprising. Their leader is the man referred to as the Dalai Lama (the 14th) and His Holiness (as with the Pope).

Now, most people are well aware of the recent protests in Tibet against Chinese authoritarianism. There have been reports from all sides to one degree or another. The Tibetans have used the timing of the Olympic Games to heighten world attention to the issues involved. The U.S. and other powers have been working the issue as well, both externally and covertly in Tibet.

As one who calls himself a Real Liberal Christian, I am not also a Buddhist. I'm not advocating for Buddhism. I am though advocating that violent coercion is against Christian principles. It is with that understanding that I relate the following:

The CCP is informing all the Tibetan Buddhists that they will not dissent against the policies and practices of the CCP. They will undergo reeducation under the CCP. If they then dissent in any way to any degree if discovered by the CCP, they will be punished. They will be removed from the religion as the CCP decrees the religion and their homes will be destroyed. Other measures may be taken as well.

The Dalai Lama claims that he doesn't want to go back to how things were before the CCP invasion. His feet barely touched the ground for all the bearers literally carrying him around. We don't see him being carried around that way anymore. He says he wants a certain higher degree of autonomy for the region called Tibet and for certain assurances as to the level of freedom of religious conscience and exercise. The CCP sees him as a threat to CCP rule. Well, he is a threat to CCP rule as such rule is now misguided.

The CCP is afraid to allow people to hear positions and to choose without violent coercion or duress inflicted by others. Understand that he Dalai Lama was militant. He had an army that did fight, kill, and die upon the CCP invasion.

What the CCP is attempting to do is co-opt the term Buddhism, just as it has sought to co-opt the term or name Christianity by having officially authorized denominations but nothing remotely Christian.

These measures by the CCP are rejected. They will not stand. The CCP will fall.

See: New measures reveal government plan to purge monasteries and restrict Buddhist practice
International Campaign for Tibet
July 30th, 2008

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