Title: "Christians Don't Wage War." [The kind Bush is waging]

The Rand Corporation has a long history of very strange ideas about analysis. They thought they could create games to model everything. It's not real world and never will be. They are now saying that the War on Terror ought not to be a Pentagon affair. I've been writing that all along. Treating the problem as a civilian law-enforcement issue is definitely the lesser of evils. Of course, since it remains an evil, it isn't the wisest course, just wiser than George W. Bush's approach to life. This says nothing about George W. Bush's complicity in 9/11 and subsequent cover-up. I just said it though.

Strategy Against Al-Qaeda Faulted
Report Says Effort Is Not a 'War'
By Joby Warrick
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, July 30, 2008; Page A04

The Rand Corporation research/analysis report looks at the psychological ramifications of the semantics of the issue. The report says that the use of the phrase "war on terrorism" is misdirecting. War suggests Pentagon rather than the local police working under the FBI working in conjunction with INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization - ICPO), etc. I don't know whether or not Rand actually named INTERPOL or even the FBI. It is their point nevertheless.

Most important is the impact this all has on civilians under the mundane law. There would be no military tribunals. There would only be civilian court where suspects would receive greater due process and the U.S. would receive less severe rebuke for becoming a fascist dictatorship. Again, I don't know whether Rand mentioned these things.

As for the use of the term war and battlefield and the like, the truth is that it is a war and there is a battlefield. The war is between the forces of light and dark where the light is harmless and peaceful and never violently coercive and the force of darkness is the opposite spirit.

The problem though with the terms war and battlefield is that so many people get mixed up about which connotations are intended. Jesus Christ has won already via the truth of peace. God and he judge no man or women. The truth judges, and Jesus is the truth. How do you reconcile this? It is not illogical.

Peace is the standard against which all are measured. Our behavior marks us. It determines our stature in Heaven. We mark ourselves. We fail to measure up when we know better and go against what we know. It isn't Jesus condemning us. The analogy though of the lord of the land who will have his servants bundled up and burn that which is no good still applies. Jesus is simply saying that that which doesn't measure up will not go in. It's not his fault. It's not God's fault. It's our fault when we listen to and heed the wrong voices.

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