Title: "Gulf Rig."

Offshore oil drilling is just plain stupid. It's exactly the wrong direction. If you want people to invest in something that will reduce energy costs, encourage solar and wind and other non-toxic energy sources.

If the U.S. had done a crash program back in the early 1970s when it was first obvious to much of the general population that environmentalism was critical, there wouldn't be $4 a gallon gasoline. There would be free electricity for homes, businesses, transportation, and all entities. All vehicles would have been converted to electric or other clean energy.

We don't need to be drilling for what we shouldn't be burning. We especially don't need to be drilling in the ocean. The more drilling in the ocean, the more leaks into the ocean. The oceans don't need to be further polluted by humanity. They need to be cleaned up.

As a Christian, I say very clearly and firmly that the oil industry is not good stewardship. It is bad stewardship. If you are a Christian, you'll stand for good stewardship.

The oil industry is big business. They have helped create corporate socialism to protect them.

It's time for the people to wake up. Greed has been ruining the planet since greed first showed its ugly head. Greed will only continue making things worse. The oil industry is greedy. It doesn't care about what's right. It cares about making a short-term profit while the current stockholders are alive. Once they're dead, what will they care about the pollution they will have left behind.

Burning oil is not good. Our monopolistic oil industry that moved the auto industry to kill the electric car, which they did, are constantly lobbying their bought and paid for legislators and public officials and publicly elected executives to do everything possible not to promote solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and other energy sources. They give huge political contributions. They act as a revolving door to government employees. They create think tanks to conjure up lies about the energy situation and the economic system. They pay Internet trolls to visit green-leaning sites to leave comments that are propaganda pieces designed to manage perceptions, just as Donald Rumsfeld attempted to do and did do as the infamous Defense Secretary.

ExxonMobil has made huge profits off the current situation. They worked hand in glove with Dick Cheney in melding the militant-Zionist strategy and the Bush administration's energy policy. They did this behind closed doors. There was no sunshine in it. It is bad government. It is corrupt government.

ExxonMobil and the other oil companies lie about global warming, just as the tobacco industry lied about the fact that tobacco causes cancer and heart disease, etc.

Now there is a huge propaganda move to allow more offshore drilling. They send their people out to speak about free enterprise and free markets and deregulation and on and on, but it's all for the benefit of the biggest shareholders and the top-paid executives and board members. It isn't about real competition of best ideas against best ideas. The best ideas are censored by the direct, conscious efforts of the oil companies.

To Hell with more offshore oil drilling.

Look at the oil industry in Burma. If it were not for oil, the dictators wouldn't be nearly so rich and militarily powerful. Look at what oil did to Ecuador. It ruined huge swaths of the rain forest, poisoning the water, ground, and air, making innocent people sick in many cases to death.

Now they want the Bush administration to put huge pressure on Ecuador because the oil people say that the U.S. can't let little nations control what big business can do in their own countries. Well, the oil people have it backwards. Big business isn't to be telling nations what to do the way ChevronTexaco pushed Ecuador around poisoning them and taking all the profit out of the country except for the bribes to the utterly corrupt, greedy dictators ChevronTexaco and the U.S. government maintained for sheer evil reasons.

Get out of the business of oil burning. From end-to-end, get out of that business. Change, turn, repent, atone. Develop a working conscience.

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