Title: "Across from Ground Zero."


The Attacks

About a week after 9/11, letters started showing up through the U.S. Postal Service addressed to well known, so-called liberal-leaning people in federal government and large media corporations. People died. Much of the public became panicky. Rumors were deliberately spread. Rumor: There may be, probably is, a plan to do a widespread advanced bio-weapons attack on a major population center in the U.S. Smaller communities might be targeted as well to increase the terror, to make sure no one may feel safe no matter where he or she lives.

The propaganda machine was in full swing. George W. Bush even mentioned Iraq's involvement with anthrax. He mentioned no other nation that had ever had anthrax-weapons involvement. Someone planted a seed with Brian Ross of ABC that the particular anthrax contained bentonite. The mainstream news, such as Fox News, repeated that anthrax with bentonite was exclusively Iraqi. However, the bentonite aspect was a complete fabrication. The weaponized anthrax used in the letters contained no bentonite. Brian Ross and ABC have so far refused to release the name(s) of the source(s) of the highly damaging false information hugely instrumental in convincing the general American public that it was under attack by Iraq and Saddam Hussein, which is was never. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives as a result of the plan to take the nations to war. The lives of billions of people have been worsened.

Root Cause and What to Do

I realize that it is not fashionable amongst self-styled Fundamentalist Christians (the strictest literalists; anti-metaphorical, figurative language). However, I don't hold with them. They don't read Genesis correctly. They don't understand the nature of the revelation of Jesus Christ. They don't understand the evolutionary nature of the revealing. Jesus Christ does not hold with the law of Moses as the said Fundamentalists interpret that part of scripture. He does not destroy the law. He fulfills it. He enhances understanding of what is truly right to eliminate all hypocrisy from behavior (being). The Fundamentalists haven't grasped this. They cling to coercive violence, because they don't hear what is too subtle for them but which rings out very loudly and clearly to Jesus's real flock.

Stone Age


Humans existed in what is called the Paleolithic age. Just as the solar system is heliocentric as Galileo stated but was coerced to recant on pain of death, the human race didn't first appear on the Earth some six thousand years ago. This is not to say that some six thousand years ago there was not a change in humanity that marked an age and concerning which some might state that that moment marks the true beginning of our current race. That of course allows for evolution in the Darwinian sense to some degree with which I do not entirely disagree.

The Paleolithic ear is marked by the use of crude stone implements. The exact date of its beginning and ending is a moving thing, as evidence comes to light through investigation and interpretation and reinterpretation. God alone knows the exact dates. In addition, does one person moving out of the Paleolithic constitute its end, or do half the people need also to have moved beyond? These are issues of semantics.


The Mesolithic is said to be marked by the development of the hunting and fighting bow and by cutting tools. The dates are again moving running approximately 15,000 to 10,000 years ago.


Up to the end of the Mesolithic, humanity had been mostly family oriented by nature in the most commonly understood sense of the term "nature." Males and females together brought forth offspring, as all mammals do. Human beings are mammals. Even the Fundamentalists would be hard-pressed in denying that.

As for the personalities of the people, all was not love and all was not hate. Those two spirits varied from person to person and family unit to family unit.


At this time, there were not the numerous distractions of current technological society that have been growing exponentially even since the Paleolithic. People lived in what is called the state of nature. Nature provided. Since things came out from the planet for human life and other life, the source was deemed beyond the typically named and defined physical senses. So it still is.


Just as now, different people had different senses of awe. Feelings were not monolithic. Although without the distractions, being tuned into each other's emotional states was clearer.

Noticing the Way Things Go

Cause and effect was apparent. Pattern recognition was developing and evolving. Conclusions were drawn. The sense of connectedness, interconnectedness, and interdependence concerning the whole of existence was not constrained by what today as come to be termed "political correctness." Minds were freer to perceive and to consider, not that all did.

Good Versus Bad

Good things came forth, and bad things came forth. Connections were made. False conclusions were drawn. Misdirection occurred. Emotional states were wrongly assigned as being causal. Good and bad became increasingly muddled for some, even while greater enlightenment was enjoyed by others. Such is the nature of being one whole and breaking up and parts falling away into greater bad or greater good, here and beyond.


The source is supernatural until the senses evolve. Currently, the things called science (which actually means knowledge) has been arbitrarily and forcefully, even violently in many cases, taken over by minds that refuse anything that is immaterial.

If the Paleolithic and Mesolithic peoples saw that righteousness, unselfishness, compassion, truth, faithfulness, were reflected in the whole of nature and concluded that that result was coming out from above and beyond the evidently material, those with vested (self-centered, counter-productive) interests worked to convince otherwise.

If human emotion is reflected in the bounty of the Earth, what quantum entanglement is at work; or, is it mind, consciousness, sentience, and God? We real Christians know it is God.

If there is no matter (immaterial), if there is no mass or weight, if there is no Einsteinian space-time involved, what will the current so-called scientific method do? What will it do when its adherents and worshippers knowingly run up against that which is not bound by human testing and experimentation, that which will not yield to the spirits of selfishness. This is already evident to the most imaginative thinkers amongst the "scientists."


With the confusion that developed that came out from the naysayers, superstitions developed. Superstitions are not the same thing as the miracles of Jesus Christ. Superstitions do not hold with the source. Belief in the miraculous is not inherently irrational or illogical. Belief in the teachings, message, and deeds of Jesus Christ is belief in the higher laws of nature. It is the fulfillment of the term "nature," just as Jesus fulfilled the term "law."

God is in nature. Nature is just more than people have been given to understand. God is above and beyond the nature that predates the understanding of Jesus. God is also above and beyond the law that predates the understanding of Jesus. Jesus though brought the law of God to become the law of humanity, only humans haven't fully turned yet. The same applies to the term "nature."

Heaven is natural. The real natural is Heaven. The contrived understanding of nature is incapable of bringing the light of truth to the Earth so that Heaven and Earth will be understood in a new way and will conflate, as it was in the beginning and as Jesus explains via implication and parable and direct interpretation all.

Head of Family

Who is the head? Well, human families naturally had parents. The males who looked out were the heads in that regard. Not all males were endowed with the same vision, sensory perception, analytical ability, or emotional connectedness of course. Females looked inward. Males and females each looked both outward and inward. The abilities were not mutually exclusive nor were they gender restricted. They still aren't.

Sharing Versus Taking and Hoarding

Different heads took different approaches. Those who were more in tune with or in sync with the above and beyond so to speak (actually wholly immediate as well), took the giving and sharing approach. Those with more vested/selfish interests took the opposite approach and taught that accordingly, handed down that error.

Over time, the selfish, who were more inclined to violent coercion, imbued in the resulting culture a lost continuity with the cause and effect of that which does not reveal to the selfishly motivated — a self-fulfilling prophecy to kill the righteous spirit — dumb (unenlightened; dishonest).


During this process, families came across each other. Unselfish versus selfish spirits were confronted by each other. The selfish resorted to violence to take. The spirit of righteousness withheld the real bounty then. The more the pattern has been repeated, the more the real bounty has been withheld to this day.

Artificial Scarcity

The result is artificially induced scarcity. We see it right now with staple foods around the world. Selfishness is keeping available food from the hungry.


There are always reactions. That's cause and effect. Even taking no action is still taking action on a certain level or in a certain sense. We say action and inaction to cover the spectrum. Actions can be all on the false spectrum of the current worldly system, or they can range to the real spectrum Jesus taught and exhibited. One may repay evil with more evil, which never results in the good of the above and beyond coming forth to the Earth; or, one may repay evil with good, which begins to bring forth.


The Neolithic was the time when humans clearly move to fabricating finer tools and developing agriculture. The development of human agriculture was in direct response to artificial scarcity that came out on account of the spirit or emotion that is selfishness.

Breaking Up The Commons: Ownership

The process of what is termed "development" resulted in the breakup of The Commons. Surely before that time, many families had already become territorial and claimed land off limits to outsiders. That spirit again came out from the selfish hearted and misdirected and confused.

Medium of Exchange: Mammon

During this period, the spirit of trade continued. Giving and sharing was more and more curtailed by selfishness. In order to profit at the negative expense of others, a uniform medium of exchange was introduced (conjured up). Psychological value is placed in the medium. The medium may be exchanged for whatever. It varies depending upon arbitrary jurisdiction.

The problem with this is that it runs counter to the family spirit where no one is required to pay up before coming to the table.

If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father will he give him a stone or if he ask a fish will he for a fish give him a serpent. Luke 11:11.

Now, this must be understood in the fullest context to be properly appreciated and followed. Jesus teaches that everyone is a neighbor. So, love thy neighbor results in doing Good Samaritanism toward everyone. Jesus teaches that the real family is the family in spirit. His mother and brothers and sisters were and are his followers who love him, love each other, and love even those who call them enemy. They do all this without ever resorting to violent coercion.


In the beginning of agriculture, families or nations (clans, tribes) held the agricultural land in common as community property. The whole nation worked for the sake of each and all. The forces of selfishness, however, continued chipping away at the foundations of righteousness. Little by little and also on account of sudden attacks by the greedy, covetous, and acquisitive, reactions resulted in greater and greater evil reactions.

Armies: Defensive and Offensive

The spirit of selfishness though covets. The U.S. went into Iraq, because certain people coveted and still covet the oil under Iraq. In their selfishness, they seek also to deny others that oil. Their covetousness is so great, their hearts are so small, hard, and cold, that they have been willing to kill (no murder) hundreds of thousands and create millions of war refugees in an attempt to feed their (the coveters') lust.

That spirit existed from the beginning. It's why humanity was kicked out of the proverbial garden that was an actual garden.

Raiders came into otherwise peaceful (relatively speaking when compared with the raiders) agricultural communities and took by means of great evil (force, violence, death, rape, theft, and the like).

Fortress Architecture

In reaction, families raised up fortresses, even fortress cities. Great walled cities were built. Now of course, humanity began moving into the age of metal weapons. The rest as they say is history. People placed their faith in all sorts of human contrivances. This is understandable although no final answer.

Returning to the garden mentality is the answer. Doing away with the spirit of selfishness is the answer. It will happen, because it is known and has been spoken.

Empire: Larger Scale Taking and Hoarding
From here, as populations increased and cities grew larger and armies grew larger, both for defense and for raiding others, what we call Empires sprang up.

Frankly, it is here that the six thousand years from the demarcation originates. The days of Genesis are eras or ages.


We must look at the combination of head of the family and Empire. The right spirit of the head of the family is the spirit that is in sync with that which brings forth from above and beyond in ways that remain a mystery to those of what passes today as science or absolute knowledge. The empires that sprang up out from the spirit that runs counter to that right spirit usurped the position of head. It did so for purposes of selfish gain. It built up upon earlier abuses, misdirection, and confusion. Such is the current state of affairs writ large.

We live in a macrocosmic world of the microcosmic family unit of the Paleolithic where the wrong emotional base violently coerced.

Religions: Good versus Bad

If you will recall, the spiritual element is always there. It is the provider from beyond the material, as the "scientists" define matter. The sense of awe gave rise to ritualistic worship or forms of worship. Roles and then classes developed. The faith was usurped right along with everything else.

In Christianity, the greatest usurpation occurred by the hand of Constantine I, who was the real first Pope. He was both temporal King and Chief Priest on the order of Melchizedek, only Constantine was not the King of the city of Peace or Salem but rather of war, not that Melchizedek didn't too err on the side of such warfare. It remained for Jesus to come to shed the light (the truth) that God is truly not of that spirit.

Popes Turned to Dark Side

Constantine set up the bishop of Rome. The misdirected Empire spirit of course carried over to that seat. The Popes became the Caesars. It's really that simple.

Caesar, the office, was and is antichrist (against Christ; against the anointed one). The Popes didn't continue what Jesus started. They worked to subvert it to evil ends (compromise for the sake of selfishness).

There is a long and detailed history involved here, but it one will read the earliest Church fathers and compare the spirit of giving and sharing and community property against the Popes who came after, one will readily see if one is honest that those Popes were not a continuation. There is no continuity of spirit. There is a clear and complete break. There is no Apostolic Succession in evidence, quite the contrary.

Governmental Systems

The Popes ruined things. They treated the office as worldly emperor. They made war, which is anathema to the Christ spirit. They created and sold indulgences, which is perhaps the most telling mark or fruit of the evil root.

Of course, they ended up siding with tyranny (often being tyrants themselves when they could get away with it they thought), fascism, and then Nazism and now American neoconservativism while hedging bets to a degree.

Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment

Before the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment, which came about two centuries apart in succession, the Popes' word was law. People were burned at the stake on the whim of Popes.

This was a horrible situation for the common people who were for all intents and purposes slaves of the Pontificate. It was absolutism. It was decidedly worldly. It did not come out from the unselfish spirit expressed above.

The reaction was the Renaissance, then Reformation, and then so-called Enlightenment. I won't go into detail here. The Renaissance in simplest terms was looking back to the Hellenistic philosophers. The error was in not looking to Jesus proper. It marked the beginning of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

The Reformation was a direct reaction to the indulgences. The Roman Catholic Pope sold the absolution of any sins for a price in mammon. Anyone of wealth who could afford it (if even found out) could under this system engage in any evil so long as he or she paid the fine into the Popes church. It was a huge distortion. The reaction that garnered the largest following started with the priest Martin Luther.

Martin Luther and certain of the other reformers were not without error themselves though. They split hairs concerning faith, grace, and free will and predestination that they didn't understand. They were also militant, which is antichrist. Luther sided with the ultra-rich against the peasants as well. John Calvin roasted his opposition to death, no better than Antiochus IV Epiphanes, as depicted in 2 and 4 Maccabees.

The so-called Enlightenment was not. It was rather a turn to darkness from other darkness. It was moving from the usurpation of the faith back to a still rebellious condition very much in the spirit of the takers when held up against that spirit that prevailed before the fall from the garden described above. The Enlightenment was mixed though. There were those who believed who were involved in the movement.

There is such a thing as Christian humanism, in as much as Jesus calls souls to make themselves better and even on to perfect. Being chosen and choosing come together at the same time.

Out of the so-called Enlightenment sprang the current U.S. Constitution. John Locke's philosophy concerning the government by the consent of the governed and Charles Montesquieu's separation of powers into coequal branches of government both held sway. Of course, Adam Smith's economics (selfish competition) played a huge role on the development of the whole political economy. Smith though qualified his philosophy with rationalism and morality. It's the morality part that most capitalists leave out.

Security and Intelligence

Those imperial capitalists, whose spirit comes out from the naysayers first mention above, mislead the nations in ever larger scales of the same evil spirit that has ruined everything from the start. They are just continually striving to bring forth in the macrocosmic sense the same selfish spirit. As the human population increases and pressures mound up, they simply exacerbate the problems.

In striving under their covetous hearts, they have created more awful (not awe inspiring) security, militant (offensive), and intelligence devices.

FBI and Palmer Raids and COINTELPRO

Part of the apparatus has come in the form of the FBI. It is this same FBI that is now going about attempting to lay final and sole blame for the anthrax attacks at the feet of a person they claim took his own life to avoid rightful punishment. Is this credible?

The FBI is a mix. There are people within it who imagine themselves to be doing the right thing. However, the FBI itself comes out from the dark side that was developed for the sole purpose of serving the powers of selfishness against the greater good and general welfare.

When voices were raising up, the forerunner of the FBI rounded up those voices and abused them and exported them from the U.S. There was no freedom speech allowed. That of course ran diametrically opposed to the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of free political speech. You figure it out. The raids became known as the Palmer Raids after the then Attorney General. They were run largely by one J. Edgar Hoover, who went on to literally form and head the FBI for life.

J. Edgar Hoover was an unabashed fascist. He was a corporatist lackey. He was their instrument for a police state. He advocated the use of many of the means that have recently been employed by the George W. Bush administration. Due process was Hoover's enemy, just as it is now the enemy of the neocons, Likudniks, and so-called Zionists (where non-Jews are concerned).

Hoover used dirty tricks. Dirty tricks are still very much in vogue with the neocons. They have studied all the dirty tricks down through history and roll those out continually. In fact, one of their means now is to overwhelm society with dirty tricks and disinformation (lies). They intend to flood society with so much garbage that the people will simply throw up their arms and give up, allowing the neocons to assume totalitarian control without even a spiritual whimper against it to be heard anywhere. It won't work though. It will do its opposite. The more they do it, the more they'll imagine they must increase it. The more they increase it, the greater will become the contrast between righteousness and evil.

The signature dirty trick of Hoover is known as COINTELPRO (for COunter-INtelligence PROject. What it really was, was infiltration of anti-fascist groups of all types including pure Peace Churches for the purpose of undermining their efforts no matter how laudable.

It is because of that history of abuse that people are speaking out against the new Fusion Centers and consolidation of security and intelligence. It is also the reason people are calling for a new Church Committee after the late U.S. Senator Frank Church who worked tirelessly to expose the abuses of the NSA, CIA, FBI, and other entities.

The Fascists though are monopolists who want it all.

Lying For the Nation: Which Family Though

The system of intelligence and counter-intelligence as the fascists and others have conjured up is based upon lies. Lying is the tool. The truth is the enemy. The intelligence community lies for the nation's sake is how they want the people of the nation to view it. However, even if such lying were right, which it is not, those who have been indoctrinated throughout their lives via the political-socialization process are misled into thinking they lie for the nation when they are in fact lying for the very few who stand in direct opposition to what is best for the nation as a whole. Those few of course insist that what is best for them is best for the whole; however, that is false.

What is best for the superrich in their minds is definitely not best for the whole nation. It is on behalf of those superrich that the rank and file knowingly spread the Big Lie. They do a disservice to the people as a whole. Their consciences ought to bother them into turning and converting as a result. Many though, once they realize the error of their ways do not so turn, repent, and atone but rather resign themselves not to ask, seek, and knock anymore but rather to serve evil for the temporal and fleeting gain that must be repaid in the end — the painful suffering consequence of unrighteousness caused by and meted out by evil itself.

False Flag

One of the tools in the toolbox of the liars is the false-flag operation. This is where the general population is tricked into thinking that attacks have come completely from those on the outside. There are many different spins on this same theme. One spin is to dupe people into attacking. Such was the case with Operation Gladio, where U.S. agents infiltrated Marxists groups in Europe and encouraged them to attack. It's illegal. It's called incitement to violence. Law enforcement is not to incite. The CIA though is not law enforcement as most people think of it. The CIA is about lying first and foremost. It is about finding exploitable aspects of all others, whether those others are good and bad, and lying to work those aspects. They exploit for their masters, the superrich, who both own and operate the largest banks and corporations on Earth, many of which dwarf all but the largest nation-states.

Apparently more than half of the top 100 economic entities on Earth are not nation-states but corporations. Many of the largest corporations are media conglomerates too. When I was a boy there were more than fifty media corporations where now there are only 5 or 6. Those corporations want what will line the pockets of their top shareholders and executives. They are not interested in what is best for the masses. They will spread deliberate lies for the sake of their domination of everything else. This is why the media giants can work in secret within their groups, which include such as the Bilderberg Group headed by the wealthiest bankers in the world, while appearing to the public as the fourth estate whose job it is to expose any governmental corruption. Of course, more and more people are coming to see right through the facade.


So, what about other false-flag operations and how do they fit in with the anthrax attack.

9/11 was a false-flag operation to some degree. The exact details are being covered up. The 9/11 Commission was what people call a joke. It was run from the inside by the perpetrators. The real questions were avoided. Answers were obfuscated. Evidence was destroyed.

People say that if 9/11 had been an inside job, it would have come out. Well, it has come out. The problem isn't with that it hasn't come out. The problem is with the people who don't care. The problem is with the people who wink about it. It is also with those who have thrown up their hands in resignation under the false idea that there is nothing anyone can do about it. That's not the attitude Jesus demonstrated.


The reactions on the part of those who do want to do something about it all vary.

Work the System and Change the System or Change Systems
There are of course the violent revolutionaries. The Founding Fathers of the U.S. were violent revolutionaries, albeit not too revolutionary. They won, but lost, obviously. What they set up isn't working. Their philosophical underpinnings cannot support a sustained state of being.

Then there are the majority of those who want to change the system. They want to do it non-violently and from within.

Now, most people think that those two are the only choices. However, there is the other choice of non-violently changing systems. This is the way of Jesus Christ.

Violent Coercion: Forcing Righteous Behavior is Oxymoronic
The current system is fatally flawed. No amount of trying to return to anything within it, no spot in time in American history, will render it efficacious. It is inherently unworkable. It is a forced union, hence fake.

Abraham Lincoln is held up by the federalists as the epitome of the justification of forced union. The same people also point to Winston Churchill as some sort of paragon. Lincoln and Churchill were both woefully in error. That's not to say that the Southern slave states were correct. They were also in error.

Winston Churchill was a terrible racist and no one to emulate. He was gleeful at the prospect of annihilating others. He advocated terrorism and openly admired fascists.

Regardless, the error lies in using violent coercion in trying to bring about its opposite, which is Heaven. The wrong means never result in the right end. The only people who truly understand are those who have come to the understanding without being beaten into it by those they are then supposed to follow. You aren't being beaten on by God.

Being Convinced: Your Choice

Your conscience is your guide. Consciousness is conscience. If you are awake, you are fair and truthful. This is contextually understood. It is a matter of semantics and connotation. Those who are unfair and liars are asleep. They are in a trance state. They are deluded.

You can listen to others and choose. You are not limited to the first two options above but also have the third as a choice. You may choose a new system. You may choose it non-violently. You may work to bring forth that new system, which is really the first system that was the right path in the proverbial and actual garden. It is the New Commandment, the divine and ought to be mundane law from the beginning that is eternal.

Convince Yourself

Do your soul searching. Ask, seek, and knock. If you don't know what that means, search it out. That's the process. Don't just buy wholesale into the first thing that might strike you. The devil can quote scripture, has, still does, and will continue to do so until cleaned out of every heart.

Convince Others

Once you know, tell the truth openly and directly. You can't force anyone. Don't give up just because everyone doesn't instantly see the light or may agree but be timid and intimidated.

Media Propaganda

So, now we're supposed to just accept that some sociopathic bio-weapons scientist, Bruce E. Ivins, working at the U.S. Fort Detrick's bio-weapons lab, killed himself with prescription Tylenol because the FBI was closing in on him as the lone anthrax killer.

Well, none of that explains why the White House was on CIPRO, the antibiotic for anthrax, right before the attacks. How did they know to start taking it?

The Associated Press recently reported on the story, but never mentioned the CIPRO. Why is that? Well, you're old enough to figure that out. They may now though.

The FBI is supposedly going to allege that Ivins was the sole criminal (lone shooter) behind the anthrax attacks. Do you trust this? Are you going to conclude that this is necessarily the truth? Do you know that no foul play was involved in Ivins' death? The U.S. government has plenty of times set up and killed patsies. Ivins is dead now. He can't speak for himself. He can't incriminate others in the government.

The FBI may not close the case until the CIPRO question is properly answered if that is what the people demand.

You should be aware that the FBI promoted people who definitely covered up the 9/11 attacks.

The anthrax attacks were timed for maximum impact on public opinion concerning having a war on terrorism, supposedly foreign terrorists. The direct targets of the anthrax attacks were so-called liberals. The liberals were the ones who needed convincing. The war-mongering neocons were on board before 9/11. They caused 9/11 to happen. They were praying for it. They wrote so much in their Project for the New American Century (PNAC).

They wanted another Pearl Harbor, which was also a type of false-flag operation in as much as the U.S. government deliberately goaded the Japanese into drawing first blood and that also deliberately allowed it to happen even when it could have prevented it. It was not a surprise attack at the level of the U.S. president. President Franklin Roosevelt decided that the U.S. was too pacifistic and isolationist to step into the war in Europe with the British. The U.S. had to be attacked before the American people who be fooled into going to war for the sake of the estates of the rich. All of this is well documented and has come out under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests. Even still, the powers that be attempt to hypnotize their subjects into believing that the truth is an insane conspiracy theory rather than flat fact.

It's really easy to smear someone like Ivins who can't defend himself because he's dead. If this person was so bad that a psychiatrist sought an order of protection because the patient was homicidal and actually tried to kill people, why didn't the Army do anything considering he worked with some of the worst weapons? The story is very suspicious at best. At the very least, it needs to be independently checked.

Don't forget that Dr. David Kelly showed up dead after he blew the whistle on the Blair government in Britain. He was open about the fact that the Tony Blair government lied to get the nations into war for oil and Empire, etc. The circumstances surrounding Kelly's death have been covered up. That's plain to see for anyone who cares to look. Many other false-flag operations have been exposed as well. The Madrid Train Bombings were obviously an inside job. 7/7 (the London subway or underground or tube bombings) has all the ear marks of an inside job too.

Everything around this anthrax attack was designed to make Iraq look like the attackers.

Glenn Greenwald has recently re-researched (he has LexisNexis — an expensive tool for digging out "old" news) the reporting from the era and reminds us that "the false bentonite reports from ABC News and Brian Ross — played a very significant role in how Americans perceived of the Islamic threat generally and Iraq specifically."

Glenn Greenwald
Friday Aug. 1, 2008 05:36 EDT
Vital unresolved anthrax questions and ABC News

Glenn calls on ABC News to come clean about who told them the lie about the bentonite. It's an excellent point. Glenn also reports that many journalists were tipped off to take CIPRO before the attacks.

He is pointing out that the argument is boiling down to protecting sources. However, he makes the case that journalists are to protect truthful whistleblowers and not lying governmental officials and propagandists.

When did they go off the CIPRO? Since it a prescription drug, how did they all get it without being noticed? Did they all explain it to their doctors? What did the pharmacists think?

What to Do

If you want to, if you are misled to do it, you may continue working with the system to change it. That will never work however.

If you want to do the right thing, start working outside the system in a non-violent manner to bring forth the new system described above. The Christian Commons Project™ is exactly designed to be that. It's a stepping stone to actually doing (bringing forth) the giving and sharing economy.

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