The left and right battle it out for supremacy in coercive so-called democracy. Neither side of this spectrum is consistently righteous. The left doesn't even lay claims to it very often. They say they don't have to be righteous. The right knows it isn't righteous but attempts to hide it somehow, which it has been miserably failing to do. There is no masking rotten results such as the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent Surge that has resulted in ethnic cleansing (no victory, just evil).

Real democracy is where each person gets to choose his or her leaders without anyone else trying to force him or her to adopt some other leader or direction. In real democracy, no one suppresses debate or hides in the dark whispering temptations to unsuspecting children.

The current state of government that is the U.S. Constitution can never do the job. That's why it's the U.S. Constitution and not the New Commandment, which New Commandment is the real law. The phony law is just loaded with hypocrisy.

Tom Usher

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