If you think the worst is over, you're dreaming. It would take a huge turn of direction to head off what's coming. Why are the people suckered into capitalism for the poor and socialism (bailouts) for the rich? This whole disaster was planned for the sole purpose of shaking out others, ruining others, so more of the pie could be gobbled up (consolidated; monopolized) by those at the very top. Watch and see. Mark my words. You'll see it happen.

It's happening globally in food now. They ruined the small, independent family farm in the U.S. on purpose. Now they're going after all the small, independent farmers in the whole world. Do you realize how much power the superrich plutocrats will have once their corporations control all the food? They want everything. That's the nature of capitalism for the lower classes. They want all the land. They want all the water. Believe it or not, they want all the air and finally all the sunlight.

Do you know what an economic depression looks like? They'll mask it while they transfer more of the wealth away from the classes below theirs.

Tom Usher

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