There's a long article in the New York Times written by a former U.S. senior counternarcotics official named Thomas Schweich of the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs who faults Hamid Karzai for not wanting glyphsate sprayed by crop duster airplanes on the poppy crop there.

Is Afghanistan a Narco-State?
By Thomas Schweich
New York Times
July 27, 2008

This Schweich doesn't mention that glyphosate is Mansanto's Roundup herbecide. Schweich writes about it as if it's harmless. It's far from harmless. Monsanto lab results were falsified. Not only that but Roundup is a mixture and not pure glyphosate. It is thought that the mixture is more dangerous than glyphosate alone. Spraying Roundup is just a way for Monsanto to make huge profits. They also developed Agent Orange that was used in the Vietnam War that made millions of people sick and still pollutes the land there.

This guy also writes about the FARC and Columbia from a purely propogandist's position. He says nothing about the billions of dollars the CIA has made by trafficking. He says nothing about the billions in money laundering the plutocrat bankers make off the trade.

He doesn't mention that the Taliban had greatly reduced the trade but that after the U.S. took over, crop production set a record.

He doesn't talk about treatment in the U.S. and E.U. and elsewhere to end the demand for the drug rather than trying to stop it at the source.

This is a hit piece on the Taliban that doesn't have the kind of control the piece suggests. Schweich is just doing the U.S. government's bidding in trying to get the American public to believe that the people who radically reduced poppy cultivation are the problem. This is so American's will be duped into the U.S. doing more killing in the area for the sake of pipelines and to counter Russia and other powers increasing their influence.

If the U.S. had worked with the Taliban rather than caring just about pipelines and then Iraqi oil, everything there would be different.

It's also a hit piece on Karzai. He was chosen for his Chevron work; however, he doesn't go along with everything the U.S. wants to do. They are setting him up so he won't be viewed kindly in the U.S. Karzai complains too much when the U.S. kills innocent men, women, and children. This piece doesn't mention all the bombings by the U.S. that kills so many innocents, just calling them collateral damage.

This piece is just a ploy for ramping up the U.S. imperial occupation of Afghanistan. The U.S. shouldn't deal with people this way. It's evil.

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