"Bona fide war hero," "extraordinary military service," who, John McCain? Hogwash. Even if one were to judge people according to military prowess, which is not a good criterion at all for leading a huge nation such as America, McCain's military career doesn't point to such prowess. He was bombing peasants from thousands of feet up. When he got shot down, he sang so much that he became famous for it, and they had to change the rules after the fact to cover for him since his dad and granddad were four star admirals.

McCain brought up the bottom of his class. He was a party boy. When he got back, he dumped his wife who had been disfigured in an accident for the younger, bathing-beauty woman with money and connections.

He pulled strings for the Savings and Loan sharks and got caught up in the scandal, so he changed his image to distance himself from the too obviously crass.

Now he's morphing around however the Karl Roves of the nation tell him.

John McCain is a human being. I don't want to see him in pain or suffering. However, he's not my hero. He sure isn't my leader nor will he ever be with his current approach.

He turned on John Hagee, whom he never should have had around him. He also turned on Phil Gramm, also whom he never should have had around him. Who's next that he never should have had around him?

He's pitching offshore oil drilling as if that will help anything but increase pollution and global warming. It's idiotic.

Why would anyone choose to follow John McCain? Why is he one of the two main choices for President of the United States other than that the plutocrats have set up Barack Obama and John McCain as the choices? Of course they have. They picked them. The corporations picked them. The media corporations pushed them and picked apart or ignored their opposition. The best are never even considered.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not telling anyone to vote for Barack Obama. I'm not campaigning for either of them or for anyone else. The system is fatally flawed. It was born broken and can't be fixed. Coercive democracy is not the best form of government.

I want John to turn. Turn, John.

Tom Usher

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