The Laissez Faire movement has resulted in the Real Estate bust. Therefore, the opposite is the right direction. The opposite also entails freely choosing. Right now, we aren't free (according to the powers that be) to choose a post-capitalist society. The capitalists still cling to power via militant coercion. They own the Pentagon.

If you are stuck for awhile under capitalism while its underpinnings weaken and the Empire's foundation breaks up and crumbles sending the top-heavy greedy tumbling and crashing to the ground, if you can't bring yourself to following Jesus Christ's pattern (we call you to), then do what you can bring yourself to do.

During the Great Depression, the people could see that Wall Street and the Bankers ruined everything. The New Deal was a way to placate. The problem with the New Deal is that it didn't go all the way. If you are going to do things from within the coercive system (evil system), then the least you can do is what is best for the most and the poor as opposed to the richest, who won't starve in either case.

Soak the Rich.

Why privatize Social Security? Why break up Medicare? Undo the tax cuts for the rich. Only don't just undo them, go way beyond where they were before. No body needs to be a billionaire while other people are homeless and hungry. How much does any one person need to live well? Beyond that is excess. It's sinful.

Bust the Trusts.
Kill the private National Bank.
Nationalize the Federal Reserve.
Nationalize the currency.
Out New Deal the New Deal via geometric progression.
Pass full employment. No systemic unemployment allowed.
Guarantee an annual income.
Do public works with public employees.
De-privatize what has been privatized.
Nationalize what should have been nationalized.
Do a Manhattan Project times ten on solar and other energy systems.
Make peace around the world.
Bring the troops home everywhere.
Build camp grounds with farm land for all the homeless. Let the people in them own them and run them by consensus.
Don't back Wal-Mart's anti-unionism.
These things are less evil than the superrich getting super richer.
By the way, whatever they (the laissez faire crowd) are saying, things are worse – much worse.

Now, if you have philosophical problems with this, then consider real Christianity. It isn't capitalism, but it isn't coercive either.

Tom Usher

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