John McCain is attacking sharing the burden (not really a burden) of retirement for the elderly through Social Security. He's complaining about it so the ultra-rich, whose tax cuts helped sink the economy, can grab more of the wealth from the already poor.

His plan is a redistribution of wealth from the poor to the already obscenely rich (excess) via further privatization of retirement funds.

Look at how much worse retirement plans are now than they were fifty years ago. It used to be that a company's retirement plan was seen as fairly solid. Now people have been forced into so-called investment choices that they don't have the time to manage. They're too busy working or being tired from working too much (just to be able to eat) to spend the time to research investments and to see through all the trickery.

Privatization is inherently evil. We shouldn't need to supply old folks with money, because they shouldn't need money to live decently. But, the laissez-faire shills for the plutocrats, which shills call capitalism freedom and liberty, don't even want the old folks to have the little security they now enjoy. They want the big-shark bankers to be able to eat the old pensioners alive. What's new?

This is the same evil spirit (money changers) that spiked Jesus to the cross for speaking truth.

Tom Usher

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