The only reason those with the big money want new nuclear power plants in the U.S. is because by sinking money into uranium, plants, and waste handling, the cost of clean energy will not go down as much or as quickly. The reason they don't want clean energy to be cheap is because they know it will become available to anyone to generate and the rich won't be able to meter it and charge for it to make their profits from the rest of humanity. It's sheer greed. John McCain is touting new nuclear power plants because he's in the hip pocket of the ultra-rich plutocrats who don't give a damn about the common people.

It's also no mere coincidence that John McCain received large donations from oil companies right after he announced his support for new offshore oil leases. He's sucking up to big money and big business, which business is designed to keep energy-source control out of the hands of individual citizens. Is that what's best for the American people? No it is not what's best for them.

Tom Usher

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