Charities that don't have the means aren't able to deliver. The means of producing is what I mean. They rely on the means of other's. When the capitalist economy goes down and food and other needs of the needy increase due to more needy and deeper need, charities without the means of production rely on others who invariably under the capitalist spirit hoard for self and immediate kith and kin.

Even the charities themselves go through layoffs. Is that not ironic? This problem is endemic to predatory capitalism, and capitalism is always predacious. Its very foundation is selfish competition. Adam Smith attempted to qualify or frame the system with a not-very-strong appeal to morality, but capitalism is inherently immoral (wrong).

Morality is what is right. Insanity is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. Capitalism is wrong. Capitalism is insane. The opposite of capitalism is not violently coerced socialism, because capitalism is also violently coercive. The opposite of what is wrong and insane is voluntary giving and sharing all with all. That's the Christian Commons.

The Commons was prevalent within England for instance before the predators came over to steal the Commons out from under and around the hamlets. The second and third sons of the European self-styled landed nobility (land thieves there) invaded England to steal the rightful inheritance of all. Might made right in their eyes, because they rationalized their covetousness (sin, immorality, insanity).

Nevertheless, Jesus Christ does not say to fight back, take lives, regain your stolen inheritance. He says instruct the insane. Heal them where they are receptive. Return them to the truth. They have been blinded by evil. Those who do not heed, let them be. The truth will sort them out. Don't compound the evil. Don't use the means of evil to fight it, for if you do, you only serve the cause of the perpetuation of evil.

The Christian Commons Project™ is a means for developing the means of production in the hands of the needy themselves. Then when the capitalists system goes down, and it has always cycled for various reasons not the least of which is the planned crash by those who stand to benefit the most under the spirit of greed, the Christian Commons will still be able to produce.

The Christian Commons is non-violent, compensated land-reform and wealth redistribution.

So, even as things are tightening up, each of us must reevaluate the proper course. Each of us ought to contribute to the pool or fund that will be used to obtain the means (land). As Christians, we know that God will magnify these efforts.

Other efforts will continue, but we must remain focused upon the final solution. For literally thousands of years, the traditional charities have been promoted by those who definitely do not want the means in the hands of the Christian Commons. They have used all manner of propaganda and distortion in their service. We must overcome all of that.

Tom Usher

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