Title: "Tiananmen Square memorial in Second Life."
General strikes are illegal, but the people are being driven to desperate measures by the superrich, ultra-rich who cut taxes for themselves, and use socialism to bailout their investments while they insist upon the most draconian capitalism for even the poorest of the poor. The superrich are further insisting upon taking all the wrong energy and environmental steps that will further ruin the planet upon which everyone must live and which is the rightful inheritance of all. They have started wars for personal profit and are continuing wars and oppressive occupations also for their personal profit. They are now fomenting new wars and plan to expand existing wars all for extremely selfish reasons. The U.S. economy is slipping into the tank while they just plan to waste more and more of the entire Earth.

Well, people are going to become desperate and they aren't going to sit on their hands. As I've written many times before, the powers that be are playing with fire and they are going to get burned if they don't repent.

Yes, the powers that be direct the military. Yes, the military is being woven into the domestic scene. However, what those myopic powers or self-authorized rulers don't seem to comprehend is that the military is made up of people with relatives who are being hurt by all the wrong-headed policies and practices of those rulers.

So now, beginning with the truck drivers (who have demonstrated before that they know how to act in unison, even brotherly and sisterly solidarity) are calling for a worldwide general strike.

It short notice, but it will have an impact. It doesn't take long for the word to spread around the globe anymore. If the truckers shut down and park their rigs in various places they could shut down everything. They could very easily cut off all the rich rulers from being free to move around and to conduct business. Even the military if it were to follow orders from on high couldn't clear away all the trucks and truckers. Would they follow such orders and destroy the lives of their own brothers and sisters and other relatives for the sakes of continuing the corrupt rule of the superrich plutocrats? The U.S. isn't the China of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Also, the truckers are calling upon non-truckers to strike as well. If the September 2008 strikes have an impact, they will plan bigger and deeper strikes until they get what they want.

If you're wondering why this is happening, it's happening because of the neocons. They come pretending to be for global democracy when in reality they are for their own supremacy so that all others will serve them as lords and masters of the universe. That's the evil spirit that has caused this awful state of affairs.

Well, I call for peace everywhere. I call for the Golden Rule. I call for service, and that includes that the plutocrats must repent.

Why keep increasing hardship when you can do exactly the opposite and improve everyone's life including your own by extension. What goes around, comes around, as they say. What goes around doesn't have to be evil. What goes around could be love instead.

No matter how bad strikes might be on some people, the evil rulers have the greater sin.

Source: Updates for Truckers Shut-down

Tom Usher

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